Great buys in Oct. at True Value Hardware

This sale starts on the 17th of Oct. and the big item that caught my eye is the mid-size Mr. Heater for $80.00.  I don’t think this version comes with a fan like the Big Buddy heater. I tested my older Mr. Buddy (Pawn shop $48.00) during winter this  year in Jan. or Feb..  It heated my house from about 50 degrees F to 65 in about 45 min. on the high setting then turned to low and the small 1 pound tank lasted about 6 hours, it was 18 degrees F. outside during the test.  I had the heater in the back room and measured the temp in the living room so it heated about 800 square ft of my home when I added a little fan to push the heat out.  This version can attach to a larger propane tank with an optional hose you can use a larger tank instead of just the 1 pound tanks.  So if you are looking for a backup/emergency heat source that does not require a big investment and is relatively safe using common sense.  I’d recommend the Mr. Buddy heater!

True value also has some great buys on a carbon monoxide and smoke detector that are AC /DC powered.  Plastic film for insulating window and all kinds of stuff for insulating your house.  Plus a good buy on 5 quarts of oil for $13.00 that has a $5.00 rebate.  I hate rebates but I want to have at least 2.5 gallons of oil on hand for the generators and the car if I need to change the oil myself.  Generators that are run for several hours need basic maintenance and have a low oil shutoff  to prevent damage so make sure you are ready for that in a power outage!

They have some other great bargains from a 16 Foot ladder for $80.00 to screens that are great if for preventing leaves blocking your gutters for $1.79 for a 6 inch by 20 foot strip.  Life is hard enough as it is,  if you can get a few things in place that save you hours of work and physical energy I’d say spend a little money if you can and not worry about it of for a few years.

I can swing the Mr. Buddy heater.  I want another backup and this will give me 2 and I have a big Kerosene heater if I need it but I prefer to use my Kerosene for lighting in a power outage.  Get some small mirrors to place behind lamps and candles to reflect out more light. I’m getting some new tire for the mini-van so I can’t go crazy and get all I want but I can add a few things to my little budget.

I don’t know where you are at in your preps. Hopefully you have all of the basics and you are adding things that make life good as you can while getting more as you can afford it. I was lucky on this ad because it has many of the things I need and I can afford to get them and make use of them. You can have the greatest stove in the world but if you have no fuel it’s nothing but an expensive paperweight.

This ad runs through the 28th of October so you have a little time to adjust your budget and the 5 quarts oil price is good until the 31st.


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