Started the shopping list for the Week

Still have some room in the freezer so I’m getting a bit more pork. C & C has spare rib slabs for $1.53 a pound and will make a nice change up in the menu. Pork sirloins for $1.76 a pound are great for a roast, pots of beans as well as a breeze to slice in to steaks.  I got a new cookbook on how to cook Chinese food and a lot of the recipes start with pork.  It has a very different way of doing meats from marinades to boiling or slow cooking,  so I need to practice!  After reading through the cookbook I should be able to modify many of the recipes to use canned meats. That will really brighten up the menu and fight food fatigue but I need to get some different oils, spices and dried veggies that I have seen at C & C.

Buying  some extra cooking fuels for next year. It looks like another 40 pound bag of mesquite charcoal for $14.00 will do the trick.  Charcoal is very energy dense and very safe to store  as a cooking fuel.  I’ll try to remember to weight the charcoal before I start cooking to see how long  a 40 pound bag would last cooking a big meal once a day.   It’s easy to cook a smaller turkey (10-12 pounds) in about 3.5 hours in my smoker/grill and the leftovers make the best tacos and soups.  As Alton Brown say “Never pass up a chance to add flavor”.  Plus using the BBQ for turkey it leaves the indoor oven free for cooking and baking.

It looks like a meat heavy shopping list again of about 40 pounds or more counting the turkeys.  The turkeys will start coming into the stores about the 10th if not a bit earlier.  I have to buy with this check as my SSD check comes only a day before Thanksgiving, no way I can thaw a turkey in a day!  I didn’t see any great sales on turkey this year like I did last year.  I had my all of my turkeys by September in 2011 paying about 99 cents a pound. This year about the lowest price I have seen is $1.70 a pound for turkey. I have to say it has me a bit concerned about the price we might be paying for Thanksgiving dinner.   If you pay under $20.00 for a small 10 pound turkey you’ll have around twenty 8 oz. servings of meat so still a bargain if you make stock and soups with the bones. If  you can  get it under a dollar a pound it will be a great meat for canning or freezing.

This should put me over the top for enough meats to stay healthy next year. Figuring about 2 pounds per week  per person of protien at a min.  I’m good on most everything for a year but I think it will take more than a year if we spiral down in a collapse type scenario like Greece. Time to get to work on storing Year two  stuff and having things in place to meet your own needs as much as possible.  I figure having at least a year’s worth of food can sustain you as you work out more ways to be self-reliant. With a little timing and luck that could see you through two harvests or sustain you past a bad one!

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