How much do you need? I don’t know, how are you planning to survive next year?

In the last 2 years I have seen containers of food, Toilet paper either shrink or jump in price like gas or meat or power prices. Coffee had a terrible harvest for a couple of years and now it’s just starting to come back down to normal of $5.00-$7.00 for a big can and even the big can has dropped from holding 36 oz down to 29-33 oz. and that’s the cheap stuff. Most hi-end coffee was sold in 16 oz. bags now it’s 12 oz. bags. So while the price has come down a bit the cans and the bags are not getting any bigger. Do you have coffee for Jan. 2013? How about June 2013 or will you quit drinking coffee if you can’t afford it? Quit now and save the money if that is your plan, same thing for soda and learn if you are addicted to caffeine and get a terrible caffeine migraine/ headache. Or you could figure up about how much coffee you drink per month and store 1-2 years worth buying an extra can or three each month. In the event of a bad harvest, rising prices or something else that prevents you from buying coffee you have a year to 24 months time to work out a plan. Most of the cheap canned coffees are good for 24 months if sealed in a cool, dark and dry storage area. I’ve stored roasted beans for over a year in a cool (60-65  degrees F.)  basement in a ziplock bags and it was considered good by those that like high end coffee.  Don’t freeze your roasted coffee beans the oils get messed up when frozen then thawed. If you like a hi-end coffee bean you can get green beans and store them five years plus and roast them as you use them.  Of the barter economies I have studied coffee tends to be a hi-value item.

Will you have a job next year?  Could your hours be cut?  Do you think all those things you use daily are going up or down in price? Will you be making more money next year or less?  How’s your 401k, investments and savings account?  What if the banks don’t open next week?  What if the EBT cards are not filled? If you could not go to the store next week or the next month how would your Xmas and New Year’s celebrations look?  Do you have gas in your car for the next week, the next month?  How about the generator have you filled it with oil and tested it yet? Do you have heavy duty extension cords tested and ready to go? Extra parts for everything you got and know some simple troubleshooting.  Can you survive not having water or sewer for a couple of weeks? How about power or not going shopping for a month or more?  How about heat, lights communication or information and going without them for a week or two?

I don’t know your level of survival or prepardness. I don’t know your situation, nor what you will accept as living conditions. If you love MRE’s buy them by the case. I hate the damn things as I ate the for over 13 years in the Army. MRE’s are incredibly healthy and I found most Army soldiers brought along (pogie bait) just chock full of salt, fats and sugars.  Trust me these folks knew if the got fat they would lose everything and get discharged because they got fat.  One thing I hated in the Army was no margarine or butter in the field for bread. But how could a person make a good sandwich without butter, margarine or mayo/salad dressing in the field?  I hate both mayo and salad dressing but other folks like it.  No fresh coffee or hot water in the AM . The food service guys hated me for being the KP NCO but they had stoves fired up for boiling water in pots for cleaning pots and pans no reason they could not do it for the guys shaving each morning. Lazy bullshit, just getting by checking the block crap I have no patience with. You don’t need to be miserable! You will have to work a bit harder to make things the best you can do everyday. I got no kids, I was in the US Army were practicing misery was considered good training. You got your kids, your family and it’s up to you but aren’t they worth a 50 pound bag of rice? Perhaps yearning to make your own bread?  It’s only $20.00 a month now and you got time to learn.

Preppers  and most Survivalists have no particular need for a collapse to happen. Most of us would be quite happy going into our dotage and never have to use any skills we have learned. I would be quite happy to be notified  that all the crap I have been preparing for will never happen! My SSD and VA benefits are completely safe and will always be honored and never lose value due to inflation or currency devaluation!  China, Japan,  the EU and Saudi Arabia along with the rest of the world loves Treasury notes and the dollar as the reserve currency.

We have in the USA 16 trillion + in yearly debt and it’s getting a little kick of almost 1 trillion of additional debt. Our projected outlays of SS, SSI and SSD is well over 220 trillion dollars in the next 40 years. The derivatives, CDS and the shadow banking system is over 100 trillion dollars in bets and the Global GDP is around 50 trillion.  As far as I know we have no extra planetary systems to add value to these bets. No incredibly cheap or free energy source of food or fuel. The reset is coming and we aren’t special. You might keep your Obama phone but when there is no money to pay the carriers or the go out of business it’s nothing but a paper weight.  Hard times are a coming, get ready! If you don’t, that’s on you. I hope you got skills to trade.

3 Responses to How much do you need? I don’t know, how are you planning to survive next year?

  1. Spud says:

    Yes , yes I do have many skills ! Having been raised as a Mormon boy down in Buhl in the 50’s and 60’s self reliance was literally beaten into ones head !

    Had a place about 10 miles out of town in the foothills near Emmett for 17 yrs. we were totally self sufficient in the latter years and had the mortgage paid in full. Yet realized in a grid down situation with zero fuel, life would be nigh on bleak in Idaho. Keeping warm thru the winter combined with a short growing season made us realize that moving south might be more prudent. Not to say that it would be impossible to survive in the north country, but one had better have draft animals to procure heat and plow the fields.

    Lived aboard a sailboat for 7 yrs. here in Florida. Nice life but has it’s downfalls too. Mainly procuring fresh water and it’s somewhat difficult to grow a garden lol. Not to mention that after SHTF all ports of call will not be welcoming Americans, seems we’ve crapped on the rest of the world and are not well liked.

    We have now settled on the Woods and swamps of interior Floriduh to make our stand. Plenty of fresh water, three growing seasons and LOTS of wild game. Not to mention a plethora of wild edibles which allows one to survive without even growing a garden.
    The winters are survivable without heat and the summers are bearable…ya just gotta like sweating lol.
    All those millions of folks live on the coast and are terrified of the interior. They will all stay near the ocean and eat one another.

    Congrats on winning the contest over at Pete’s place !

    Spud, in exile….

  2. Jamie says:

    Spud, sounds like you have some great options. I can’t handle the humidity down south . I’ve lived in Idaho most of my life so I know what to expect between the snow up north and the cold winters in the southern part. There are advantages and disadvantages where ever you live so you have to do the best you can with what you got. I worry about people think they can move to Id. Wy. Mt and think that living will be in those states is the same as everywhere else. They seem to forget there is a reason these states have low populations.

    • Spud says:

      Of my 60 yrs. ,40 were spent all told in Idaho. So I know well the conditions lol. No doubt that new comers are in for a rude awakening , they really should read the history and know that the whole first set of pioneers died of starvation and cold. Like these yuppie survivalists are as hardy as the pioneers of old ? NOT !! And they had animals for beasts of burden.

      Actually one grows used to the humidity here. Izzy the Moose , the Wife and I are steadily carving out a nice hacienda. More soon to join our happy lil group.

      I’ve a nice cabin up near Pine, if ya’ll know that area. Don’t see me staying there lol. Got too used to sweating lol

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