Super terrific shopping list just full of treats

It’s the holidays and it is a great time to get all those fixings for some rich and decadent meals.  Fred Meyers has a a “New York” cut roast that cut and retied to the bones for $3.47 a pound. Super easy to season/spice  and then roast in the oven,  5-6 pounds for about $20.00. Heck you can spend that for a delivered pizza!  I’m not sure about you but if I have a choice between a New York cut and a delivered pizza I know what I will choose for my treat.  Another multi tasker food because I can take the bones to make a nice rich beef stock or make a Yorkshire pudding.  Talk about a little bit of heaven for the taste buds. Fred Meyers also has the Rib eye roasts for $5.47 a pound, a 3 pound roast for about $20.00 can easily feed 6-10 people depending on the menu.  I will be getting one of these for New Year’s eve as this is my thing to do for Dad (his birthday) and the family.

Turkeys are starting to come down in price and was only .98 cents a pound at Freddy’s with a coupon. I will pickup at least one for the freezer and I’m hoping to get two small ones for about $25.00. Yeah, that’s over $60.00 for just meat for one person’s shopping list for just one month. I use turkeys for my “pot luck”  meals and at worst a person could have over 3 pounds of meat each week for a month,  with the purchase of a single 12 pound turkey and a bit of cooking and preserving knowledge.  I still need to add a bit of bacon so about $80.00 total for meat and I don’t need anything but I’m buying  Cat food (40 pound bag $20.00), a few doggie treats($5.00) and some paper towels and Toilet paper on sale at Big Lots ($10.00).  So I’m still under my $125.00-150.00 budget for grocery shopping.

It looks like I will be putting off the purchase of the portable propane water heater for about week,  so I can take advantage of getting all that meat on sale. The water heater and pump are still a “nice to have” item, not a need to have. I  want to have plenty of meat stocked up now because I think the price will go up a lot in the spring because of the poor corn and hay harvest in the Mid-west last year and the resulting spike in feed costs. Because of prepping I can adjust my shopping list very easily to adapt to what is on sale weekly or monthly. I think I’ll pick up a small Ham radio from Amazon. I can use it to listen for now and then work on my Ham license in 2013.  That should cover most of my communication needs short term and get me started on a longer term solutions. Price for the Radio is $54.00 at Amazon. com

After the 1st of January I will start the “Holiday” food bin started as I think we are going to see some great sales. All of the canned goods will last a year or two and no fighting the barbarian hordes shopping at the last minute will be worth it.  Plus if  the SHTF we can still celebrate the Holidays.  I don’t think the world will end but I think we are going to see a decline in the economy and the stuff we need to live go up in price.  I want to get the most for my dollars now and have it already on hand. Rather than believe the BS that things are getting better in the economy.  If I’m wrong the worst thing that happens my freezer and pantry are stocked and I don’t need to worry about any minor/local disasters and not shop for a few months if everything in the world is fixed by the PTBs.   If  I’m right well I’m as ready as I can be for things going to crap.  That’s a Win/Win situation in my book!

I’m not sure why people who don’t prep assume those that do prep want to see a collapse happen. Oh I will admit to a few occasions of wanting to say “I told you so” during a small disaster. But I have never wanted to be so wrong in my life if an “Economic collapse” or “Carrington” type event happens.  Most preppers I know sweat working, learning and go without the goodies that most folks consider daily needs.  I know quite few that get mad on occasion for waking up and would like to go back to being a sheep and told what to do, think and act. But like Pandora’s box once your eyes are opened it is darn hard to shut them again.

Update: Big Lot’s is having a sale on Toilet paper and Paper Towels ! 24 Double rolls of TP and 15 rolls of Paper towels only $8.00 each package. Good until the 24th of Dec.


5 Responses to Super terrific shopping list just full of treats

  1. riverrider says:

    j, yes it is hard to shut my eyes to it all. i get disgusted and try to phase out for a while but i seldom last a whole day even before i’m tuning back in. there are bright spots in all the crap so i’m trying like hell to focus on them. nice job on the meats. suggest you can some in case the freezer craps out or whatever. i’m about to invest in a canner and do the same when meat goes on sale. my local food lion has been having a lot of unsold meat marked down. i haven’t been able to take full advantage because i don’t want to lose a large quantity of meat. btw, watching the farm reports, they’re not so pessimistic on the beef and grains as they were. from what i get, the drought took out maybe 30% of the crops in some areas, but the PLANTED acreage was 125% of last years planting. that would be about 5% loss over last year. soybeans are way over estimates as well. happy shopping.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, I understand and not to sound crass but life is for living and you got to keep moving forward. I agree on the canning, I have about 10 pounds of Chicken thighs I need to get canned. I just dried a bunch of my used beer grains that I will give to Mom to add to the chicken feed. The chicks really like the grain and it helps Mom out on feed costs.
    Things were pretty darn bleak in 1979 and we managed to get through that and I suppose some people felt the same in 1928 or 1859 and 1777 in the USA. But I figure if people go on in Lebanon, Bosnia, Iraq, Greece and Spain and all of those places I can too! Oh sure it sucks but we have had some time to prepare and I believe every little bit helps. I while I may not like the direction the country is going in I think we might be surprised on fast people can toughen up and deal with reality when they have no other choice!

    • riverrider says:

      j, i ain’t givin up. i’m getting ready to fight, so are a lot of others. time to man up, america.

  3. TSDH says:

    Jamie, I don’t know if you have Winco stores there but there is one in Moscow (I hate the ones in Spokanistan)and I picked up a turkey there for 88 cents a pound on Sunday.

    • Jamie says:

      Teresa, Yeah we got a Winco but I don’t care much for going there! Most of the meat is poor quality on average about like Wally world. Got back from Freddy’s and the Turkeys are organic and I got one just under 13 pounds and one just over 13 pounds.

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