Some reasons why the Progressives think I need to die, be killed or commit suicide (Sarcasm post)

I was just over at and saw some comments on a story referring the mother of the CT. shooter as a prepper/survivalist and it was darn scary all the reasons they seemed to find for me to die. This is a short list of the most popular reasons of why I should die.

  1. I have listened to Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck any right wing radio host and fox news and I need to die!
  2. I voted for Romney and I need to die!
  3. I must be a tea party member or I have supported the NRA  and I need to die!
  4. I prepare so I can have guns and food and then I will go to the homes of “normal” people and kill them!  I’m not sure why a prepper or survivalist would do this and no reason was given, but  I need to die!
  5. The Walking Dead is just a TV show!  I’m not sure what this means as I have never watched the show but, I need to die!
  6. The mother was prepping for an “Economic Collapse” and that can never happen again in the USA. If I prepare for the same thing I need to die!
  7. You can prepare within “reason” for some disaster but nothing else or you are a kook.  Nobody seems define what a normal amount of preps is within “reason”.  I’m just guessing  that my preps are not within “reason” so I need to die!
  8. Five guns is an arsenal as well as having hundreds of rounds. Fewer guns might also be an arsenal and I can’t seem to pin down what a reasonable amount of ammo on hand is in total rounds! See #7
  9. If the economy collapses these progressives say they wouldn’t want to live and I should feel the same or I’m a kook! and I need to die!
  10. I’m somehow an accessory to massacre that happened 3000 miles away to people I have never met because I own guns and prepare, and I need to die!
  11. I support the idea of homeschooling and I need to die!
  12. I don’t trust the government to save me in a disaster and I need to die!
  13. I’m disabled, a veteran and probably I will go all “Rambo” any minute or I’m using up to many limited medical resources and I need to die.
  14. I’m a Christian and white and believe in there is both good and evil in the world. I don’t believe in moral relativity or the “Ends justify the means” . I’m obviously a Bible thumping, bitter clinger as well as a racist and I need to die!
  15. I believe in limited government the Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence. So I must hate all minorities, women the poor and I must die.

Last but not least I must just be paranoid! eek  I don’t need a gun to protect myself,  and also I need to die!

6 Responses to Some reasons why the Progressives think I need to die, be killed or commit suicide (Sarcasm post)

  1. riverrider says:

    16) you didn’t drink the goverment kool-aid, so you must die! …funny how these “peaceloving, child hugging, do gooding, tollerant of everything citizens” are always so ready to issue death warrants to anybody not conforming to their view.
    17) you want to eat good safe food, so you must die!
    18) you believe in personal responsibility, so you must die!
    i’m reading elsewhere that the fathers of both ct and or shooters were supposed to testify in a federal case against investment firm libor corp. how spooky if thats true? is it me or is it odd that the guy crushed his puter and hardrive? must of these nuts leave whole manifestos, or a note at least. anyway, have a nice day.

  2. dee says:

    Okay, I am a liberal. Prepping has nothing to do with political parties. I am black, mormon own guns and have been prepping since 1981. Some people have their heads in the sand, and don’t understand why being self-reliant is important. The rest of us do. I try to not catogorize people. I keep trying to teach them.

    • Jamie says:

      dee, not trying to insult you! one reason I used the term progressive. Most of the preppers I know have a strong “conservative/Libertaran bent. The homesteader/hippy/back to the land types I consider more traditionally liberal but I didn’t see a lot of attacks on them but I may have missed them as these attacks were just in the first couple of pages of comments.
      I believe that most people have a lot more in common than not and I prefer us to pull together as Americans and get away from this divide and conquer attitude. I am also paraphrasing what they said about a person like me. Kind of hard to teach people when they seem to think I must die for some reason!
      Congrats on starting so early in your preps. I wish I had woke up earlier sure would make stuff a lot easier for me as I would not have screwed up so much when I started out!

      • dee says:

        I understand you were being sarcastic. Definitely did not take it personally. Liberal/ progressive, I believe we all are consevative/ libertarian in some things, progressive in others. Definitely need to come together as americans.

  3. #5. The Walking Dead. I love that show. And I don’t even watch TV. But I do find some shows online from time to time. I like that show because it shows very clearly what folks will probably be like when SHTF. Oh, and it has zombies!!!

    Click season 1, then scroll down and click episode 1. I’d use either sockshare or putlocker loads, the rest load slow. And you’ll have to click past some ad-spam. But it’s a great show. It has zombies. Everyone loves zombies! 🙂

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