Celebrating those little victories.

If you have been preparing and getting self-reliant you know any “atta boys” are few and far between.  You are consider a threat to the PTBs and probably a bit of a kook by your friends and family. You work hard and invest money, time, going without new stuff and sweat to do all that you can to get ready and at best someone says they will come to your house to share the outcome of all your hard work that they were to lazy or selfish to do for themselves.  Don’t feel guilty when you ask them what they will be bringing with them. Ask them about their “Survival resume”. While I don’t do great in the physical strength and endurance I think I would be an asset to most tribes because of my stored items and skills.

Quite a lot of people have nothing to offer as far as skills or stored goods.  I’ve had it happen in my own family with a relative and their idea of a 50/50 relationship seemed to be I give and they take.  I kicked them out after a year when they had made no progress and I was told since it was family I had to help them. Yes, it was hard to do but this person moved in with another family member same thing happened and even living in a homeless shelter would not wake them up or change their ways.  I just could not let myself be destroyed by this person and these types can be just as dangerous as any mob. Instead of killing you out right the slowly drain you, and like any parasite  just as bad for your health.

I have had one of my best shopping weeks this week, as money, sales and wants all matched up at once! I went meat heavy but I’m thrilled I have 2 “organic” turkeys sitting in the freezer that cost only .98 per pound! I told some folks I know about the great bargains to  save them a little money, plus I like to help others save a few bucks whenever possible!  The Toilet paper and paper towels are stored and I got paper towels covered for a year, but I want to get another big pack of TP before the end of the year. I like these Big Lots  paper towels as the perforations let you tear off as little as a 1/2 sheet at a time so there is less waste. The stop at the farm store worked out great! Kitty food was on sale so I got the 40 pound bag and while I was searching for the cat food I found wicks for kerosene lamps in the perfect width so grabbed a couple for me and Mom for backup/replacement. Not quite as good a price as buying in bulk but  I know I’m covered for lamps and I can get more locally. I got a 2500 BB’s for my little pump air rifle and saw some slingshots and ammo that are low cost and I think I might add to my little backyard “arsenal”.

While Mom and I walk we are sometimes joined by a gentleman and he had a great idea about turning his yard into little “wildlife habit”.  Make the yard appealing for birds and squirrels to come by for a meal and how those animal might be used as meat animals if TSHTF.  He is now attracting doves with his landscaping and I have seen others that have a few ducks that like hanging out in the yards and that got me to thinking about turning the front yard into an attractive place for critters to gather. I would never knowingly violate game laws, but if thing get bad and I have the slingshot and air rifle to shoot safely in the city so this might be an option to add some protein to the diet at least in the short term. Plus watching animals is darn cheap entertainment as they live in the moment and it’s fun to see birds and smaller critters find a “happy place” like a small pool for ducks or bird bath and see them enjoy themselves. Plus  birds love insects and can help keep the yard clear of  pests.  Perhaps add a little fish pond to add a little variety to the diet and the yard will still look “normal” to the city!

We had a very windy day and I can report that the cheap “storm” window plastic I bought at the Dollar store held up great.  I think adding several these packages of plastic that will cover two 30″x36″ windows each is a good buy.  A lot of value for helping to insulate your home and they could be put up fairly quickly inside to help seal your home against a NBC attack or just a chemical spill/radiation dust if a nuke plant melts down. Gamma radiation can only be stopped by lead or lots of dirt/concrete but both Alpha and Beta particles can be stopped by a something as thin as a piece of paper and tend to degrade rapidly (14 days).  If you keep the dust off your skin and don’t ingest it via food or breathing you are relatively safe. Same thing for volcanic ash, as ash tend to be full of sulfur, will cut like crushed glass and if breathed in it creates sulfuric acid if mixed with water. Very bad for the lungs not to mention your car’s paint job!  So one cheap little dollar store plastic purchases can help to protect you from many threats as well as save you money on heating costs. I’ve seen a this a lot in my prepping and becoming self reliant, by solving one major problem I also solve several others that might happen with just one purchase.

So we have made it through another year and I know I’m learning and growing in ways I never thought of a couple of years ago. You are living in “historic times” and while sometimes it may suck think of all you have done, how far you have come and what you have learned. Remember it takes both heat and pressure to turn a lump of coal into a diamond!



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