Making beer and a wandering mind Update!

I making my second batch of all grain beer, the taste test of the first dark ale is okay. I seem to like a hoppy flavor for my beers and I used a brand new type of Hops that is a bit milder in flavor. I can see now the BIAB (Boil in a bag) method will be workable for me once I get my recipes tested and make the beers I like!  The process went very easy this time since I practiced with the first batch and knew what to expect and I could just tweak stuff to make it a bit easier.

I’m brewing up my Neighbors batch of simple ale. I’m investing the time and heat and they gave me the ingredients. Sort of a payback for them mowing my front lawn. Brewing is simple but it does take time and both of kids work and it can be hard to work up the energy for something that can take a couple hours after a hard days work. Their days off the have are for chores around the house, chickens and the garden.  So this is a way for me to help them out.   The house is filled with a grain and hoppy smell and getting an extra dose of humidity from the kettles.

Got some organizing and clean up in my PC/workroom.  Yes, my desks and tables are now cleared off  and ready for a little work to be done!  Got out all my fabrics, thread and yarn, did a little inventory and I have about 40 yards of fabric for my projects. I practice hand sewing a couple of holes in sweats and some t-shirts and I’m getting better as the repairs held through a washing and look okay.  Finally I have a good idea about adding some extra shelving for projects and where to put them.

I got Mom’s bins kind of organized and consolidated.  She uses mostly the Tupperware type bins in 10 and 18 gallon and most of the food she stored is canned goods/ heat and eat stuff for the the kids. She has quite a bit of first aid stuff as well as Toilet paper, shampoo and those items daily need stuff.  She has some bins for clothes and lots of school supplies, paper, pens and crayons. She is going to focus on the staples in bulk next.  What we are hoping is we can just drop off or hand out a bin to the kids and give them some time to adjust in case of a disaster. If it goes more than a couple of weeks or a month we can start adding in staples to the diet and not have anyone get sick from eating “real food”!

I got my shopping lists all done but I’m going to try and cheat a bit on my tires and get credit and my local tire store. They are having a good sale and I get another $25.00 off if I get a set of 4 tires. If the credit is approved I’ll get the tires toward the end of the month and I will have them paid off in November before the interest can start. If no credit, I’ll buy 2 at a time as per my original plan.  The Kia is going to be 10 years old next year and though I don’t put a lot of miles on the car per year, she is going to start needing replacement parts, like brakes, shocks that sort of thing.

The grocery list is going to focus on pork with a 6 pounds of bacon and about 17 pound of a bone in picnic cut. A gallon of veggie oil and another 5 pounds of shredded cheese.  Mom wants me to pick her several boxes of the food safe heavy duty freezer bags as the are a lot cheaper per bag than what you can get at normal grocery store.  I’ll get another stick of the dry salami if it still on sale. That will cost about $60.00 for my stuff and I’ll have $15.00-$20.00 for any food odds and ends or a super sale buy.

I’m still getting used to the idea of meeting and exceeding my goals for the year and having a couple of months leftover with no real goal for any new projects till next year.  I have a few little purchases planned for some small folding solar panels and some P38 can openers,  even the tires I thought would have to wait until next year.  I have the normal shopping needs monthly and I’d like to get some more sweat pants, I have extra gifts already bought until I know what person I draw for xmas.  I’m done with “need to have stuff” until turkeys and hams start hitting the grocery store next month.

I’ll need to think about a few short term items to buy such as tools.  Maybe get a start on some reloading dies, powder, primers and store bought bullets. Wort chiller would be a nice addition to the beer set up or another big five gallon igloo jug could be darn handy for several applications along with food safe storage buckets. I could always get more fuel or junk silver and some other items of  value I can trade those green peices of paper that are long term and tangible.


Update Good news the tire Credit app was approved.  So I can get all 4 tires and use my coupon and get free Siping! I’ll take in the Kia next Monday that way I can pay it off by the 21 of Nov and not pay any interest.

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