Cleaning up the shop

I have a large detached shop at my house but it’s not insulated or heated so today was a great day to just putter, clean and arrange it so I can know where everything is located.  I also took a little time to look at what I have stored and separated Mom and my stuff.  Most of our stuff will be shared but I think it’s best to have things separated so everyone can do a quick inventory so they know what they have and what they need!  Plus if you have just dropped stuff where it will be out of the way. You often find treasures you have forgotten to organize which makes for some happy surprises!  I found a couple of small bottles of Sta-bil and we are doing much better on stored gasoline than I originally though.t  So it’s a great time to use up the older gas and replace it with some new non-ethanol gas while prices are under $4.00 a gallon before winter.

I’m not trying to cheat anyone but some of this stuff I moved I can’t remember if I bought it or Mom bought it and I’m storing it for her!  My Dad is not totally on-board on prepping so I  store a lot of Mom’s stuff.  I also have a lot of storage space compared to the family and just about dead center point for all the family members as far as travel/mileage so “TAG, You’re It” for being the storage/supply  point.  I have been grabbing some pallets and I have separated the fuel as best as I can remember, though I do have a nagging feeling I am off on a 40 pound bag of charcoal, a can of gas and a jug of kerosene.  Not to bad for playing catch up and probably won’t matter in the long run if the SHTF.  I don’t want to say something is mine if I didn’t buy it. I get a great deal of satisfaction of what I have on hand and seeing how far I have come in the last few years.  There are not many “atta boys” or pats on the back being a prepper.  Quite a few folks are actively hostile to preparing and at best, friends and family think you are a bit loopy. So having stuff stored properly and a quick look gives you an inventory of what you have on hand is about the only pat on the back you will get prepping.  I want to be honest but I’m often forgetful. Mom and I shall have to work a bit of a breakdown on the stuff we have both forgotten.

We will work it out, Mom may get an extra can of gas or a shift of kerosene and I’ll probably end up extra bag of charcoal. Since we are are solid on food, water, fuel and sanitation it’s no big deal.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and when you are a prepper trading 40 pounds of charcoal for 4-6 gallons of gas or kerosene is small stuff.

I think this new system will work better as I have separated my storage and Mom’s and I need to get another pallet for Mom’s storage as she has filled the pallet I got for her stuff.  Now she and I can look very quickly and see where we are at for total fuel. As well as what we need to get  for our future needs for those “Idiot children”.  Since my shop is detached and quite large I don’t have to worry quite so much about fuel, fumes or a fire burning down my home, as the shop is a good 20 feet or more away from my home.  I do my best to store fuel safely and I have to say getting caught in an a gas-air explosion or Fire ball is way at the bottom of my to do list.

I also cleared quite a lot of bench/work space so I can start adding some basic hand tools and a place to work on stuff.  I have to say I just stored stuff willy-nilly because I need it under cover or my family members needed a spot for storage.  But since I want to explore the tech of the 1800’s  make stuff and learn how to make stuff work for a modern prepper. I need work space and not have my life clogged up with crap and geegaws that take up space for no purpose.



6 Responses to Cleaning up the shop

  1. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    Oh I miss my shop. Don’t miss the old house, but the shop… That was my favorite place to be! My “man cave” : )

  2. Jamie says:

    Craig I don’t know much, But I will learn the basics and make the shop work. It needs a heat source and insulstion and I will make it happen in time!

  3. denim3225 says:

    I have questions about food storage buckets and lids. I wil have to order buckets and lids as I cannot find them anywhere here at all and I have checked.
    Also oxygen absorbers and mylar bags.
    Where is the cheapest place to order these buckets.
    I trust your judgement or your followers, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    My general storage is for beans, sugar, flour, rice, oatmeal/grain,coffee, tea etc. which is what I use.
    Let me know, or you can email me.

  4. Gods-Hammer says:

    @denim….I have gotten many free food grade buckets from grocery store bakeries and delis.
    I have purchased food grade steel and plastic 55 and 60 gallon drums from a fellow who collects them from local businesses and cleans them for resale.
    @Jamie…. keep an eye out for cheap or free used wood or coal stoves for your shop. Good 1800’s tech would be wood cutting equipment….. even though you personally won’t be felling firewood you can put someone to work at it IF you have the tools
    (to unprepared relative “you cut firewood for me for 4 hours a day and I’ll keep you in 3 squares and a cot”) You can use it or “sell” it.

    • Jamie says:

      Hammer, I am keeping an eye out for a wood stove for the shop and I think I have a spot for it . had the idea of someone doing the physical stuff for 3 hots and a cot. I have a small electric chainsaw and I will be adding some more hand saws next year along with other hand powered tools.
      Tires will be the big budget item to get, but I’m darned excited just cleaning up the shop makes me feel like I’ve taken my first little baby ste for learning and using 1800’s tech.

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