The Apartment dwellers prepping list Part 3 Sanitation Sewage down more than 3 days get out!

I could not believe reading that some people started crapping in the hallways because the toilets were not working in some apartments hi-rises.  Then again I thought OWS showed how filthy people can be when they don’t understand what sanitation means when they don’t have a clue of living without all the modern things we take for granted. I’m sure many people simply dumped body waste into storm drains. In my city the storm drains run into the river with very little treatment.  I know of a several people who think that they will just get water from the local creek or river in a disaster. Heck the weight of carrying a couple of 5 gallon buckets  any distance for about 1-2 days of water should stop them if they tried to do it in real life.  I mean carrying 80 pounds of sloshing water is darn difficult in the best of times. If they have no gas for the car I wonder exactly how far they would get from the river with those full buckets?

Make a poo bucket, many home improvement stores sell 5 gallon buckets for mixing up paint, cement etc.  for under $5.00.  While you are at the store get some Construction Grade trash bags 4-6 mil thick, some wood shavings or straw bedding that you buy for hamsters or other pet rodents and a poo bucket seat and  lid for the bucket from a prepping site like Emergency Essentials. For under $40.00 you have a nice little porta-potty you can set up quickly in a disaster. Place the trash bag in the bucket after you do your business toss a hand full of the shavings or straw in the bucket. When the bag gets half full switch it out and take the used bag to your trash collection point and mark it with some kind of label.  If the emergency goes on longer than a couple of bags full you need to get out of the city as disease will become rampant.  Wash your hand with hand sanitizer if water is not available or in short supply.

Buy extra toilet paper on sale, I mean you will  need it for the rest of your life so stock up when sales happen and your storage space and paycheck will allow.  Don’t throw away all those phone books and yellow pages you get, they are a substitute for toilet paper in your poo bucket and shredded could take the place of the wood shavings! Store about 1 roll of Toilet paper per person per week and hand sanitizer in your poo bucket until you need to use it.  Add baby wipes when you find them on sale and your extra feminine hygiene products.

Washing clothes. One of the best and cheapest ways to go is a janitor’s mop bucket with a wringer and a plunger. The mop bucket can be bought for about $30.00 at a supply store like Cash &  Carry. If you already have a wash board remember put your soap on the board not on the clothes. Add one of those indoor drying racks for sweaters and you can do small loads of laundry without electricity. These things are multi taskers as a rolling bucket full of water will save your energy and the drying racks are great for drying homemade pasta.

Cleaning supplies:  Bleach,  vinegar, baking soda, Borax and Ivory soap will clean about 90% of your home. Bleach is a sanitizer for food production and cleaning sick rooms.  Ivory soap is great as it is usually cheap and if you shave off soap chip and let them dry over night they make a good laundry soap. 6% bleach will treat your water and in a spray bottle of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water will sanitize any hard surface. All of these items could be stored in you mop/laundry bucket and if you are interested you can make your own cleaning supplies. Vinegar can clean windows, remove hard water stains and lime scale. Vinegar is rich in vitamin C and can pickle foods add flavor to all kinds of food.  Baking soda will absorb odors and will work like Ajax for scrubbing in the kitchen and bathroom but it won’t scratch up the material. Baking soda is great for smothering grease fires and you can make baking powder adding in a bit of Cream of Tarter for quick breads.   You can make your own cleaning supplies cheap just google it!  You can use news paper in place of paper towels for everything from cleaning windows to draining deep fried foods. It might take less space to store newspaper compare to paper towels.

One item I found useful was those insulated drinking jugs or thermoses. If you have to heat or boil your water doing it one time in the evening will warm your place up before going to bed, you can make your coffee and store it overnight and it will be hot in the morning.  I can’t tell you what a morale booster it is to have warm or hot water to wash up with in the morning. Just place some hot water in the jug/thermos for about 15 minutes to prime it, dump the warm water in a tub for a quick cleanup and then fill the jug/thermos full of what you want to keep hot. I found most will keep the water warm for 18-24 hours depending on how well insulated they are.

You have to be very proactive to keep clean as best you can with whatever you have stored.  Medical type gloves are very cheap to buy, are great for normal living and can save water via hand washing. Easy to strip off the gloves after doing a cleanup job and your hands stay some what clean.  Hand sanitizer are cheap most require no water and while the don’t make your hands clean looking they will ward off those bugs that cause disease. Staying clean, and drinking safe water is the first line of defense on staying healthy and that brings us to first aid.


5 Responses to The Apartment dwellers prepping list Part 3 Sanitation Sewage down more than 3 days get out!

  1. riverrider says:

    yeah, people are nasty. many will die of dysentary/cholera etc. frankly, i hope they do. problem is good folks downstream will pay the price for these idiots as well. i can’t camp on my favorite island anymore because idiots from the state park upriver discovered it and promptly crapped all over it, leaving it uncovered, even in obvious campsites. in aruba we were walking along a romantic beach, went around the bend and ran into a huge crap pile right there on the freaking beach, a million cubic feet of sand to cover it up. people are nasty, and disgusting.

  2. Matt says:

    I think once you consider the aspect of security in an apartment, on top of the sanitation issue, I think the best thing to do if at all possible, is get out ASAP.

    Besides all the pooping and peeing in the hallways in the the storm which was nasty enough, there were reports of rapes and assaults.

  3. Jamie says:

    Matt, Just doing the write up I can see how an apartment building in the “Big City” is a bad choice but, for some people it seems to be the only choice. What I figure is this setup will be okay for a power outage maybe good for a few days after a snow storm. More than that you are at the mercy of everything and that is a terrible position to plan your survival.

  4. april says:

    I am new to prepping but in some situations owning your own land won’t matter. Martial law can suspend the right to property and the government could just take it. On top of that those who do bug out will have to face other like minded people who are planning on hunting in that area as well as criminals who watch these site and are to lazy to prep but not to steal.
    All this is worrisome but all you can do is prep the best way you can. If your bugging in, buy enzymes that will break down waste, invest in medicinal herbs that can be grown in a container and look into alternative meds, stock up on face masks in the event you have to go outside, find realistic ways to disinfect your living areas and family.
    Some people don’t have the means to bug out but do have the will to survive.

    Also I see a lot of postings about guns but what about bows or cross bows? I’ve seen these portable light bulbs on tv , anyone have an opinion about these products? Do you guys recommend if your making your own MRE s do you recommend making one with your daily caloric need or portioning them out in 3 squares a day?

    -from my tablet typos happen

    • Jamie says:

      april You are correct that all items might be confiscated via Martial Law and the PTBs have enacted measures that make it “legal” via congress or EOs. I agree with you on the “I’ll just head for the hills” attitude I hear and read from people with no plan.
      Overall I think it is best to stay put in a place were you know your neighbors and your local area, but cities and apartments are a death trap somewhat like a deserted island after a shipwreck with no fresh water and now way to get food. Sandy, Katrina and many storms have proven just how vunerable Metro areas can be after a few days.

      I’m a firm believer in all kinds of weapons, I just recently bought a sling shot, air gun plus ammo for both. Mom bought a crossbow and will be taking a class this week and I am excited to learn from her lessons. I have pepper spray and some other odds and ends for my “arsenal” so if you are a new prepper and guns and ammo are to expensive to buy explore other options.

      As far as food goes, I think in meals and servings per day cooking from scratch. Some folks go for MREs or make homemade MRE’s via quick cooking/processed food (freeze dried).It’s up to you based on your lifestyle and how much you can spend! I would plan on storing at least 2000 calories per day per person as you will probably be doing more physical work in a disaster.

      The biggest thing for me is I eat what I store and store what I eat. I don’t buy and check the block then ignore the food type of prepper. I cook, bake and try new recipes out of my “pantry”. That’s what my storage is, just a bigger than “average” pantry.

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