Trying out the Wort Chiller and E-cigarettes

I love it!  In just 14 minutes it dropped the temp from180 degrees F. to 80 degrees.  I only moved the pot about 4 feet and I didn’t have to carry it to the bath tub to cool!  I didn’t know how much time I wasted waiting for the Wort to cool until I didn’t have to wait on it and keep checking it. That doesn’t count carrying it into the bathroom. It almost feels like I cheated because it was so easy.

The wort chiller cost $52.00 from my local beer lady. While you don’t have to have one when you begin brewing,  I really think it is a huge time and physical energy saver.  You can start with a small and low cost with your first brewing set up and add to it as you can afford it. I think this could also chill a large pot of food before freezing and keep your fridge or freezer work so hard to cool it down, but I haven’t tried that out yet!

I got an Express starter kit of the Encore electronic cigarette. It comes with a battery, 2 nicotine cartridges and a USB charger for the battery.  Yes I know all about the dangers of smoking and how it’s a terrible thing for a prepper to be addicted and all that,  but I don’t like the PTBs telling me what I can do and trying to force me to abide by what they deem is acceptable. So I have been rolling my own smokes since the big tax hike using a mild pipe tobacco, papers and filters. One pound of the mild pipe tobacco is $19.39 as the equivalent of about 2 cartons of cigarettes. Add in 4 bags 200 count filter plugs $ 6.75 and 8 packages of 100 count papers for $6.80 , I have enough smokes for over 3 weeks for about $33.00.  Quite a few non-smokers find my cigarettes much less irritating compared to regular cigarettes. Though I always try to be polite when smoking I will smoke in my own house!

Anyway back to the electronic cigarette the Encore express kit cost $20.00 and each “cartridge” is supposed to be equal to 2 packs of regular cigarettes and you can buy a 5 cartridge pack for about $20.00 and they come in varying levels of nicotine from 24 mg down to 0 mg for folks that are trying to quit,  also in different flavors if that is your thing.  The reason I’m testing these e-cigarettes out is they have come down a lot in price and can fit in my budget now.  If you want to continue smoking these will be great to add to a BOB as they take up very little space compared to cigarettes.  If they are correct on how long the cartridges last a 5 pack of cartridges, the charger  and the battery would take about the same space as 1 pack of cigarettes. Cigarette smoke is very pungent and will give you away. Even though I’m a smoker I can smell cigarette smoke from quite a distance. That could be a very bad thing if you need to stay hidden or keep a low profile!  If you are low on cigarettes or think you might run out you might take a chance on going to the store during the last minute panic at put yourself at incredible risk to support your habit. Last but not least I want to try these out at some of the non-smoking places I go to and see how they react to me using it as there is no smoke at all involved though the vapor can curl out and look a little like smoke!

First impressions. I don’t think it tastes like cigarettes but as I say I’ve been rolling my own “pipe tobacco” for a long time so I may not be the best judge of flavor. It’s not unpleasant just not the same.  I got the 16 mg to try out as kind of a middle ground test and it can feel a little harsh inhaling if I try to pull a lot of “vapor” into my lungs. the 11 mg. version might be better for me for the next purchase.  It’s very strange to not use an ashtray or light it up.  It’s  a lot heavier of course compared to a cigarette and smoking tends to be a physical and psychological addiction that might make a difference to people.  Quite few people are using these to quit smoking by working down to the 0 mg. level, so if you are trying to quit this might be an option for you and probably cheaper than the patches, gums and some of the drugs the doctors offer you.

I’m certainly not going to tell you what you should do with your life but these e-cigs could save you money compared to buying smokes by the carton. They will take up a lot less space for storage in any BOB compared to regular smokes and if you are trying to quit and are not having any luck with that these might let you ween yourself away from smoking and cost a lot less while you are doing it!


4 Responses to Trying out the Wort Chiller and E-cigarettes

  1. Spud says:

    Been using them for quite a while now. The key is to find a flavor that you like. I use the Ego brand 510 cartomizers, which are refilled as they run dry. Keeping the whole system wet is key to a better smoke. If it gets dry (as in the juice gets depleted) the vapor gets harsher. Supposedly these things are even a good thing for your health. All I know is that I don’t smell like an ashtray any more and it’s much cheaper.
    Same goal, quitting in the end is best for prepping. Gonna be enuff stress without having the cravings too.

    • Jamie says:

      Spud. At least not as unhealthy that’s for sure. I figure i’d try them out and see how it goes since the cost is about the same. I figure it’s just another thing to try out for self-reliance.
      Good luck with your quitting

  2. I’ve tried the E-Cigarette. I thought it would help me quit. I’m still smoking. They don’t taste like regular store bought cigs either. I smoke menthols and have tried a few different brands. Nothing tastes like the cigs I smoke, but it isn’t horribly bad, just different.
    Here is the things I noticed about the e-cig. I think you actually smoke more than a regular cigarette. A regular one, you smoke down to the filter and you’re done. There is no filter, no ding telling you you’ve made it to how ever many puffs they thing a regular one should last. I’ll go out with my kindle, have a cigarette, and come back in when I’m finished. With the e-cigs I’d get lost in a book and stay out way longer then one regular cig. Also I’d think, oh I can smoke inside now. Just hit it a few puffs and go back to work instead of taking a break to go outside. I’m sure I ended up “puffing” way more than I would have if I stopped and went out. I found I missed the feel of dragging the smoke into my lungs that I didn’t get with the e-cig and would pull in more and more. Anyways, my two cents worth.

    • Jamie says:

      Everstuff: Still early days for me and I’m not really trying to quit, but I can see what you mean. I’m trying them out as more of another option for when you can’t have the smell of smoke and to tweak some of the nanny state crowd.

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