The Apartment dwellers prepping list Part 5 Food

November 14, 2012

Store food you like to eat and learn to store it safely.  Some ideas to keep in mind is it must be something you can cook/heat or eat cold.  Using the 10 gallon tupperware bins are great for storing whatever foods you pick for storage. If you like peanut butter and jelly get some. Crackers can take the place of bread an extra box should not break your budget.  Quite a lot of fruits, veggies and eggs can be stored outside the fridge. Some deli meats and jerky are shelf stable and add variety to your meals.

Canned soups and veggies along with pasta rice and sauces can be  easy to boil or heat and eat.  Add some tang, coffee, tea, bullion and using just the little Sterno stoves you can have something warm to drink and warm food to eat with very little work.  Spices and herbs for seasoning can change a simple little meal as well as adding in a few vitamins you can stay healthy and keep your immune system as strong as possible.

Or you can have a camp cooler full of  shelf stable food you like and in an emergency it can be a backup if you get ice.  If the power is going to be out for more than a day you start eating the food out of your refrigerator but keep it shut as much as possible so it stays cold. If it’s under 40 Degrees F. you can store your food outside.  Next got to work eating the food in your freezer and if it is below 20 degrees F. you can have your frozen goods outside and add a few water bottles outside to freeze over night that can stretch how long your food stays cold and frozen. If you can run a generator safely only run it 2 hours twice a day for the fridge and freezer. That should keep everything cold and stretch your fuel supply.

Get a pressure cooker and learn to cook with it. It’s amazing how fast they  cook. Dried Beans can be cooked in an hour instead of 4-5 hours. Now this way of cooking needs to be practiced but as far as saving time and energy the pressure cooker is a great addition to you kitchen  and they cost a lot less than a pressure canner!

Some tools I recommend is a good quality can opener and 1 for backup.  Tinfoil  is cheap and  can make a little pan and then throw it away to save water on cleanup. Have a couple of wash tubs for dishes and plates and use the water to flush your toilet. If trash pickup is slow,  keep “construction grade” trash bags on hand, They are more expensive but hold a lot of trash and are very strong. The bags are a big help for when you are cleaning up after the storm.  If you have to evacuate put the food from the fridge and freezer in the bags it will help doing the cleanup when you get back home if the power gets turned off.

You know yourself and your family much better than I do but I can tell you eating foods you like and are able to cook easily will help make you feel more in contol. This is a great time to buy those little fun size candy bars and have them stashed away or baked goods items for making breads, cakes and pies are on sale. Have those things on hand for a treat or morale booster. Heck graham crackers, a hershey bar and a marshmallow roasted over the canned heat stove might be a great treat at the end of the day.

The Apartment dwellers prepping list Part 4 First Aid

November 13, 2012

911 put’s you on hold and EMS ain’t coming. Guess what you are on your own as hospitals are overwhelmed and it’s up to you to do the best you can with what you have on hand.  Most injuries will be minor a bandage, perhaps some gauze or tape will take care of them once you clean the area. You might have to splint a broken bone or support a person who is sick with some OTC meds.

This post isn’t about you becoming a doctor, nurse or an EMT. With some supplies and some First aid training you can do quite a bit to help the healing process.  Get a good stockpile of bandages, gauze, tape and wraps. You will be able to stop any bleeding and treat small cuts and scratches to keep all infection to a min. The wraps can support joint when strained or used along with a splint for broken bones. Masks and gloves are critical to protect you and the patient from any additional infection. Very cheap to get at dollar stores and they don’t take up much space.

I love dollar stores for all OTC meds, vitamins and minerals. You can buy heat rubs, patches and chemical heat as well as cold packs.  Sprain? just pop one of those chemical ice packs to reduce the swelling.  I don’t know what your family may need but at dollar stores you can get most OTC meds for everything to treat aches in pains to and upset stomach. Flu and cold items along with allergy sufferers.

This isn’t about teaching you first aid though the SAS survival guide is a great book to have on hand and the US Army has a it’s first aid manual as a free download. “When there is no Doctor” and Dentist is also a free or cheap download via kindle will give you an idea about what you will need for some basic first aid items to have on hand as well as items for supporting an ill person. In a disaster assume all hospitals will be overwhelmed. Have some basic medical supplies to take care of cuts, aches and pains and even minor fractures. Colds, the effects of a change of diet or someone drinking bad water.  Support them with care and treat the symptoms.

Some basic items to have on hand:

  1. Aspirin or Tylenol for aches pains and reducing fevers.
  2. Pepto-Bismal and Imodium for stomach upset and treating diarrhea.
  3. Cough syrups and cold medicine
  4. Benedryl helps with allergic reactions and can be a sleep aid
  5. Beta-dine and neo-sporin for treating minor cuts and abrasions
  6. Clove oil and or Oragel for tooth pain.
  7. Gatorade and Pedi-lyte for a sick person and or child to replace electrolytes. You can also make your own!

The best way to go is to keep yourself healthy and prevent getting sick or hurt in the first place.  Take a first aid class to add to your skills and take your time doing stuff. When you don’t have electricity you work physically a lot harder so be aware that you will be using your muscles in a new way and will be sore. Be proactive treating the minor things and get as much rest as possible.  Eat and drink plenty of water and keep you life as normal as possible to reduce stress.

The Apartment dwellers prepping list Part 3 Sanitation Sewage down more than 3 days get out!

November 12, 2012

I could not believe reading that some people started crapping in the hallways because the toilets were not working in some apartments hi-rises.  Then again I thought OWS showed how filthy people can be when they don’t understand what sanitation means when they don’t have a clue of living without all the modern things we take for granted. I’m sure many people simply dumped body waste into storm drains. In my city the storm drains run into the river with very little treatment.  I know of a several people who think that they will just get water from the local creek or river in a disaster. Heck the weight of carrying a couple of 5 gallon buckets  any distance for about 1-2 days of water should stop them if they tried to do it in real life.  I mean carrying 80 pounds of sloshing water is darn difficult in the best of times. If they have no gas for the car I wonder exactly how far they would get from the river with those full buckets?

Make a poo bucket, many home improvement stores sell 5 gallon buckets for mixing up paint, cement etc.  for under $5.00.  While you are at the store get some Construction Grade trash bags 4-6 mil thick, some wood shavings or straw bedding that you buy for hamsters or other pet rodents and a poo bucket seat and  lid for the bucket from a prepping site like Emergency Essentials. For under $40.00 you have a nice little porta-potty you can set up quickly in a disaster. Place the trash bag in the bucket after you do your business toss a hand full of the shavings or straw in the bucket. When the bag gets half full switch it out and take the used bag to your trash collection point and mark it with some kind of label.  If the emergency goes on longer than a couple of bags full you need to get out of the city as disease will become rampant.  Wash your hand with hand sanitizer if water is not available or in short supply.

Buy extra toilet paper on sale, I mean you will  need it for the rest of your life so stock up when sales happen and your storage space and paycheck will allow.  Don’t throw away all those phone books and yellow pages you get, they are a substitute for toilet paper in your poo bucket and shredded could take the place of the wood shavings! Store about 1 roll of Toilet paper per person per week and hand sanitizer in your poo bucket until you need to use it.  Add baby wipes when you find them on sale and your extra feminine hygiene products.

Washing clothes. One of the best and cheapest ways to go is a janitor’s mop bucket with a wringer and a plunger. The mop bucket can be bought for about $30.00 at a supply store like Cash &  Carry. If you already have a wash board remember put your soap on the board not on the clothes. Add one of those indoor drying racks for sweaters and you can do small loads of laundry without electricity. These things are multi taskers as a rolling bucket full of water will save your energy and the drying racks are great for drying homemade pasta.

Cleaning supplies:  Bleach,  vinegar, baking soda, Borax and Ivory soap will clean about 90% of your home. Bleach is a sanitizer for food production and cleaning sick rooms.  Ivory soap is great as it is usually cheap and if you shave off soap chip and let them dry over night they make a good laundry soap. 6% bleach will treat your water and in a spray bottle of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water will sanitize any hard surface. All of these items could be stored in you mop/laundry bucket and if you are interested you can make your own cleaning supplies. Vinegar can clean windows, remove hard water stains and lime scale. Vinegar is rich in vitamin C and can pickle foods add flavor to all kinds of food.  Baking soda will absorb odors and will work like Ajax for scrubbing in the kitchen and bathroom but it won’t scratch up the material. Baking soda is great for smothering grease fires and you can make baking powder adding in a bit of Cream of Tarter for quick breads.   You can make your own cleaning supplies cheap just google it!  You can use news paper in place of paper towels for everything from cleaning windows to draining deep fried foods. It might take less space to store newspaper compare to paper towels.

One item I found useful was those insulated drinking jugs or thermoses. If you have to heat or boil your water doing it one time in the evening will warm your place up before going to bed, you can make your coffee and store it overnight and it will be hot in the morning.  I can’t tell you what a morale booster it is to have warm or hot water to wash up with in the morning. Just place some hot water in the jug/thermos for about 15 minutes to prime it, dump the warm water in a tub for a quick cleanup and then fill the jug/thermos full of what you want to keep hot. I found most will keep the water warm for 18-24 hours depending on how well insulated they are.

You have to be very proactive to keep clean as best you can with whatever you have stored.  Medical type gloves are very cheap to buy, are great for normal living and can save water via hand washing. Easy to strip off the gloves after doing a cleanup job and your hands stay some what clean.  Hand sanitizer are cheap most require no water and while the don’t make your hands clean looking they will ward off those bugs that cause disease. Staying clean, and drinking safe water is the first line of defense on staying healthy and that brings us to first aid.

The Apartment dwellers prepping list Part 2 Water

November 11, 2012

Safe water is critical and I know I took tap water for granted before I did my 5 day no “tap water test”

But within a few hours of no water you body will start to shut down. You might get a terrible dehydration headache and your body will have a heck of time moderating your core temperature so you will be chilled  in cold weather or face heat stroke in hot weather.  Unsafe water can lead to diarrhea/dysentery and you will lose fluids even faster.

The consensus  for the amount of water to store is 1 gallon per person per day.  I think 3-5 gallons,  is a more realistic amount if you want to keep your plumbing going and maintain good health.  As Sandy has shown things may not get fixed in 3 days. I would not be surprised that many of the sewage problems could be people not flushing because they have little or no water and they don’t have a backup potty system.  3-5 gallons sounds like a lot of water and it is a lot, but the average person uses about 80-100 gallons per day according the the USGS.  Using the 5 gallons a day is about 5% of what a normal daily use.  You can imagine trying to live on 5% food or heat and many other items in a disaster. WE do waste a lot of water daily because it is always available,  but if you have to carry it, and heat it every time you will start conserving. I know after trying to get by with a gallon a day,  3-5 gallons feels absolutely decadent.

The cheapest way I know to build up water storage is soda bottles.  I started this way using 2-3 liter pop bottles. Every 4 bottles is just over a gallon and give them a good cleaning and filled with tap water this is a cheap way to start your water storage. The bottles are easy to move especially for  disabled  or elderly to use compared to bigger water storage containers. The biggest draw back is these bottles use a lot of floor space so they are not ideal for an apartment dweller.  Remember water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon so a 5 gallon jug is around 40 pounds maybe to heavy for a person to move easily and that’s only one day’s worth of stored water for one person by my standards!

If you are buying bottled water by the case in 16 oz. bottles. Each case is about 3 gallons total so keep that in mind if you decide that is how you want to store water. It’s a more expensive but you can make the choice.  Based on my calculations for 3 days and figuring 3 gallons per day you will need 9 cases per family member. So bottled water will take up a lot of floor space.

Water barrels seem to be the best compromise of cost and the use of floor space. While a 50-60 gallon barrel (400 pounds)  could be to big.  I like the 15 gallon food safe barrels that hold 15 gallons (120 pounds) 14 inches across by 25 inches high and can fit in a closet easily. I got mine used for $25.00 each and you will need a little siphon hose to draw the water but I think they are super for water storage in a small space.  Each family member could have one stashed in the closet and have water for 3-5 days based on what I think you need or for 2 weeks based on a gallon a day.  There is a newer product being sold at some sites that is a interlock cube that holds 3 gallons each. I have not used these cubes but they look like a great compromise of weight, floor space and water stored. They also a bit more expensive than the methods I have used. So check out the internet and find a way that you can have your water storage without killing your budget or taking up all your floor space.  Don’t forget you can store a lot of items under beds. Maybe you can get by on a gallon a day of water but having extra safe water stored will not hurt you.  I’ve done a my test and I was in the Army and being able to have my coffee first thing in the morning and doing my cleanup with warm water instead of cold was a huge morale booster.  Some people claim to love cleaning up with cold water, but not me. I never found I needed to practice being miserable. Misery happens enough all on it’s own and never requires practice.

Now that you have a few days of safe water to drink you need to be able to make more safe water. Perhaps you have tap water but there is a boil order to make it safe . You can use a water filter like the big Berkey filter or 6% bleach and iodine will also kill most pathogen in water. This will save your fuel for heating and cooking and not for just boiling water to drink.  Never trust any open water source, take the time and treat it or you may deal with dysentery/diarrhea and a host of little bugs that can make you miserable at best and kill you at worse.

That brings us around to the next thing of what to do with the waste from eating and drinking if the sewage system stops working and the trash trucks ain’t coming.

The Apartment dwellers prepping list Part 1 Shelter

November 10, 2012

Sandy exposed how vulnerable hi-rise apartment dwellers are to a loss of basic services.  It’s all but impossible to store any gasoline without putting yourself at risk of a fire. Space is also a big factor on how much you can store but there are a lot of products that are inexpensive and take up very little space that you can use to bug in your apartment.

A huge thing that takes no space or money is get to know your neighbors.  A least know the good and bad folks around you, names  and who seem basically good and who you can’t trust.  Know the people around you and which group they belong too.

The next thing on your list should be shelter. This starts with your socks on up to the four walls that protect you from the elements. Have at least three days of clean clothes that are based on the season and your enviroment. Sweatshirts and pants are great for layering in the winter and you can get a few sets very cheap. T-shirts and shorts are good for any summer power outages and help you stay cool. I like having three sets of  each item, that let’s you have one set dirty, one set clean and one set you are wearing. Plus that gets you through the first 3 days so you can adjust if your little disaster lasts longer without worrying about clean clothes.

Buy wool and cotton to start for all clothes. You can add those fancy fabrics like Goretex after you have the basics.  A good rain suit and rubber boots will help keep you dry and work great at protecting you from the wind stealing heat away from your body. Hats and gloves finish up your little outfit.

Have a pop up dome tent or a couple of them.  If your apartment is safe to stay in you can set up these little tents to conserve heat. Or build a blanket/pillow fort with your kids along with extra blankets or sleeping bags and you can sleep toasty warm even if the power is off. Store the bags and blankets in Space saver bags to save room.  You can get sleeping bags  starting around $25.00 each for a light weight one to start and add layers of blankets as needed.  These tents start about $30.00 for a 2-man version and a 4-6 man version can be had for under $100. 00. Remember smaller is better for retaining heat and you want something easy to put up.  Have some tarps or even plastic along with duct tape to temporarily cover broken windows and keep out the elements or to close off one main room to retain heat.   A hammer, hatchet or axe , heavy duty stapler and nails can make it easier to get those repairs done quickly.

Lighting: The new LED type flashlights are very good and you can get them for about $2.00 each. I have had one for over 4 years and I’ve changed the batteries only one time. I also have some flashlights that clip onto the brim of a ballcap, very nice to have as both of your hands are free to work. You can also buy some windup flashlights that will help your battery powered lights last longer and I got a nice one online that can power up a cell via a 5 volt dc plug and an adapter for the phone.

Propane for heating and cooking.  Propane camp stoves and grills are great for meals and storing the one pound tanks is relatively safe and while the stoves will heat the food or water the should not be left unattended or on to heat the home as they will eat up the oxygen. Never use a charcoal grill  indoors always cook with it outside.  If you want a good little propane heater I recommend the Mr. Buddy type because the have many safety features for indoor use.  Never use the heaters while you sleep, #1 you don’t need to die after making it through the storm. #2 you need to conserve you fuel. Figure about 2-3 pounds of propane per day for heating and cooking should keep the edge off the cold. I know I did a test of the medium size Mr. Buddy heater and a 1 pound tank would last about 6 hours and heated about 600 square feet of a well insulated house up to 60-65 degrees when it was 18 degrees out side.

Butane for cooking. You may have seen the 1 burner butane stoves on the Food Network or at a restaurant. They are small and cost around $15.00-25.00 and the cans of fuel are smaller than the propane bottles though I haven’t tested them to see how long they will last for normal cooking. Butane might stay stocked longer than propane and easier to get started with for a person with limited space.

Sterno stoves.  Sterno makes a little stove that runs on the canned heat you see used to keep food hot at banquets and buffets.  The little  stove can heat a quart of water to boiling in about 10 minutes in a small covered pan or my 25 oz. aluminum water bottle.  You probably aren’t going to cook a large meal with these stoves but they can boil water for tea, coffee, ramen noodles and canned soups.  The little stove will fold flat and fit in a shoe box and the cost is about $6.00 and the canned heat is $1.00-$2.00 a can and each can will last about 90 minutes.

All of the stoves and heaters can be used for camping, or picnics/BBQ and tailgate parties. They don’t have to collect dust you can use them in your daily life and have an awesome little mobile cooking set up.  Add a multi- purpose fire extinguisher and a big box of baking soda for fire suppression and you have a good start for staying warm, cooking meals and heating water.

The Aftermath

November 8, 2012

The American people have spoken and I don’t care to much what is being said.  It seems Big Nanny Government is what most of the voting public wants and are not so into freedom and self-reliance.  Sure didn’t take long for the talk of gun-control, more taxes and regulation to get started.  Many layoffs and reduction in work hours to get under the Obamacare mandates are being announced.  Investors on Wall St. don’t seem to happy, the  Dow lost over 400 points in just 2 days. Even McDonald’s is losing sales! The Dollar menu is getting to costly for people.

I didn’t think voting for Mitt would save this country. I just thought he might slow the collapse down and give a bit more time to prepare. It looks like time to get ready got a lot shorter so it’s time to prioritize and get your most critical needs first.  If food is one of you needs it’s a great time to stock up on staples for baking. Meat prices are still okay and I’ve been getting some good deals on cheese and butter. Coffee has come down in price . While gas is still high,  I think Sandy has shown us having a couple of gas cans full of fuel on hand at all times is a great idea.

Nothing has changed all that much except all of the progressives pet projects are full steam ahead instead of trying to sneak things by the public. Debt will pile up, inflation will go higher, jobs will get cut or just go away and more people will go on the Dole because working for a living is for chumps or nearly impossible just to break even!  Invest in yourself, learn skills, cooking from scratch and growing a garden will help you save money even if you can’t be completely self-sufficient. Start getting the tools to produce something you need or you can trade/barter. Baking, sewing, knitting offer some cheap ways to start.  Start thinking on how you can add value to to basic items . A solar battery  charger could be a great little money maker and you can buy one for about $30.00.  Or preserving food that’s safe without refrigeration. That’s a couple of things that take skill, the right tools, time and add a lot of value.

I’m practicing with my mead and beer on adding value. I can trade some finished mead or beer to someone who provide the barley,wheat or honey. Next year I want to learn how to save yeast from the fermentation process and I can barter that for making more beer and mead or bread. That’s only one example of what I’m going to learn and practice next year.  Since I started making all-grain beer I am drying the leftover grains for my Mom’s chickens and I get eggs.  I froze some of the grain but Mom says the dried grains work best for her for ease mixing it along with the laying mash.

If you have been preparing or want to start you need to think outside of the box.  We have had many storms and disasters and we have seen just how well the Government works in dealing with them. Do a walk-through on how you would deal with not having power for 10 days or all gas pumps are either empty or have no power. Cell phone tower are destroyed or your phone, tablet and laptop run out of juice.  Your learning process is Crawl, Walk, Run.

  1. Crawl:  Identify what you need to do and gather all the items and skills you need to accomplish that one task
  2. Walk:  Start practicing and don’t worry about mistakes, that’s how you learn.
  3. Run: You got this one task and you have practiced so much you almost don’t have to think about it.  You know it so well your body and mind simply do it without thinking.  Just like your drive to work. I don’t know about you but I often backtrack a bit when I want to change my routine drive to walk with my Mom. My body and mind are so ingrained with I take this street here, I turn left there,  that I’m often at the mall where we walk that when I park I remember I wanted to stop at the bank to cash a check and I realize what I have done.

I don’t want you to freak out or think you need to get everything you may need for the next five years.  Keep working your plan and accept things will probably cost more next year.  I know I still have to prioritize what I spend and I tend to do best when I have 1 or 2 specific goals I want to accomplish each shopping list.  Be your own Santa Claus, make your list and check it twice. Do your best and hope I’m completely wrong of the economic collapse while you build the greatest camping/tailgaiting setup you can afford!

All finished shopping except for the turkey

November 6, 2012

Got the big bag of dog food for the critters and Mom dropped off some stuff for the idiot children bins.  Checked on the price for 5 gallons of kerosene $36.00 with Mom’s senior discount so that will be going on the list for the next check.  Found a site that sells wicks in 6 & 8 foot rolls here in Idaho for under $8.00 a roll.  So that will be added to the next shopping list. I figure  eight feet of wick material should be good for several months of lighting.  I also get to support an Idaho business which is awesome!

I ordered a couple more of the windup flash lights from American Science & Surplus. These are the rectangular 5 LED with a 5 volt DC charging adapter. I think the little notebook solar panel is okay to buy.  But I think of it as a backup battery pack rather than a solar charger. I also ordered the Butane stove that folds up into a 3 1/2 inch cube for the Bugout Trike bin. Total cost with shipping $32.80 and will add another fuel option as well as a little stove that can be used for Bugging out via trike or Mini-van.  My main BOV is still my RV but it never hurts to have backup plans B and C,  in case the RV doesn’t work for some reason.  I’ll be adding pictures and why I think and item is important.

I’m also working on a series of post for the prepper in an Apartment where space might be limited. My trike bin a few small buckets and other preps should work for anyone with limited space and cover the basics over 3 weeks for a family of 4.  Of course I will be working on a version that will get the most bang for the buck along with a small footprint for storage.  I think it might work out to be a great for a BOV,  if you can’t store what you need in the trunk at all times.  Tossing a couple of prepackage bins and or buckets at the last minute should enable you to get away in under an hour.

Hit a couple of shops for some ammo for Sasha and 2 of my favorites were completely out of 7.62×39.  I haven’t had the SKS very long but I was a little surprised the stores were out. Instead I got another magazine for the 40 caliber Hi-point and a couple of silver dimes.  Those items were doing some economic voting and then I voted for Mittens for what it was worth!

I had planned on boycotting the vote as I don’t really care for Mitt and despise Obama. Voting for a lesser of two evils is still voting for evil in my book.  But as I said in the previous post I don’t like being threatened in anyway shape or form! I also don’t like someone telling I must vote a certain way because I “belong” in a certain group of people based on my income,  sex or religion.

So I guess I was a responsible  adult for the day. Darnit!!!

Buy a Gun Day and Thank you progressive idiots you gave me a reason to vote for Mitt!

November 4, 2012

As passed by the Congress:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Not a damn thing about hunting or what kind of Arms (Militia would seem to suggest Battle rifles and pistols at a minimum). You also notice it does not say this right is only for people who make up the Militia:

1. An army composed of ordinary citizens rather than professional soldiers The People
2. A military force that is not part of a regular army and is subject to call for service in an emergency. The National Guard or the Reserves  does not constitutes a true Militia as they can be activated by The United States government and are Subject to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice)
3. The whole body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service. Conscripts/Draftees  become Soldiers and areSubject to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).
So while you are out on November 6th and voting. Exercise you 2nd Amendment rights regardless of who you vote for as we can tell the PTBs the WE THE PEOPLE are the true rulers of this country!
If you can’t afford a gun, buy ammo, buy any kind of gun related article you can and send a message to the PTBs!
Here are some suggestions from III Arms

The 1911

The 1911

III Arms

III Arms: Made By Patriots- Made For Patriots

For all you progressives who have tried to convince me to vote  the “correct” way and have used fear, lies, intimidation, threats of riots and murder. You just got Mitt Romney a vote from me that he did not have a couple of weeks ago.  If you look at what I have said above , I think you can guess exactly how a might respond to being threatened!

Smallest COLA increase for Social Security and Vets since 1975

November 2, 2012

Well except for those 2 years for 0% COLA for SS and disabled vets a year ago! Becasue inflation in the USA is only about 1% a year according the Ben Bernanke.  Huzzah because I was kind of concerned how to pay for food and gas next year but I’ll be getting a whole $12.00 extra month to handle $4.00 a gallon gas and $3.00 a pound hamburger.

Of course the mandatory Medicare part B payment will also be going up $7.00 a month to help with Obamacare and that $716 million moved from the Medicare account to Obamacare account and Obamacare doesn’t even kick in till 2014. This working out great and I was foolishly worried about the economy. I might be able to afford a pound of hamburger next year or a gallon of gas each month.

As you can tell I’m not a big fan of the PTBs and the stuff they expect me to believe. I know we have a huge problem with all of the debt the US government has already and it’s only getting worse. I would prefer to be told the truth and not have these idiots “cook the books” to make things look better on paper and as a media headline. Just hoping that folks will believe in the PTBs  little longer and not see what’s happening to each person’s check and budget.

I am in pretty good shape to absorb the costs of food and fuel. I don’t drive to  a job though I drive about 5-6 miles  per day five days a week to go walk with my Mom.  I live where I can ride my trike to go shopping as most of the stores are within a mile of my house.  I don’t get food stamps, an Obamaphone or other assistance, so I do budget and shop like most folks paying cash. No I’m not knocking people getting food stamps, just saying our buying power is close to the same. Thank God I woke up 3 years ago and now I have most everything I need for several months, I can shop the loss leaders at the store.  I can make most of my food from scratch, buy in bulk and store or preserve it safely.

But most folks in the west do have to drive to get to work and do the shopping and $4.00-5.00 for a gallon of gas and $3.00 for a pound hamburger, it adds up fast for a middle class family trying to keep food on the table.  You add in Coal fired electric plants going offline and aging nuke plants that need repair or replacement. You will have rising electricity costs just in time for winter.  Times are going to get a lot harder in making ends meet for a lot of people in the coming months.

I’m pleading with you to get as much food as you can for the next couple months as the ranchers cull herds and before food costs hit the grocery store shelves hard. Time is short but you do have a month or two to get as much as you can to be ready for 2013. Get flour or grain and start cooking with it,  a 50 pound bag of flour is around $15.00 and it can make a loaf  of bread a week for 8 months.  Rice harvests look pretty good so prices for bulk rice should stay about the same and White rice can last for 25 years stored properly and $20.00 for a 50 pound bag of rice will give you about 500 4 oz. servings that’s enough for 2 servings a day for 2 months for a family of four.  Beans are getting expensive but still can be had for under a $1.00 a pound in bulk and have about 10 servings average per pound.  Buy oatmeal for a cheap breakfast and get a couple of months worth of the basics of salt, spices, sugar, yeast, baking powder and oil.  Get some seeds and start small pots of herbs in a sunny window.

Check out my Start Here page  and start getting those basics that will buy you some time, save you some money and avoid panic because you know you have food in the pantry.  Over 6-8 weeks you can do this for $15.00-$20.00 per week added to your shopping lists.

I know it’s tough but food prices are going up a lot next year and having a month or two of food stored  will help you get by as power and fuel costs go higher.  You won’t have to make the choice of food or heat this winter I hope!

Winter’s coming!

Some bad language coming up on prepping

November 1, 2012

WTF is wrong with you people?  You did not buy food though I said that Sandy could turn nasty, NOAA said SANDY would turn nasty.  Just about everything from the Mississippi East could turn nasty from 3 foot of snow in the mountains to a 15 foot storm surge or higher hitting the coast and what did you do?  Hell, I warned folks on the 24th that they should get ready and test some preps.  I ain’t donating to stupid people and that is what you are, and it’s time for you to get out of the gene pool. Honest citizens are left at the mercy of thugs because they are not allowed to have a gun as that gives the Leftists running NYC a case of the vapors.  Bloomberg is more worried about a R congress critter getting elected in FLA. and had to be shamed into ordering an Evac of Zone A via the right wing blogs.

What is your major malfunction?  For about $125. 00 (My shopping list) you can have real food that will feed a family of 4 for 6 weeks + A single person for about 6 months.  What don’t you get,  what don’t you understand?  12 gallons of Kerosene will light 1 lamp over 5 hours per day for a year.  12 gallons =-12 months. Math seems simple to me and it can be bought for about $100.00-$120.00.

I don’t care what Bloomie does. If he thinks 17 oz of soda, a bit of lard or salt is the biggest challenges NYC faces that’s on him. You voted for the SOB that’s on you.  Stop looking for a handout when you are morons and stop electing some kumbayah politicians when you feel guilt. Buy a fucking dog that adores you a cat that ignores you and move on with your life.

REALITY CHECK you got no food, water, heat, sanitation or security.  So what are you going to do next payday Sparky?  Will you piss, bitch and moan or will you take control of your life?  We crazy preppers will help you. I don’t know about the other preppers but I suspect most of us like a challenge. I make beer, bread and mead.  I’m learning herbs and growing food in buckets. I’ve learned to spin and working on the knitting thing.

I know preparing is not easy, simple or cheap. But it may be a lot easier than you imagine or dreamed it could be.