Time shifting when you buy. Or always try to buy on sale!

I have to say that this last year my preps have really proven themselves as far as letting me ride out some nasty price spikes on everything from coffee to bacon to ammo and gas.  Not perfect, but I had enough on hand that I could shift my shopping list to other things I needed that were good buys.  Sometimes you will just have to buy something you need right away because of a specific need but, if you have covered all your basic daily needs ahead of time you can buy that item and let your basic prep purchase slide for a couple of paydays.  Once that little issue has been taken care of you can go back to your original plan.

I see a few stores are offering milk for less than $2.50 or less per gallon on some circulars. While I’m not a big milk drinker I do use it for cooking, learning to make cheese and yogurt myself.  We got little ones in the family and they or their mothers do need milk.  If the price goes too high they just won’t buy any milk!  I’ll get a bit and freeze the fresh stuff and wax the cheese while the price is still low so I can make sure they get the nutrition they need during the price spike!  You might be a little surprised just how long a “vacuumed sealed” block of cheese can last if it is refrigerated.  I have a couple of small blocks I’m testing that are over 6 months old in the fridge. That will give you plenty of time to find and purchase some cheese wax for storage in a cool pantry. If you don’t have the cool spot for storing waxed cheese you can always keep it in the fridge!

Folks it looks like for a few items we are starting to get to a SHTF moment. Yes, I think it is a bit of panic buying and just a bit less than rational.  But we have to deal with reality as it is, not as we wish it to be. This is not a good time to buy anything firearms related and I think milk products will start to climb in price in the next few weeks.  Hopefully you are stocked up and ready to it ride out. If not you might find some other needs you can fill.  Gas has come done a lot and most petroleum based products are slowly coming down in cost. So if you need those items for storage get those now and we can hope in a few weeks ammo and or gun related products will recover from the panic buying. Meat products are a good buy and they will be going up in a few months so you could shift your buying to filling up your freezer or get some meat canned!

Let’s say you budgeted for a box of ammo that cost about $20.00 but now costs over $30.00. Don’t get the ammo if you have a few boxes already. Do an inventory and see how you are doing on toilet paper, paper towels, flour, sugar and salt. Put that $20.00 to use on something you will need and can get on sale, don’t follow the herd!  Just like you don’t rush out when you hear about a big storm is coming to buy food, water, candles, flashlights and a generator, because you already have that stuff on hand! You have time to wait out this panic buying.

But Jamie, what if the PTBs really get the bill passed?  Well, I think most of knew it could happen so we will just have to make the best of it.  What good will it do for you to spend all your money on ammo and guns based on what might happen in congress in 1-3 months at best?  If you don’t have enough shelter/heat, water, sanitation and food that you know you need every day. Hypothermia and lack of clean water can kill you just as dead as any bullet, it just takes a few hours or days.

I screwed the pooch myself . I thought the first 3 months of 2013 would be a good time to buy reloading stuff I wanted and that was a big part of my 2013 goals. But you know what, I can find plenty of other projects to spend my time, energy and money on rather than beat myself up over something I have absolutely no control over that just “might” happen in sometime in the future.  The Stock market may crash, the North Koreans might try and nuke the USA or Japan, Iran might mine or stop the flow of oil though the straight of Hormuz. The Muslim brotherhood in Egypt may try and take the Suez canal and I might get diagnosed with ALS.  So what?!  All of these things could happen, that does not mean they will happen!

Don’t panic or freak out!  Adjust your plans and be flexible with what you buy and stay within your budget.  Myself,  I’m just changing my shopping list to add about $20.00 in dairy products because of a few sales before the “Milk Cliff”.  If I find a good price on ammo I’ll get some if not I’ll get something else.  I’m pretty good on most of the daily need items. I would like to have some more food oils/fats in the pantry and a couple of cans of Butane fuel for my little AS&S camp stove. If you get a good price it’s pretty darn hard to screw up buying daily need items.  I can always find more items I would like to have on hand without getting caught up in the herd’s panic buying.

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  1. riverrider says:

    excellent advice as usual. i’m trying to find funds in the budget to get a nice pressure canner. that way i can take advantage of the monday meat markdowns at the grocery. i’ve had to pass up some great bargains lately due to freezer space. since i can’t find a decent job, i’ll have time on my hands during inclement weather. going to start working on learning slow cooking,smoking and dutch oven cooking too. after the canner i think i’ll bolster our food supply. the possible dockworkers strike should have been a wake up, but most folks didn’t even hear about it, others didn’t understand the implications.

    • Jamie says:

      river, that is a a great idea. I have a 16 quart Presto canner I like but most people go for the All-American canner because it seals steel to steel and the presto canner has a gasket seal. If you have to go low cost to start you can get the jars and Tatler reusable lids. You are going to need the jars and lids anyway

      Under FOOD in my Blog roll is Deejays Smoke Pit with just about everything you need for smoking meats.

  2. Harvester says:

    Great post. Cooler heads will prevail.

  3. Harvester says:

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