The Aftermath

The American people have spoken and I don’t care to much what is being said.  It seems Big Nanny Government is what most of the voting public wants and are not so into freedom and self-reliance.  Sure didn’t take long for the talk of gun-control, more taxes and regulation to get started.  Many layoffs and reduction in work hours to get under the Obamacare mandates are being announced.  Investors on Wall St. don’t seem to happy, the  Dow lost over 400 points in just 2 days. Even McDonald’s is losing sales! The Dollar menu is getting to costly for people.

I didn’t think voting for Mitt would save this country. I just thought he might slow the collapse down and give a bit more time to prepare. It looks like time to get ready got a lot shorter so it’s time to prioritize and get your most critical needs first.  If food is one of you needs it’s a great time to stock up on staples for baking. Meat prices are still okay and I’ve been getting some good deals on cheese and butter. Coffee has come down in price . While gas is still high,  I think Sandy has shown us having a couple of gas cans full of fuel on hand at all times is a great idea.

Nothing has changed all that much except all of the progressives pet projects are full steam ahead instead of trying to sneak things by the public. Debt will pile up, inflation will go higher, jobs will get cut or just go away and more people will go on the Dole because working for a living is for chumps or nearly impossible just to break even!  Invest in yourself, learn skills, cooking from scratch and growing a garden will help you save money even if you can’t be completely self-sufficient. Start getting the tools to produce something you need or you can trade/barter. Baking, sewing, knitting offer some cheap ways to start.  Start thinking on how you can add value to to basic items . A solar battery  charger could be a great little money maker and you can buy one for about $30.00.  Or preserving food that’s safe without refrigeration. That’s a couple of things that take skill, the right tools, time and add a lot of value.

I’m practicing with my mead and beer on adding value. I can trade some finished mead or beer to someone who provide the barley,wheat or honey. Next year I want to learn how to save yeast from the fermentation process and I can barter that for making more beer and mead or bread. That’s only one example of what I’m going to learn and practice next year.  Since I started making all-grain beer I am drying the leftover grains for my Mom’s chickens and I get eggs.  I froze some of the grain but Mom says the dried grains work best for her for ease mixing it along with the laying mash.

If you have been preparing or want to start you need to think outside of the box.  We have had many storms and disasters and we have seen just how well the Government works in dealing with them. Do a walk-through on how you would deal with not having power for 10 days or all gas pumps are either empty or have no power. Cell phone tower are destroyed or your phone, tablet and laptop run out of juice.  Your learning process is Crawl, Walk, Run.

  1. Crawl:  Identify what you need to do and gather all the items and skills you need to accomplish that one task
  2. Walk:  Start practicing and don’t worry about mistakes, that’s how you learn.
  3. Run: You got this one task and you have practiced so much you almost don’t have to think about it.  You know it so well your body and mind simply do it without thinking.  Just like your drive to work. I don’t know about you but I often backtrack a bit when I want to change my routine drive to walk with my Mom. My body and mind are so ingrained with I take this street here, I turn left there,  that I’m often at the mall where we walk that when I park I remember I wanted to stop at the bank to cash a check and I realize what I have done.

I don’t want you to freak out or think you need to get everything you may need for the next five years.  Keep working your plan and accept things will probably cost more next year.  I know I still have to prioritize what I spend and I tend to do best when I have 1 or 2 specific goals I want to accomplish each shopping list.  Be your own Santa Claus, make your list and check it twice. Do your best and hope I’m completely wrong of the economic collapse while you build the greatest camping/tailgaiting setup you can afford!


12 Responses to The Aftermath

  1. Good post Jamie. There are a LOT of new people starting to prep right now. Especially after that last election! They’ll need guidance from patient and grounded people like yourself. Well done. 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks WC. I’m stopped spraying my weeds like dandelions last year and hope to get some nice greens next spring. I need to go and clip some of the rose hips to make a vitamin C rich teas and infusions. I think if the Mead turns out It will make a cold medicine hot toddy after adding some lemon juice, If not It will make being sick a lot more fun.
    I know I’m different on how I look at stuff since becoming a prepper. But it is a blast when I learn a skill like making beer or mead and I get so many uses out of one item. Or how far I have come and what I have accomplished in a short time.
    I sometimes wish it didn’t take me almost dying and becoming 100% disable to get into self-reliance. It sometimes takes a big “Clue Bat” to wake up to reality!

  3. Wildflower says:

    it was not uncommon in households to buy xmas presents sometimes a few years before

    or have a larder stocked for six months minimum

    how much has been forgotten by the masses..

  4. Jamie says:

    Wildflower, how true and now it gets you on a terrorist watch list.

  5. Craig Cavanaugh says:

    I don’t care either. They can all go to hell as far as I’m concerned. Me and mine are taken care of, even though THAT has been an uphill struggle. Sorry if I could give a damn about anyone else…

    • Jamie says:

      Craig if you can take care of yourself during an average disaster. More power to you and I’m all about being self-reliant but the FSA (Free Stuff Army) disagrees. Oh sure you saved your money while they got EBT and new Nike kicks and the latest I gadget.

      You ain’t calling 911 for the hospital or cops or firefighters and you must be destroyed for depending on yourself and
      preparing with your own money, work and effort. How dare you be self-reliant and make the FSA and the government look like fools. TERRORIST

      One advantage of going all grains for storage. Most would never know it was food unless it comes in in a box or can and has instructions for a microwave.

  6. Jamie says:

    Craig it’s all your fault I have so little respect for the law. Not really, but when illegal immigrants seem to have more rights than citizens and get more goodies from the PTBs things are a bit skewed.
    I’m a criminal as over 12,000 regulations were enacted last year. I did not register my vehicle and play into the climate change crap.
    I’ve been driving over 18 months on expired tags and I was a total Dudley Doo-right kind of gal until the PTBs started this emissions crap in canyon county to protect Boise city, because people commute via cars.
    I like clean air and our valley does suffer from inversions because of geography. But my Kia is not a nasty Co2 beast. It’s all about tickets and raising revenue. The local Sugar beet factory is good. For me ignoring a simply stupid and arbitrary law, created to simply raise revenue yet not fix the problem is getting easier everyday.

  7. Karen says:

    HA-I love your term ‘Free Stuff Army’! I’m still reeling that my country (which I don’t even recognize) traded any vestige of our freedom, liberty, and the Constitution for food stamps and an Obama phone.
    Because in my heart of hearts, I really was holding on to the belief that there was more of us than “them”.

    • riverrider says:

      k, there are more of us than them, but they divided us further by gender, religion, sexual orientation, class, union/non-union, smoker, drinker, gun grubber, bible thumper, etc, then called anyone that challenged their views a racist. classic warfare- divide and conquer. women are 51% of the population. the conservatives need to get out of the abortion debate if they ever hope to win again. most women are against abortion, but 0% want a fat old white man telling them they can’t have one. hillary will run in 2016. women need to see her for what she is, not as a potential first woman prez.i fear they won’t, with dire consequences.

  8. Jamie says:

    Karen: steal away. I saw some one write FSA and that’s what jumped into my head.
    river, It looks like all the layoffs and those meanies (bosses) are starting to deal with the fiscal cliff and Obamacare. It looks like a few people will start getting a lesson in cause and effect!

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