Thinking of taking over the Idaho PATCON for Miss Violet

If you have been following Miss Violet at Traditional Skills she has had a surgery and health issues as well as everyday life taking up all of her time and she won’t be able to host the Idaho PATCON.

I’m looking into  the Idaho Patcon and see if I can manage it. I got a couple campgrounds nearby that are nice and finding place to kill a few cans or targets won’t be a problem. We would have to move it to SW Idaho for me to manage but we got some great historical museums, a local brewery, lots of wineries and some good fishing. Birds of Prey wildlife refuge and Deer Flat wildlife refuge if you like see all kinds of critters. Oh and Givens hot springs is close by for relaxing after the drive.  SW Idaho’s weather darn nice from May through October and not much chance of snow like up north but it get’s hot with very little humidity, so we could be a little more flexible on the dates.

I’ll hit up a couple guys about the campgrounds and get some costs.  I live in town and just don’t have much space for parking but I have space for a few  RV’s for a weekend if you can’t afford the camp ground. Plus give you a spot to do up a little laundry and refill the water tanks! Or you can bring tents and have a nice spot to stay without roughing it to much.  Both campgrounds are on the Snake river and have a store or small town nearby or we can work something else out if you all want some different options depending on how many folks show up.  I can still do my beer making class and perhaps a couple of others, but if you follow my blog you should know my focus is getting self reliant and prepared as an individual.  I don’t focus on the Patriot movement as much as some others, so if someone want’s to give a class on that topic that would be great!

Please don’t think I’m knocking the patriot’s this is just what I do as an individual and I do stay up to date on what is happening.  But if you all want to have a PATCON in SW Idaho give me a holler in the comments section along with dates and what you want to see happen!


6 Responses to Thinking of taking over the Idaho PATCON for Miss Violet

  1. Kerodin says:

    If I can be there, I’m in.


  2. Jamie says:

    That’s great! I’m still leaning towards the last week of June (29-30) as a planning point but we can be SW Idaho offers a lot more good months weather wise. I’ll post more info as folks need it.

  3. riverrider says:

    just be careful not to take on too much, jamie. that can be a lot of stress. yeah, i know, you’re a big girl but we sometimes over-estimate our strength. we’d hate for you to work yourself sick. on the other hand, i’d sure like to come. have to see how the next few months turn out i guess…

  4. Jamie says:

    river, I thought about that stress, that’s why I think using the campgrounds would be better. If I have a bad day or even weekend the PATCon could still be held without me, or I can have my RV/van and drive out the camp and do what I can handle.

  5. Roswell says:

    Well as I committed to Miss Violet’s PATCON, I’ll be looking to attend one in SW Idaho, if held there. If I can be of help in some way, please email me.
    Many big changes coming in 2013, we’ll have plenty to discuss be it Self Reliance, or Patriot/III topics.
    (Side note, I dabble in “beer making” and would love to hear you give a talk on the subject. I’ve got all the basic gear, just not the time…. I hope to correct that problem very soon).
    Thanks for your time!

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