Helping people to prepare without looking like a wingnut

I don’t know if everyone who prepares goes through that annoying stage of trying to get others to prep.  I know I went through it and I don’t think anyone I talked too decided to start and I may have made things worse for them ever starting.   At Pompeii there were people that left before the eruption and other people said “It’s just a little smoke” or “There have always been earthquakes” and “It’s in the hands of the Gods” or some other reason not to consider life might change very quickly.

So I gave up on telling people to prepare. I started this little blog to give a person a place to start and to let them know that you can do it even if you don’t have a lot of money or you are disabled.  People must seek out the information themselves and start preparing in a way that works for them and their family!  You can use what I have learned or hit my blogroll and see how others have prepared.  I no longer have to see people look at me like I have lost my mind, sure you can still think it but I don’t have to deal with that or the rejection.

The problem is I still want to help the people I know and see locally without turning them off and I found the solution is telling people about a great sale at the stores every couple of weeks.  I have already done the research, I have signed up at a lot of the stores websites and get the ads from 2 days to a week early so I know what sales are coming up. While anyone can do this, most don’t give the ads more than a quick glance because work, family and stress has them worn out. I don’t think many people write out a shopping list other than a few things and as they wander the aisles the see something they want/need and grab it.  Personal observation by me but when I do my shopping in a big box store I might pass 40-50 people and perhaps 2-5 have a list.

Back to helping out others I just tell people about the sales that are happening or where I got a great deal. Most everyone I know are probably around middle class some are on SS, SSI or use food stamps and they need to save money as well as get the most bang for each “Dollar” they can.  I like sharing the news of case lot sale at a local grocery store and the store is having a great buy on pork chops.  Telling people about my “Beer Lady” that has all kinds of great stuff for making things besides beer including cheese classes or a wine and cider press you can pay a small fee to use.  I can support  local  companies and not big box stores.

It’s not just about groceries, my area just had a windstorm blow through and many folks lost power.  Very short term but with winter coming it was a great time to tell people about the sale on the Mr. Buddy heater at True value Hardware.  A relatively cheap way to have a backup heat source and then I could tell them about the test I did in Feb. this year and how long a 1 pound tank lasts.  We have a local farm store and they have great deals on barrels from recycled food safe to rain barrels.  I use the rain barrels as the “hook” so to speak to get them thinking about saving and using rain water here in the desert.  When they pick up the rain barrel they will see the food safe water storage barrels and start thinking about having one on hand “Just in Case”.  I can tell them that these rain barrels are a super buy because they cost about $35.00 for a 50 gallon barrel, heck next lowest price I have found  is over $55.00 via Amazon and that doesn’t include shipping.  Or the little 15 gallon food safe barrels I got from the beer lady for $25.00 that fit in a closet and a little heavy for 1 person to move at 120 pounds,  they won’t strain the floor like a 60 gallon barrel that weighs 480 pounds.

I want to help folks to prepare, but there is a selfish reason I want people to be as ready as they can afford. I don’t want them to suffer and possibly die. I really don’t want them to get desperate to feed a child or if a child gets sick. Being rational will go right out the window and  they will get what they need or die trying.  I don’t want that to happen or be the one that kills them because they will steal and kill me to get what they want/need.   My life is valuable to me and I have worked for several years to give myself a chance at survival. While I can understand and even sympathize  about how a parent will feel.  I won’t feel much pity because if I can prepare almost anyone can do the same as I have done.

Times and technology change people don’t, that’s why the bible and history are great to read and understand. The Bible is a history of the human condition and even if you are not religious it can give you great insight about human beings.


7 Responses to Helping people to prepare without looking like a wingnut

  1. riverrider says:

    j, i gave up trying to get folks to prep. those that are open to it already are doing it. those that aren’t never will. yeah, i’ve converted a few for a time, then they go back to their old ways. even those that jump on the bandwagon after a hurricane or whatever fall by the wayside as it gets further in the past. i decided to help those that want help instead. to hell with the rest, they got the same warning i did. not my falt they didn’t listen. thinning out the gene pool is a good thing every so often. just looking at the election polls proves that theory.

  2. Jamie says:

    river I don’t blame you at all.
    I would think all the people around you would be prepping after that windstorm. Bu I can’t say I am all that surprised many do not get anything.

    • riverrider says:

      j, generators are a dime a dozen now. most that did stock up ate it all and have bare pantries now. even my neighbor has let it slide by the wayside. like it never happened.

      • Jamie says:

        Wow! I guess they all just had to have the latest gadget! When I got my latest RV it came with a nice 5 kw generator, I didn’t sell my freestanding 3.5 kw generator because I wanted a backup or one just in case something broke! Because of what you did during your little storm I got another power pack with a built in inverter and can be recharged via solar panels.

        I’m starting my 2013 goals and the solar setup and that portable water mister for staying cool is on the list

  3. I just tell people about the sales that are happening or where I got a great deal.

    Yes and say that things are going up every day, so might as well save money as goods are eatable long after their expiration dates.

  4. Jamie says:

    Brock, You are correct. I kicked up my food/grocery budget to $125.00 per month average earlier this year and except for last month I have stayed at or below that total.
    Last month I spent more on food because of the sales and adding in more canned goods, meat to go with my staples before inflation and the drought costs hit.
    Next couple of weeks I’ll be cleaning out a freezer canning meat to make room for turkeys and Prime Rib I cook for the holidays.
    Even with doing inventories and rotating the food I find this method a lot cheaper plus a lot less stressful than NEEDING to shop every couple of weeks.

  5. Teresa Sue says:

    Jamie this is an excellent post and a great way to approach people.
    That’s using your head, girl!

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