Shopping Wednesday and other to do lists….

Usually I get excited about adding things I need and getting great buys and this month I have been hitting some great sales. Basically  I’m just meat, eggs and cheese before they start going up.  I got the pork at Pauls because they had pork chops for $1.48 and a pork sirloin roasts for $1.18 per pound and added a couple cartons of eggs  $.89 each so I got a  good bit of protein is stocked up.  True Value was out of the MR. Buddy heaters so I had to get a rain check. Hopefully they will have some coming in next week.  I will get the cheese and bacon Thursday.

Picked up some sweats at  Family Dollar that are good quality and only $5.00 each.  I wear mostly pull up sweats or shorts depending on the season because buttons and zipper are a little difficult for me to work,  this was a great find!  Plus sweats are great for layering and keeping warm. Family Dollar always has Dawn dish soap and the store brand dishwasher detergent for a good price so I picked up one of each and trying out the Lysol brand scrubbing bubbles for the bath.

Stopped by the beer lady and got the ingredients for a new all-grain beer. This will be a Hefe-weizen and will be fun to see how it turns out. The all grain beers do seem to need to condition a bit longer than my Amber Ale made with LME.  Got some ideas for doing some mead and that’s something my sister is interested in learning how to make it. Mom’s chickens are enjoying the spent grain from the first batch. The all grain beer produces no waste and is making more eggs and I can back something for all of the free eggs Mom has given me.

This is a short post for me as I’ve been a little sore with the changing weather and lucky for me I have my sand and salt already on hand. So other than adding fore fuel and paying off the tires all big projects are done for the year.



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