The Apartment dwellers prepping list Part 6 Mental

Things will be a lot slower and take more physical work on your part.  You will be both bored and exhausted,  nothing will work the way it does normally and you will get frustrated and cranky. So will everyone around you so understand it will happen and have ways of dealing with it.  While I love the PC and the internet I also love to read and can do so for an entire day. Cards, dominos, dice games can help keep you entertained and take up very little space.  I like painting with water colors and though I have no special talent it makes me happy. So I have a little travel setup for the painting with some paints and little canvasses that I can work on when I want to do some painting.

You will feel to tired to eat or cleanup, but you must force yourself to do theese things to stay healthy. Try to let everyone have as much privacy and personal space as you are able. Sometimes a little alone time can help a person deal with the disaster. But also insure no one isolates themselves so much that they are not helping themselves and others.  You never know how people can react in a crisis some get stronger and some get weaker but you just have to focus on taking one day at a time. It’s not forever and things will get better or you can leave and get to a better place.  You are not powerless unless you let yourself be powerless. You can make your life a little better each day or get to a spot where you can make things better! Throw your food bins, stove, tents  in the car and leave. If you don’t have a car, get a bike with one of those little buggies on the back and go. Even if you got a wagon and a backpack,  you can walk your way out of the disaster area.  If you can’t do that you need to leave before the storms hit!

You can choose to be a victim or a survivor. Everyday you must work at making  progress at making your life better and sometimes that might be walking away and starting again. Yes that can be terrifying but you and yours came to America and took that risk once you can do it again!  It ‘s very easy to give up and it’s not noble or self sacrificing. It’s darn hard to say to yoursef that this really sucks and I don’t care if it starts sucking worse,  I’m going to make it.  You talk to any person that survives a hard situation and it’s always mental toughness that wins, not physical strength or intellect. Sure those thing help but if you can’t be mentally tough enough to say I’m going to survive the next minute or hour or day you won’t make it.

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