Back to the future! Adapting 1800’s tech to use today.

I’m getting fired up about this idea of adapting so many cool inventions to work for a modern self-reliance!  I love history and just glancing back through the inventions of the 1800’s is fascinating.  I’m learning so much but I’m going to learn a lot more going from theory to an everyday adaptation that uses fuel/energy I can make at home on a city lot.

I’m seeing a lot of  bloggers that I read are getting into mixing hi-tech and old tech together. Six bears had a great post on this idea on the 8th of Oct. 2012. If you have read his blog it is intriguing how he uses all kinds of technology to live his life, from his little  sail boat to solar, his veggie oil burning truck and RV made from a used ambulance.  Modern day Redneck does a lot with the same concept of mixing old and new tech to make a life worth living.

Oh sure you can get some food in buckets and water barrels and all the stuff you can buy, but after you have a most the basics then what?  I mean I finally felt confident in my stored prep items at the six month point and I did not stop preparing!  My preps really started to save me money at that point and I could have just cruised along and be happy with what I had accomplished.  But I felt this urge to be more than just a prepper and become as self reliant as possible and there is a big difference in my mind between a prepper and a self reliant person though there is some overlap.  Remember this how I define myself and not some book definition.  But I know I have moved beyond being just a prepper and working toward self reliance.

I’m looking at the next couple of months of 2012 to get better prepared.  Doing some maintenance work on the lawn mower, getting tires for the mini-van and adding some more bits to make my solar power as complete on the cheap and as a way to learn how these things are done.  In 2013 I will be getting a small working steam engine from American Science and Supply(AS&S) I have to put together that should give me a better understanding of steam engines.  I built a muzzle loader from a kit and I learned a lot about the work that goes into a simple weapon. So I hope building a small steam engine will help me getting the concepts of a boiler and understanding the pressure created and how it will power stuff while being small enough I don’t have to worry to much about a boiler exploding from pressure.

AS&S has some other small setups for distilling to mini-catapults and trebuchets for education purposes.  If you are home schooling your kids it a great place to get education kits that cover everything from solar, wind and steam energy to robotics, geology and all kinds of hands on learning kits.

I think once I get some basic working knowledge I’ll be able to harness at least some older tech ideas to work around the the house.


4 Responses to Back to the future! Adapting 1800’s tech to use today.

  1. Wildflower says:

    legos makes a number of intteresting kits for the home learner

    try one of those mall “education suppliers” or a good “hobby shop”
    for various kits and items

  2. Jamie says:

    Wildflower AS&S is in my shopping links under science and surplus. I got a hungarian lap loom and a couple of other little things but they have all kinds of neat stuff.

  3. Wildflower says:

    goldmine electronics is a good source too

  4. Jamie says:

    Wildflower I’llcheck those out. We have new rugrats being made. (grandkids) and the Legos might work for the little ones.
    But I’m getting my toys first!

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