Smallest COLA increase for Social Security and Vets since 1975

Well except for those 2 years for 0% COLA for SS and disabled vets a year ago! Becasue inflation in the USA is only about 1% a year according the Ben Bernanke.  Huzzah because I was kind of concerned how to pay for food and gas next year but I’ll be getting a whole $12.00 extra month to handle $4.00 a gallon gas and $3.00 a pound hamburger.

Of course the mandatory Medicare part B payment will also be going up $7.00 a month to help with Obamacare and that $716 million moved from the Medicare account to Obamacare account and Obamacare doesn’t even kick in till 2014. This working out great and I was foolishly worried about the economy. I might be able to afford a pound of hamburger next year or a gallon of gas each month.

As you can tell I’m not a big fan of the PTBs and the stuff they expect me to believe. I know we have a huge problem with all of the debt the US government has already and it’s only getting worse. I would prefer to be told the truth and not have these idiots “cook the books” to make things look better on paper and as a media headline. Just hoping that folks will believe in the PTBs  little longer and not see what’s happening to each person’s check and budget.

I am in pretty good shape to absorb the costs of food and fuel. I don’t drive to  a job though I drive about 5-6 miles  per day five days a week to go walk with my Mom.  I live where I can ride my trike to go shopping as most of the stores are within a mile of my house.  I don’t get food stamps, an Obamaphone or other assistance, so I do budget and shop like most folks paying cash. No I’m not knocking people getting food stamps, just saying our buying power is close to the same. Thank God I woke up 3 years ago and now I have most everything I need for several months, I can shop the loss leaders at the store.  I can make most of my food from scratch, buy in bulk and store or preserve it safely.

But most folks in the west do have to drive to get to work and do the shopping and $4.00-5.00 for a gallon of gas and $3.00 for a pound hamburger, it adds up fast for a middle class family trying to keep food on the table.  You add in Coal fired electric plants going offline and aging nuke plants that need repair or replacement. You will have rising electricity costs just in time for winter.  Times are going to get a lot harder in making ends meet for a lot of people in the coming months.

I’m pleading with you to get as much food as you can for the next couple months as the ranchers cull herds and before food costs hit the grocery store shelves hard. Time is short but you do have a month or two to get as much as you can to be ready for 2013. Get flour or grain and start cooking with it,  a 50 pound bag of flour is around $15.00 and it can make a loaf  of bread a week for 8 months.  Rice harvests look pretty good so prices for bulk rice should stay about the same and White rice can last for 25 years stored properly and $20.00 for a 50 pound bag of rice will give you about 500 4 oz. servings that’s enough for 2 servings a day for 2 months for a family of four.  Beans are getting expensive but still can be had for under a $1.00 a pound in bulk and have about 10 servings average per pound.  Buy oatmeal for a cheap breakfast and get a couple of months worth of the basics of salt, spices, sugar, yeast, baking powder and oil.  Get some seeds and start small pots of herbs in a sunny window.

Check out my Start Here page  and start getting those basics that will buy you some time, save you some money and avoid panic because you know you have food in the pantry.  Over 6-8 weeks you can do this for $15.00-$20.00 per week added to your shopping lists.

I know it’s tough but food prices are going up a lot next year and having a month or two of food stored  will help you get by as power and fuel costs go higher.  You won’t have to make the choice of food or heat this winter I hope!

Winter’s coming!

16 Responses to Smallest COLA increase for Social Security and Vets since 1975

  1. Absolutely! Your list is a great place for people to start, especially if they haven’t done any preparations at all. All those folks in NJ and NY are suffering precisely because they have done zero preparations.

    • Jamie says:

      WC now those people are past the 72 hours and what they should have prepped according to the PTBs. This storm shows you need a lot more than just 3 days worth of supplies.

      • Absolutely. Minimal I’d recommend for anyone is two weeks of food and water, for everyone in your household. Including pets, if you have any. And that’s just the bare-bones minimal. What’s concerning here is that the govt isn’t even attempting to assist people… which makes me think there is an agenda at work here. Time will tell, of course.

  2. riverrider says:

    lovely. no it raining or is that something else running down my back?…. hung those guys in benghazi out to dry too. guess they didn’t want to pay their pensions at all. the troops are furious. might be a good thing if tdl wins again……dark days jamie, dark days indeed.

  3. Jamie says:

    river, I feel for people who are not ready to absorb these costs. But there isn’t much I can do to help other than what I’m already doing via the blog.
    I’m so thankful that I got my costs down and I can afford to take up to a 30% hit in buying power but many people are living paycheck to paycheck.
    Start cutting now or you will really hurt when you must cut costs later.

    • riverrider says:

      j, i keep my bills low and there is zero that i couldn’t make-do without for a while, except health care maybe, and taxes. pp & re taxes take a whole months pension alone, then there’s insurance requirement that takes another month. so we have to live on ten months of what most folks would call starvation wages. we could actually save a little but the critters keep needing vet visits, over a months check this year. i don’t know how the hell we’ll fall in on obamacare. that will be the straw that breaks me. if that happens, i will start the festivities myself and hope a few patriots join me. better to go down like a soldier than a sniveling slave. tptb had better be considering that in the next four years. slave uprisings tend to be bloody affairs. sic semper tyrannis. REMEMBER BENGHAZI

      • Jamie says:

        river from what I have read VA will be considered disabled vets insurance. So hopefully no penalty for a few vets. But the PTBs are still changing the rules so take it for what it’s worth.

  4. Teresa Sue says:

    Hey Jamie, we’d appreciate it if you’d put in a good word for Buy A Gun day on Nov. 6th, and go to
    Miss Violet

    • Jamie says:

      I’m trying to create a strip of all the pics under the Resist pic. I’ll also be doing up a shopping post for Buy a Gun Day

      • riverrider says:

        j, i’m seeing nov5, 6 and 19 on the net as b.a.g. day. which is it? i’ve already participated in it about 6 times this year 🙂

      • Teresa Sue says:

        Thank you so much Jamie, I really appreciate that.

  5. Jamie says:

    river, I excercised my 2nd Amendment earlier this year as well. Since I can’t afford a gun I’m getting some stripper clips for Sasha, and a acouple of Magazines for the pistols.
    Show the PTBs on Nov. 6th a huge spike in firearms and ammo sales. Whoever gets elected, will see us gearing up!

  6. Karen says:

    I certainly agree with most of what is said in these comments, but not all said here is fair or accurate. Wild Cookery-you state that “All those folks in NJ and NY are suffering precisely because they have done zero preparations.” First, believe me, some people in that area do prep, but all your prepping means nothing if your house is literally washed away or a ship is washed up on your house. You can hardly prep for a disaster that leaves blocks and blocks of nothing but rubble that used to be neighborhoods. I know of what I speak-I just came home from a short-term mission to Staten Island.

  7. Jamie says:

    Karen, Yep about 80 home burned in Queens I think. I hope you are safe Karen. I think most of the help that is happening is from fellow preppers in NYC and outer areas.
    I think this shows exactly what can be expected from FEMA and the Red Cross.
    Karen are there any organizations doing good help on the ground and what do they need?

  8. Karen says:

    I’m fine Jamie-just heavy-hearted (and so tired!). And your right , I see mostly people helping their neighbors, those with power and heat taking in those without. People trying to clear the roads so the tanker trucks and electric trucks can work on the lines and bring in gas to the gas stations, churches passing out hot food and blankets-and your so right-from what I saw and heard on Staten Island, and driving through NJ, FEMA and the Red Cross is of little to no help. Seems like shelter, water, food, and getting the streets cleared of the mess so that workers can get the electric lines up are what’s needed most. The churches are setting up as disaster relief organizations (I was involved with Evangelical Free Church of America) and I know Franklin Graham’s organization, Samaritan’s Purse has boots on the ground there. But really, when you have so many people concentrated in a small area like that, it’s just seems overwhelming. Lessons to be learned here for all of us!

  9. Jamie says:

    I know Idaho Power is sending bucket trucks and a couple of trucks full of parts. I hope they are accepted after driving cross country. If you know of what we can do to help let us know! If a prepper lost some of their preps we might be able to help them rebuild some of it after things get more normal.
    The holidays are coming and people will need some help after the most critical needs are met.

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