Totally scored on fuel today! Finishing up the shopping list.

As you know I’m trying to improve on my stored fuel of all types.  Last check it was adding Kerosene for lighting and before that it was getting a tank of propane for the Buddy heater and propane stove. Well today it was gas and I wanted to store real non-ethanol gas so I headed out to a little country store/gas station that had real gas and it was 14 cents a gallon cheaper than in town!

So I filled up the Kia, I’m not sure how she will react getting to drink the “good stuff”,  plus  another  couple of the gas cans for storage. The store also offers propane tanks cheaper than in town so I know where I will be doing most of my fuel shopping from here on out.  I’m so excited that I can start filling up the RV’s gas tanks with real gas at this price.  I really want to do a little traveling and camping this year and if the world doesn’t blowup and gas price keep coming down I should be able to manage at least a couple of trips in 2013.

Fuel is going to be one of my goals next year,  especially after watching the fuel lines after Sandy.  I think it shows how critical having extra fuel safely stored will be for at least any short term disaster. My Kia mini-van will make a great taxi/shopping vehicle if we have to downsize to one car and ration fuel. It will be the most economical as a people mover of all the family vehicles per gallon of gas.

Picked up some pedilyte, Zinc oxide for any sick kids or skin irritations and some nice Pork rib end roasts for the freezer. Wed. I’ll  get some t-shirts that are on sale and a 5 rolls of nickles before the PTBs start debasing the metals and nickels become collectables like the pre 64 coins.

All in all it looks like 2012 is going to be a super year for me getting all my prepping goals done and then some.


2 Responses to Totally scored on fuel today! Finishing up the shopping list.

  1. Good for you, there never seems to be enough time does it? I hope we never have a time when TSHTF but if we do I hope we at least have a couple of more years, I’m not ready!

  2. Jamie says:

    double h: I’ve been working at it for about 4 years total from just starting out getting 14 days worth to over a years worth of stuff and while now I feel confident in my preps becoming self reliant is leading me to doing all kinds of fun and new ways of doing stuff.

    I don’t feel quite so stressed now that I think of what I’m doing as a journey to a new way of life instead of just meeting a quota of getting supplies.

    I think I’m ready for most anything, but I know I will never be finished because one thing always seems to lead to a new thing to learn or practice doing.

    But if you need to read about me not feeling ready and a little paniced go back to fall of 2011 of this blog. It might help you to know you are alone in that feeling. I think most everyone who preps feels like that at times. That’s a big reason I started the yearly goals so I could see the progress I have made and give me a focus instead of just blasting off all over the place.

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