Going to get coffee and wheat!

Nice little surprise coupon from Fred Meyer’s an additional 10% off all store branded products including food items.  I’ll getting a few  big cans  of coffee at $5.30 a can.  I did okay on my coffee during the huge jump in prices this last year, the most I paid for coffee was $7.00 when it was at it’s highest price and some stores had it for $12.00 a can.  The “pantry” help keep my  costs low.  Now that the price is coming down I want to stock up again.  If your cans are sealed and in a cool, dark and dry spot you can get about 2 years of storage time.  I figure coffee will be for me and not for barter, but this way I don’t have to pay such high costs if it goes up again!

I’m getting the wheat from the Beer lady. This is malted wheat for making beer but in a pinch I can eat it or use as animal feed or all of the above from one batch of beer. Making your own all grain beer makes your grains a multi-taker and I love multi- taskers! The Mead is still working away, it’s starting to get a bit of fizz similar to champagne.  I like how it is progressing even though it is a slow process. The taste is much more enjoyable than I had anticipated so I’ll start another small batch maybe kick up the alcohol content a little bit. From what I have read, mead is about a year long process. By starting now I’ll have a few bottles ready for Christmas in 2013 and it puts my Mr. Beer kegs to work.

I did a little research in to using the barrels from the beer lady to hold gasoline as the barrels where similar to some I saw on the internet. Not the same kind of barrels so that is a big  No Go!  Blowing myself up for any reason is contra-indicated in any situation and not worth saving a few dollars.  Looks like I’ll be adding the 55 gallon metal drums for storing fuel and they sell them at the local farm store.  I have a nice covered area outside the shop I’ll set up as my “fuel storage” and that will be as safe as possible!  Not bad news overall because this last barrel gives me the equivalent to 1 big barrel so other than adding the rain barrels and my “Ice house” experiment,  I’m ready on my stored water!

Picking up another Butane stove and a couple more of the crank flashlights from American Surplus and supply. Getting 6 ft.x 3/4 inch of Wick material from GLO fuel for $11.00 including shipping. That puts a big dent on some of the replacement items needed for the lanterns. Next year I’ll add the replacement wicks for the Kerosene stove and add more fuel as I can afford it.  So far the backup plan is Kerosene for lighting and propane for heating offers the best bang for the buck.

The turkey stock is freezing the turkey carcass has been stripped of all meat and I made a nice turkey rice soup. Saved a little of the turkey meat for a turkey noodle soup made with homemade egg noodles for the weekend. I didn’t have much in the way of leftovers just enough for everyone to have a care package to take home and make a meal.



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