Hitting the Jackpot or I love it when a plan comes together!

Lately I have been focusing on getting fuel and Kerosene has been my fuel of choice to get  for the lanterns and a little fuel for the kerosene heater for heating the big spaces as well as another backup. Kerosene just went on sale  at the local farm store allows me to  add 10 gallons this week saves me a dollar per 5 gallon can, on something I already planned to buy. It’ is a $6.00 per can savings from regular price and takes care of the fuel for the lantern for a year.  The farm store had a small Crossman pellet rifle on sale I will be adding to my little arsenal that will allow me to do a little target practice and give me a silent shooter for taking out small critters here in the city. The grand kiddies are getting of an age to introduce them to shooting and the pellet rifle can be a great start if I haven’t managed to piss off the parents to bad that they won’t let me around the kids.

I did have a little unexpected windfall of cash and I’m adding a few pieces of beer making equipment.  The Wort chiller is about $52.00 and will cool the wort in minutes instead of an hour or more, adding another 15 gallon barrel and buying a 50 pound bag of malted wheat to save money making my hefe-weizen and my beer lady is giving me a bargain as I’m buying in bulk.  Less than $10.00 for 2 cases of the best Hefe-Weizen I have had since I left Germany is a great buy! I think this will be the beer I enter at the county fair next year and see how well it does!  I got a case clear flip top bottles to show off the color and some labels but I’m still working on a name.

My sister loved the little mead set up I gave her for her birthday. She can’t believe how simple it is to start making her own with just few items.  My mead is coming along nicely and it seems to take less time than I anticipated. It’s been about a month about 2/3’s of the sugar has already been converted to alcohol. It’s  a very nice drink during my taste/gravity test and does not require cooling to taste good.  Depending on the readings I might be able to bottle it fairly soon and let it condition.  I started my batch with the potential alcohol of around 6%-7%.  That might make a difference as a lot of mead recipes are a bit more powerful and that might affect the time and flavor.  The mead so far has an almost cider like taste.  I  used a champagne yeast so that might be giving it a dry flavor.  I prefer a dry taste rather than sweet so if you are starting out keep your own preference in mind.  I figure make something you like first and don’t mind storing for a rainy day. If others like it great! If not you have made something you like and don’t mind doing the work or storing.

Yes,  I read recipe books and I finally hit my sweet spot on making a great stir fry. Since getting my latest cookbook  everything came together for great taste.  I made an okay stir fry and tasty enough before but when you find that spot you go from good to great and want to make the same meal again right away I call that the “sweet spot” for a recipe.  It’s a bit of technique, the right spices, oils and cooking it correctly that can only be learned by practice.

I’ve been talking up doing what I call a “Second-hand Christmas”.  I can’t remember which blogger I read about doing a non-electronic Xmas but I thought how cool it would be to do an Xmas that you make a gift or you must buy it second hand at the local thrift store or a yardsale/Craig’s list or  make it yourself , but it can’t be a new thing from a store.  I have seen in my family all to often it’s almost like a competition of who spends the most and somehow the amount of money spent equals love or somehow using a credit card and taking on the debt of those 12 easy payments means you have become an adult.  I’d like to see the season change back from spending money to getting back to giving of the most precious thing of time and energy.  I also hate debt and there are very few reasons I can find for taking on any kind of debt if you have a choice!

Screw that, get free of the beast/slavery of debt. My Christmas wish is would be my family members coming to me and asking for a
Bugout Bucket, teach them to shop, bake bread, make beer,  garden, or what weapon or buy how to hunt and fish.  Talk about being tickled pink,  I’d be doing a happy dance and bouncing off the walls!  I’m easy, though not cheap but I want to save them if they will just let me!

7 Responses to Hitting the Jackpot or I love it when a plan comes together!

  1. riverrider says:

    j, i suggest “hossenfeffer” for your beer name:)

  2. dee says:

    The reason for the season is Christ. We need to stop the competition and not get ourselves into debt. We usually gift our friends family, loved ones with preparedness items, from grain grinders, preparedness books, food storage.. This year it is “Mother Jones” self-reliance books, Led emergency lights, and good pillows. Okay, the grandkids (school age are getting a Google chromebook ($250)to do their homeschool lessons, since they are in one family). They have an excellent program there in Utah. Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Jamie says:

    dee that is so true, I have been so blessed this year.
    Of course I’ve always been a little odd by not being inpressed about how much something cost unless you got a great bargain.
    I hope this idea might reverse some the competition and stuff.

  4. Karen says:

    Argggg! Good stir-fry eludes me-my veggies always end up overcooked.

  5. Jamie says:

    Karen I cut up my pork and seasoned it and let it sit for 15-30 min. at room temp so it has a chance to warm up a bit before cooking. Then I cut up the veggies. I let the rice sit uncovered overnight in the fridge so to dry out a little.
    First I cook the 2 inch cubes meat, 3 minutes each side and then add the veggies over med. heat about another 3-4 min cooking the veggies have released most of the moisture I add the rice and cook just enough for the rice to get warm as soak up the juices.

  6. Karen says:

    Thanks Jamie!! As soon as these left-overs are gone, I’m making this-stir-fry is so tasty and economical.

  7. Jamie says:

    Karen it’s not quite perfect(traditional stirfry) but it’s darn tasty and I think letting the meat go room temp is the trick for us westerners as well as letting the rice dry a bit . Get a bit of seseme oil and some spices you will make a good meal if not a traditional one. If you like it and the family likes it it is good.
    I always wonder about someone is in china trying to figure out how to make the perfect burger, onion rings or french fries cooked in a Wok and just don’t get it? They are not dumb just a very different style of cooking. Chinese are kind of different and doing a deep fried duck might be fun. I figure make yummy food when you can and healthy food when you have no choice.

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