Some bad language coming up on prepping

WTF is wrong with you people?  You did not buy food though I said that Sandy could turn nasty, NOAA said SANDY would turn nasty.  Just about everything from the Mississippi East could turn nasty from 3 foot of snow in the mountains to a 15 foot storm surge or higher hitting the coast and what did you do?  Hell, I warned folks on the 24th that they should get ready and test some preps.  I ain’t donating to stupid people and that is what you are, and it’s time for you to get out of the gene pool. Honest citizens are left at the mercy of thugs because they are not allowed to have a gun as that gives the Leftists running NYC a case of the vapors.  Bloomberg is more worried about a R congress critter getting elected in FLA. and had to be shamed into ordering an Evac of Zone A via the right wing blogs.

What is your major malfunction?  For about $125. 00 (My shopping list) you can have real food that will feed a family of 4 for 6 weeks + A single person for about 6 months.  What don’t you get,  what don’t you understand?  12 gallons of Kerosene will light 1 lamp over 5 hours per day for a year.  12 gallons =-12 months. Math seems simple to me and it can be bought for about $100.00-$120.00.

I don’t care what Bloomie does. If he thinks 17 oz of soda, a bit of lard or salt is the biggest challenges NYC faces that’s on him. You voted for the SOB that’s on you.  Stop looking for a handout when you are morons and stop electing some kumbayah politicians when you feel guilt. Buy a fucking dog that adores you a cat that ignores you and move on with your life.

REALITY CHECK you got no food, water, heat, sanitation or security.  So what are you going to do next payday Sparky?  Will you piss, bitch and moan or will you take control of your life?  We crazy preppers will help you. I don’t know about the other preppers but I suspect most of us like a challenge. I make beer, bread and mead.  I’m learning herbs and growing food in buckets. I’ve learned to spin and working on the knitting thing.

I know preparing is not easy, simple or cheap. But it may be a lot easier than you imagine or dreamed it could be.


18 Responses to Some bad language coming up on prepping

  1. denim3225 says:

    GO, Jamie, GO!!!
    I really do not have the words to say from what I watched on tv. Now they want HELP, HELP, where’s the help….well….its not coming, folks, so you had better re-learn or learn some skills. Other than that, I do not know what else to tell em’.
    I do not help stupid people, I got em around here. Too busy dopin’, drinkin’ and no food. Too bad, so sad.
    Again, Jamie, I just do not have the words to find an answer to them and their quick fix, just there is no fix, and not for quite a while.

  2. Jamie says:

    denim, I bet i did more tests of my preps than the “professionals” . Hospital generators running out of fuel or just stop working at Bellevue or NYU is unacceptable. Sand bags in along any storm or flooding area in flyover country and you are tweeting the mayor that your food has spoiled. You want reimbursed?
    I’m buying bubble wrap to go along with the duct tape to keep my head from exploding!
    You liberal city folk call me a rube, uneducated, stupid and ignorant. But I’ll tell you city folk about how I prepared for your storm. I tested my old gas and it worked and I only have about 30 gallons to fill generators and my car. I restocked my RV and added some dry goods, can goods for about 2 months.
    I can make my own bread, beer, can foods and not worry about heat, light or power. I can protect me and mine as my state is not incredibly stupid worrying about salt, trans fats or the size of your soda. I’m allowed to have a gun and shoot it. The state doesn’t get worked up about pepper spray or tasers either.
    I may be a fool. I don’t think you should classify me as rube. Seeing how well your preps are working out.

  3. No one prepped in my town that I know of. Had Sandy gone a few miles to the west, they’d have all been 100% screwed. Had the power gone out for a week, they’d have lost all their fridges and freezers full of food. Only a few of my neighbors are well to do enough to have a generator, and even then they don’t have enough fuel to run it for a very long time. How long is a genny going to run on 5 gallons of gas? Certainly not a week.

  4. Jamie says:

    Terrible thing WC belive the church don’t, do crap I don’t care but if you are playing the game tithe. I consider myself a Christian but I beliong to no organised church.
    God has reached out and touched me. Not fun usually. But I got to get my kicks where I can. I’ll never give to the red cross I’ll give to the salvation army. FEMA, DHS min. BS and photo ops nothing more.
    If what I post works for you give glory to God and hit the tithe a bit harder. If you are not into that save your block.

  5. I don’t do ‘tithing’ nor do I do donations to organized… well… organizations. I help people that I can one on one.

  6. Jamie says:

    WC What I do may not work for others. Do what you can and I think you will know if you have done enough. I believe God knows your heart and you have to face that person in the mirror not me. If you can do that I’m impressed. If you can’t all the money in the world won’t help you!

  7. dee says:

    Okay, I was thinking as I saw people starting to complain this past day, (the 3 day rule of need, works with griping too) “so it begins..” I am a bleeding heart liberal, but for years I have taken the message of preparedness to heart and to others. As Jamie says, regardless of your checkbook balance, get off your butt and have more than 1-3 days of regular groceries, needs in your home. I have always thought it stupid to live life going to restaurants nearly daily, for lunch, have your hair and nails done, etc, and refuse to prepare for crunches that come along because you don’t have funds.
    Silver lining… perhaps now people will think beyond instant gratification, and prepare for extremes. Gov Cuomo said the 100 yr weather is coming every two years… Prepare people! My hubby and I donated to the Red Cross, I have cleaned up for others after Katrina, Issac, here in the south. It is is time we Americans learn basic preparedness, and stop expecting someone to swoop in and then complain when they only got MRE and no blanket. BTW, I have a solar portable generator, and my hubby wants anothr one. Not going to worry about standing line for generator gas, if I can help it. I am also smart enough to know we are dependent on each other to make things work, so no one is truly , totally self-reliant.

  8. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    As my Mom says, “my heart bleeds purple peanut butter”, or in other words, “suck it up buttercup” : ) I got ZERO sympathy for those numb skulls. Especially when (I think WC said it) they live next to an OCEAN!! Quit yer bitchin’ and go fishin’!! Supper is swimming around out there, but they won’t catch themselves. And I bet not one of those putzes would ever think about the 20-40 gallons of water they got sitting there in the water heater…

  9. riverrider says:

    until a minute ago, bloomey was still gonna run the marathon. he was about to get lynched for that decision so he just now cancelled. staten island is still unexplored territory at least to bloomey. looks like a nuke hit it. a lot of folks there lost EVERYTHING. so any preps they had are GONE. i’m not taking up for the stupid folks, just the real victims….then again if you CHOOSE to live near a drop zone, don’t cry when you get hit with something. i am amazed at the thousands of boat laying around. maybe they could use some of that cash to prep, or move? at any rate, the whining has begun. romney might win new york after all,LOL.

    • riverrider says:

      oh, by the way, any good senior nco could run the recover ops better than the keystone cops up there now. maybe they could get romney to tackle it, i bet he’d get ‘er done too. REMEMBER BENGHAZI!!

  10. Roger says:

    Those NY types have always looked down on the rest of the country thinking they are so smart and the rest of us are rubes. They had warning, food and fuel were available beforehand and yet they ignored the warnings. Now its our problem and our tax dollars going to bail them out of a mess they could have largely avoided.

    A good friend of mine had the smarts to leave Metarie when the first warnings of Katrina came in. He got his family out of there and went to stay with family out of the area. Thankfully most of his property was ok when they came back a few weeks later.

    • Jamie says:

      Roger you are correct I post my first warning on the 24th of Oct. to get ready. I figured if the storm turned into a dud you could use it as a test of your preps.
      But when I saw how the storm surge was shaping up I figured it would be ugly. Many people died from “normalcy bias” and lack of common sense.

  11. JSW says:

    New Yuk… New Yuk… if you can’t make it there, you can’t make it anywhere.
    Bunch’a morons living in that pisspot and everyone drinks the libtard koolaid.
    Let them see how sweet that koolaid is without outside help- which they’ve been turning back at the borders- so screw them and their unions. That city deserves to starve. (Actually reminds me of the Scripture, ‘Babylon will be destroyed in a single day and the world will lament its passing.’)
    Really do wish I could feel pity for them, but my humanity goes only so far, and it ain’t crossed that border. If someone isn’t willing to help themselves, they’d sure as hell better not ask me for help.

  12. Jamie says:

    JSW I agree mostly, but with no radio brodcast setup and all info on the web. The elderly were left out of the info loop. The kids should not have to die because the parents are morons. Thats what pisses me off the most.

  13. Just catching up and found this one Jamie, Awesome. Seems that I stated similar in fewer words in a text when Wonderdawg sent “don’tcha just feel for ny n nj?” to which I replied, “Not even a little, let the scum dumpster dive, Fricken Idiots!”. I certainly wouldn’t be sending any donations to those too self absorbed in their fantasy worlds to see reality of starvation less than 24 hours away. Like you said, let them go back into the gene pool (preferably the very bottom of it).
    Great post!

  14. Jamie says:

    dio, is just so damn stupid and a waste on how bad it is and the MSM is playing things are great to save Bloomie and Obama.
    I blame a lot of the idiots that stayed and had nothing prepared after Irene and all the snow storms.
    Perhaps a few more people will wake up and stop believing the PTBs can or will save them. I might do up some items to have for an apartment with limited storage space. Hell If I can set up my trike as a BOV with a few buckets, BOB and a plastic bin that can last about 2 weeks for me and my pets anyone can do it no matter how much space they have to store.
    I don’t go off on rants very often any more but this really got to me. Especially after the 2 boys died while their mother was trying to evacuate in the middle of the storm.

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