Shopping the case lot sale at Pauls

What a great shopping day! I had my little walker stacked with cases of canned veggies and milk. Got a 25 pound bag of sugar and some nice pork roasts for Mom.  I had quite a bit of cash leftover because I forgot the case of tuna. This it is great because Paul’s is doing this for another week and added some other great buys that I can get on Wed.

Just getting the veggies added another 45 pounds total to my pantry.  I have a warm and fuzzy feeling that I made my veggie quota for a year of storage and some extra. As you know it’s a happy day when I can say I have one year of an item.

Next will be working on canned fruits, four cases  should be what I need at min. I have several fruit trees and a grape arbor to provide fruits in season.

Adding  eggs, a great buy on Ibuprofen and few cans of stew for an easy to cook meal. I know this is a short post for me but I was just so thrilled by all that I accomplished. I just had to share.


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