Are you in the media high or on some medicatition?

Thanksgiving Day parade offers respite for storm victims

Are you fucking kidding me?  How does looking at a parade make any home safer? Clean any trash or rebuild crap?   People will feel better living  in filth because some rich asshole has bright balloons in the street. Where are the dumpsters? the trash trucks? where are the insurance adjuster. How much food,  water and sanitation do citizens have to use today?  Is the damn sewer system working yet?   People have no homes, no jobs and you expect them to get into the holiday spirit and go shop?  Damn MSM I know you don’t give a crap about flyover country but these folks live less than 10 mile away from your studios.

The homes are still flooded, they have no power, heat, water or sanitation  and you hope a hot air balloon will give them hope in FEMA the Red cross or even trash pickup?  Are you all on crack at the all the news rooms?  People need food, shelter, first aid , heat  and sanitation not staring at a bunch of fucking big balloons . They don’t need down time they need results of this will work or it won’t and you need to leave and make a new life.  What is your major malfunction media?  Give the people the truth, Guess folks you are fucked get out and get safe and if FEMA ,the Government or insurance pays off you are already out of the city and you can start again. I’m not impressed with most city folk but I saw NYC do incredible things during 911 and you did not need any permission to do the right thing.

Fuck Bloomberg if he thinks trans fat, salt and the 17 oz soda are the biggest threats to his city. Leave, you owe him nothing Or stay and put up with that crap that a Macy day thanksgiving parade will make you home safe. Cancel all mold, make the sewer system work and put gas in your gas tank.  Unicorns will fart skittles.

How they got here by possibly being stupid and not prepared is irrelevant. You to the MSM the Powers That Be Told the proles you would save them and you can’t and you won’t. You showed how preppers were crazy terrorists. How having a couple of weeks of food, water and a generator + way to use it was insane and only crazy militia members would do that.

So you in the Rockaways, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn if you are not entertained by the parade and perhaps to recall all of those property and utility taxes you paid  for years and actually expect you politicians to be accountable. I want you to remember how you were treated as a photo op and told to move on and not hold a grudge against the  city and state idiots doing the best they can.  The PTBs have shown exactly how much they value you as a citizen!

3 Responses to Are you in the media high or on some medicatition?

  1. riverrider says:

    j, media high? no, they just drank the koolaid. and if you can’t “do”, then teach. if you can’t teach, be a reporter. in that vein, what’s the dif between “deadly” and “fatal”? i bet you know, but every reporter i ever saw got it wrong… thanks again for your blog. i learn a lot and enjoy the “conversation”. take care.

  2. denim3225 says:

    I was up early and had the stupid tv on, making tea in the kitchen, and my ears pricked up when on Fox, they were running a clip on some fancy party they have in NY there thats makes money for something, and I thought it sounded like mayor big gulp saying they canceled it because “people were cold and hungry”. Since when does big gulp care about who’s cold there.
    I do not think that anyone will ever wake up and figure out that no one will be there. You are on your own. When we had a rash of tornadoes here this spring and took out some houses on the sw part of town, there was no government there. Just hours after it happened, neighbors and a lot of people from town here went out and started cleaning up and fixing things so the homeowners could at least function. A hotel donated rooms, so they would have a place to sleep until they could get everything in place again. It was cleaned up in a few days, and within a month, the homes were fixed, and ready go move into again. Again, no government was even around. We take care of our own situations here. We have the whiny bunch here too, but most are the just get out of my road crowd and fix their own problems.

  3. Now that the s(e)lection is over, these people have the same value they’ve always had to their local govt. Zero. Apparently those getting cash from FEMA aren’t getting a freebie either. It’s a loan, that you have to pay back in a certain amount of time or they take your property. Nice, eh? 😉

    It’s just one big land grab.

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