Storm Warnings…..

Hurricane Sandy might hit the Eastern Seaboard , DC to Boston next week.  Hopefully people have had enough practice this year and are ready though I doubt it, riverrider is in that general area and he says folks have already gone back to “normal”.  I just can’t wrap my head around that kind of thinking since I began preparing.  I may have been a bit blinded by my normalcy bias prior to prepping but I didn’t sell or give away anything I bought for a storm.

We have had the “Cloud” servers fail 2 times that have screwed up data and some very popular sites, my Credit Union was one this week. Not a big deal I was just seeing my balance and making sure all bills had been paid, but this server is in Northern Virginia and storing data in the cloud is no good if a single point of failure takes it down. If you are using the cloud server start doing your backups and critical files stored at home on a hard drive or jump drive. Even if you are not on the east coast, Hurricane  Sandy could still take out your data!

I’ve been watching some sites like and folks seem to be getting awfully worked up about this election. Lots of talk of riots, killing and some really crazy rumors like Romney will outlaw tampons, hair weaves and the dollar menu at McDonald’s.  Perhaps it’s just internet trolls and dingalings pushing these ideas and tweets but if you live in a place that has had riots for crazy reasons before it might be wise to be ready for any kind of problems on the 7th November.  Don’t forget we have seen people riot because a sports teams have won or lost a big game. I could see see riots happening if people feel their guy won or loss the presidency.

Winter is coming so you should have your shovels, sand, salt for clearing snow and adding traction if you deal with ice.  Candles, lanterns and flashlights for lighting and a backup heat source if you depend on electricity.  Have you checked your smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector and changed out the battery?   Are your fire extinguishers are fully charged and perhaps buy an extra one for the Christmas tree or stove?  Time to run that generator for a test and have oil and gas along with making sure all those electrical cords are working and not frayed.  Tires, chains, anti-freeze and the Battery on your car ready to go for cold weather.  If you use rain barrels make sure they are only 2/3 full if you don’t drain them. That will give the water some room to expand if it turns to ice without cracking the barrel.  Is your BOB updated for winter?

This is my first year that I feel very confident that I have all my winter preparations in place. Just in the last couple of days I have realized I let my tires go to long before replacing them.  I can tell the difference in how the Kia drives and brakes.  I got the bucket of candies ready for Halloween, popcorn and beer ready for the election, most of the Christmas gifts bought and just waiting for turkeys to get in the store next month for the holidays.  Sand salt and shovels for any snow and plenty of backups for any power outages.




6 Responses to Storm Warnings…..

  1. riverrider says:

    j, the weatherfools are even predicting a blizzard just north and west of me out of sandy. could be fun. i’m off to top off the beer supply. hope the zombies aren’t watching the weather yet:)

    • riverrider says:

      too late. the zombies were already out. got the last of the “good’ bottled water. the stores were caught flat-footed today. time to top off the genny. good thing i filled all my empty gas cans yesterday as part of my monthly duties. personally i think its all going to bypass us except for a little needed rain. my sis in delaware is in for it though.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, keep us posted if you can and stay safe.
    I hope they get those servers hardend and a backup plan! With JP Morgan running EBT and all the electronic banking let’s pray they get those cards refilled and SS checks out. I hate to think of how bad folks may freak out if they can’t buy food and gas.
    I hate that my Credit Union could be affected by storm so far away but at least I’m ready for it!

    • riverrider says:


    • Watch the news and people’s reactions carefully. It will be very telling to see how people react to a small time outage, such as a hurricane can bring. Then apply that exponentially to a real outage or disaster for how people would behave if they thought the power wasn’t coming back on for weeks… or maybe not at all.

      • Jamie says:

        Wild, The east coast has a lot of storms the last couple and the still fall back into normalcy bias. I don’t if you read riverrider’s comments during the 10 days of no power after the Dearrachio this summer but it was very interesting and educational.

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