Everything done and $6.00 leftover

Doing a little running around today. I picked up the Mr. Buddy Heater from True Value so I’m set on heaters and cooking for the winter, backups and  barter if the electricity goes out.  I’ll be adding more fuel the next couple of months but overall that staying warm in the winter is done as far as equipment needed.  The tires will be installed Monday and because I got 4 I have a coupon for free siping so the Kia is ready. A big bag of salt and 100 pounds of sand for traction and keeping the walk clear of snow and ice.   I  have to say it feels great to have every thing ready before the end of October.

I saw the youtube video for making mead at Brock’s  Free North Carolina blog and thought that would be a great way to use my Mr. Beer Kegs that are gathering dust. Picked up several packages of champagne yeast for the mead and I have plenty of honey in the pantry for this new project to do up a couple of small batches so only $1.20 for the yeast to get the mead started we will see how it turns out.

There was small 2.5 gallon cube for doing small mead/wine batches that I got for my sister’s birthday present next month.  She will be able to ferment and bottle via the cube after I add a bottling wand. A hydrometer and some bottles and she will have nice little system for doing  mead or wine.  She has talked of doing both wine and mead but I don’t think she realizes that mead takes 3 months to a year for a good product.

I got the Brown ale bottled, I like this batch much better. I went with cascade and Willamette hops rather than the traditional variety and  I’m doing a lot better on keeping records of all my readings and recipes in my little beer journal, that takes some of the guess work out beer making.  Got a batch of the all-grain Weizen brewing up and the color looks good according to the recipe. More grain is needed for this recipe and I’m really glad I do half size batches the bag was about at my upper limit for lifting.

It has been very tempting to buy silver with the price holding under $35.00 per oz. But I think my focus on hard goods, fuel  and food will payoff next year.  I’m not buying silver to barter/pay for my daily needs, it’s more of an emergency fund since I don’t trust the banks or government not to confiscate or revalue dollars. I know some folks will think they can always buy what they want but I know how I value the stuff I have prepared and I think they will be surprised at the cost will be in PMs.

Sure I know the PTBs can ban and confiscate whatever they want.  I don’t think  a lot people will meekly stand aside or just turn in stuff because the PTBs say so.  I think what the PTBs  will do is offer a trade of food and water, perhaps healthcare if a person turns in a gun or they must turn give up guns for gov.  assistance.  I’m ready to rely on myself and not make that trade!


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