Thinking of taking over the Idaho PATCON for Miss Violet

December 15, 2012

If you have been following Miss Violet at Traditional Skills she has had a surgery and health issues as well as everyday life taking up all of her time and she won’t be able to host the Idaho PATCON.

I’m looking into  the Idaho Patcon and see if I can manage it. I got a couple campgrounds nearby that are nice and finding place to kill a few cans or targets won’t be a problem. We would have to move it to SW Idaho for me to manage but we got some great historical museums, a local brewery, lots of wineries and some good fishing. Birds of Prey wildlife refuge and Deer Flat wildlife refuge if you like see all kinds of critters. Oh and Givens hot springs is close by for relaxing after the drive.  SW Idaho’s weather darn nice from May through October and not much chance of snow like up north but it get’s hot with very little humidity, so we could be a little more flexible on the dates.

I’ll hit up a couple guys about the campgrounds and get some costs.  I live in town and just don’t have much space for parking but I have space for a few  RV’s for a weekend if you can’t afford the camp ground. Plus give you a spot to do up a little laundry and refill the water tanks! Or you can bring tents and have a nice spot to stay without roughing it to much.  Both campgrounds are on the Snake river and have a store or small town nearby or we can work something else out if you all want some different options depending on how many folks show up.  I can still do my beer making class and perhaps a couple of others, but if you follow my blog you should know my focus is getting self reliant and prepared as an individual.  I don’t focus on the Patriot movement as much as some others, so if someone want’s to give a class on that topic that would be great!

Please don’t think I’m knocking the patriot’s this is just what I do as an individual and I do stay up to date on what is happening.  But if you all want to have a PATCON in SW Idaho give me a holler in the comments section along with dates and what you want to see happen!

Package is here from AS&S, Xmas gifts, Beer and water

December 12, 2012

Awhile back I got a couple of small solar chargers from American Science &  Surplus and though they came with many different types of cords and adapters none fit my cell phone.  So I bought the USB adapter($1.95) and that did the trick. I plugged the charger into the phone and it started charging!  Huzzah! and BOUNCE BOUNCE.  I now have a way to charge all kinds of small electronic gadgets that will fit into a BOB or BOV and the “notebook” charger ($6.95) includes a flashlight for about $10.00 total cost.  To bad the plug did not fit the little windup flashlight but that was a bit much to ask.  I got another Butane stove that will go into the Kia to replace the sterno stove in case I get stuck and need to stay warm and heat up a little water or meal.  I’ll test my metal water bottles to see how quickly the Butane stove heats the bottle of water but I’m feeling darn positive on how my little system will work. While the canned heat from the sterno lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours the Butane can lasts 2-4 hours while putting out more heat.  I figure about $20.00 total cost and I will be able to stay warm and have an additional power source and flashlight along with the car’s fuel and battery power would make get stuck for a couple of days a lot more tolerable and safer!

Mom laid down the law to my brother about picking names for Xmas and while the timing is a little late I’m going to try and do up a a batch of all grain dark ale for my neice that likes dark beers. I’m not sure it will be ready on time so I have a food/ gift basket full of spices and the fixings for pizza and bread as well as a couple of recipes she likes and is learning to make.  I have a few standby presents for others that are not covered by me.  So I just adapt and hope for the best.  I’m getting down this all grain beer making system of keeping the temp. between 150-160 degrees F.  for the grains by using a very thick oversize beach towel to wrap the stock pots and then letting the grains go for about 90 minutes seems to make up for me not sparging the grain via the traditional method of brewing.  I seem to be making a  good beer and my numbers are matching up to what the traditional brewers are getting even though it does take a little extra time using the BIAB method.  It was very nice to pay only $8. 80 for getting some grains for flavor, hops and yeast since I had bought the malted barley in bulk. Approx. $12.00 for a couple of cases of really good beer is a bargain.

It looks like I’ll be able to purchase the last item to finish up my water preps next week.  That is the Zodi portable propane water heater with battery powered pump. has “reconditioned” ones back in stock for $85.00 at full shipping it’s still under $100.00 but I hope I can catch a special on shipping for Xmas and reduce the cost a few dollars.  That will be the last item that I feel I need to cover any water is out/not working for my personal water preps.  As this will be the last buy for 2012 I’m feeling darn positive about all I have done even though I missed a couple of goals.  I got a lot of  other things  done because few bargains popped up through out this  year that I thought I would not be able to get for another year or two on my budget.

Keep working your plan starting with the most probable disaster like a snow/ice storm or whatever tends to be your area’s special little gift from Mama Nature. Then you build for the next likely event and so on….  After you get a bit of stuff and skills it and you start feeling confident that you can handle that little disaster, as well as  saving some money.  Then you move on to the next goal.  It really is just like “eating an elephant” just one bite at a time.

Update:  I’m not sure why I seem to get such a big kick on the “potential” alcohol OG reading on my Table Rock dark ale clone but it’s well over 7%.  But I do have a name for it ” Table Rock Terminator”.  It’s very smooth drinking ale and has a bad tendency to sneak up on a person without any warning!

How do you build your tribe?

December 10, 2012

Building a tribe or community is critical to your well- being and survival.  You can’t make all you need or do everything so you will need to create something similar to a “Tribe” or a small village that brings several skills and talents together and group becomes greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Being disabled I always knew I would need help at least doing physical work and providing 24/7 security is a bit difficult if you are single. So I was always looking for ways to add neighbors that I could at least trust and had some skill set I could use and what I could offer to them in trade. I lucked out when a couple of young kids moved in across the street. A little more liberal in thinking than I am (then again who isn’t?) but they are big  into self-reliance.  Now because I can’t do a lot of physical labor I am always adding tools to make getting the job done as easy as possible. This works out great for both of us as I can share my Rototiller with them and I get my lawn mowed in return.

A lot of the stuff is just being a good neighbor and just getting to know people. I think taking over a loaf of fresh baked bread or a batch of cinnamon rolls is a great way to introduce yourself to any new comers to your neighborhood. It’s also a quick test to see how they react to homemade baked goods. It seems that people that like that kind of gift have great potential as tribe members and those that refuse it or are less enthusiastic tend to be isolated even as neighbors. Not set in stone just a general observation. I have no problem with people that want to be left alone, they just aren’t my first choice for making a tribe!

I tend to think in a kind of barter system as far as helping out. No, I don’t write it down or keep track of it, except kind of an overall sense. I don’t want to go and say “You owe me such and such, because I lent you such and such!”  With the neighbors for me it’s kind of I’m trying to payback for them helping me and I think it’s the same for them trying to pay me back. We both have an unspoken obligation to each other so to speak.

Now I’m feeling good about my unofficial tribe. Then I got to thinking how could a person build a tribe if the neighbors are not so good?  I thought of the Boy Scouts particularly the Eagle Scouts and the project they need to do for the Eagle badge. I think these young men and families would be a great place to recruit for a tribe, especially for the disabled and Senior Citizens. Or perhaps your city or town has a group of volunteers for doing a fall clean up or here in the valley we have what’s called “Paint the Town” and they paint the homes of senior citizens and disable vets.  I think getting involved in volunteer groups might be a great place for recruiting “tribe members” enen if it is just offering a cooked meal to a Search and Rescue group or taking some cookies to your local volunteer firefighters.

Perhaps some readers can add some more ideas or what has worked for them for building a tribe or village.

Weekend ramblings and random thoughts.

December 9, 2012

We got a bit of snow, melting as it hits the roads and sidewalks. But it sure feels good to have all my winter preps in place and I don’t have to buy anything.  I drained the Rain barrels to about 2/3-3/4 full so if a freeze comes the barrels won’t burst or break. I need to do more yard cleanup but all the major items are put to bed for the winter.  Smokey the Cat is most displeased about the snow but Diana the peke is having a great time.The pekes decided it really is winter and are shedding with a vengeance. So I got some brushing and combing done and trimed a few mats they picked up. I tried out the dollar store pet wipes as well and I think they are a great addition to your pet preps.  Not the same as a bath but they are much better than I expected for cleaning without water.  I try to stay low cost for everything but if you have animals you need to prepare them just like you would any family member. That includes stored food, water, collars, leashes, medicine/first and all the brushes combs and stuff to keep them happy.

I was a good girl and got the anti-freeze added, though I do need to get more oil for the car.  Tires are working great and I’m trying Six Bears Diesel additive and see if that will turn off the check engine light on the Kia. More fuel and stuff to add but I’m feeling positive that couple more checks will let me get the fuel I need to top off the RV and for my backup propane heaters.  I just used up the last of my gallon jug of oil so I need a couple of gallons on hand to get ready for maintenance of all engine types and add in some basic parts like spark plugs, filters and belts to get the vehicles prepped.  The little portable propane water heater just went on sale at for $85.00 so I know what I’m getting me for Xmas.  I found a couple of businesses that want to get rid of pallets so I should be able to collect enough for all of my projects for free.  I prefer to avoid any fireballs or any blowing myself up!  So  I will be taking the extra steps to avoid that nastiness.  The house has 2 brand new smoke detectors and I will add a carbon monoxide detector when I find a good one that works on AC/battery power.

I took my sister shopping because she just had a knee replacement and isn’t allowed to drive.   Well she got to see just how well my Mini van works for that job. She has always kind of poo-pooed a mini van as a “Mom/Grandma vehicle” but she seemed impressed how easy it was to load and how much space it had available.  The Kia isn’t the sexiest car on the road but I would not trade her for any other car.  If I have to use a wheel chair in the future the Kia will need only minimal modifications via the VA.  I hate wasting money and some folks using VA need all the help they can get, if I lower my cost and buy what I can that will leave more money for others that need more help.

Look at all you have done! heck if you just followed the $125. 00 shopping list you probably have a few months of food depending on family size. A little bit of water, sanitation, first aid and backups for heating, cooking and cooling.  Celebrate how far you have come and how much you have learned.  We all have more work we want to get done, but if you have done the work celebrate it!  Enjoy the holidays and give yourself a cookie.  I’ve been darn lucky as no big disasters but some of my commenters have been tested for real and they are all still standing.

Buckle up,  Buttercup cause it’s about to get interesting.

How long do you have to prepare?

December 5, 2012

Well that is the $64,000.00 question isn’t it?  While I have no particular insights to offer, in fact I was certain the crash was going to happen in the fall of 2011.  As you can see I have no gift for prophecy, all I know is based on research and looking back at history and I know a crash will happen I just don’t know when.  No special insights, it’s just math!

Now having said that there does seem to be a growing consensus among financial people I do trust that we are looking at 2-4 years before the economic collapse is unavoidable. The PTBs are riding a tiger and at the moment it looks like the are in some control. But if they ever step off this tiger it will turn around and eat them and they know it.  So they will do everything they can to stay on the tiger and avoid being eaten. There is a certain amount of hubris and ego the PTBs have and they believe they are the smartest people in the world. I’m sure a few of them have a difficult time considering they might be wrong.  But,  I have seen very smart people do very dumb things!

Now this isn’t to say the crash can’t happen before that time.  A “Black Swan” event is remarkable because no can forecast when a black swan will happen!  But all of you know that the economy is not getting better, food and energy  prices are still going up and it’s getting harder to make ends meet. That is reality for most people not the Stock market!

I don’t want you to think you can set a date in 2014 and buy everything the day before.  We have all seem plenty of disasters happen the last couple of years that you need to prepare for, but “DON’T PANIC”.  My own adventure started with getting enough food stored that I didn’t need to shop for a couple of weeks and as I got one goal met I would learn more and a new goal of one month of not needing to shop  started. Or how I could start saving money if I could bake my own bread or have small garden for fresh veggies and herbs. I think one power outage of  6 hours showed me how great having a little camp stove to make a pot of coffee as well as heat up a room on a cold day got me thinking about backup heat for my all electric home.

You may never feel you are completely ready if your are just getting stuff! But when you start adding the skills to save money and make the most effective use of your supplies it helps you feel more in control. Marking off one item even if it just having enough laundry soap for six month or a year can give you a real boost and you already know how many loads of laundry you do per week.  For instance I do 2 loads of laundry per week on average, so I buy a big bottle of laundry soap that will do 120 loads. Two loads per week for 52 weeks equals 110 loads of laundry for a year. Simple and not at all expensive if you get laundry soap on sale!

I like to BBQ by learning to cook a turkey on the grill helps free my oven for other baking needs during Thanksgiving.  This is not a zero-sum game.  You can learn all kinds of great things to help in your daily life. Cooking outside in the summer will help keep your house cool and reduce energy costs is just one example. Trust me I have a phenomenal tailgating/picnic setup.  It such a great feeling knowing you got it already in the pantry when you have run out of something. The first time  I didn’t have to run out to the store when something ran out and all I had to do was go to the pantry was a huge morale booster!

Not to long after I got to my 3-6 month point of storage I had a massive vet bill. I was able to skip two months of grocery shopping and with the vet working with me on how the treatments were timed I was able to pay cash as my dog’s treatment occurred. I didn’t have to ask for loan from my parents or just have my dog put down because I couldn’t afford his medical bills.  I think it was after it was all done,  I had proof of having preps could make a positive impact on my life!  I’m not knocking having an emergency fund. I just didn’t have one at the time but I had plenty of stuff from the grocery store.  Remember, I did almost everything the wrong order starting out! I’m lucky I had time to learn.

I know what you are going through if you that are starting out or don’t feel you will ever be ready. I’ve been there and it truly sucks, but I can tell you as you keep working at it and you gain more skills and confidence it gets better.  Don’t forget to celebrate when you make a goal.  Take some time to do a quick inventory and see how far you have come in the last 3,6 or 12 months and write down all you have accomplished.  I often get some happy surprises in my stash like finding all those socks and t-shirts I’ve been picking up on sale.  I now is up over 15 brand new t-shirts of various sizes and 25 pairs of socks. Not a big deal for most people but in a pinch I won’t need buy socks or shirts for a couple of years, or I could go over 3 weeks without doing laundry and still have clean clothes to put on.   Heck I even found a couple of small bottles of stabil and the price they charge for those small bottles is a reason to celebrate!

Count your blessings and know you are doing the best you can in a tough situation. Have a little pity party, whine and moan and get it out of your system if that’s what you need to do!  My blog let’s me do that and write out how everything sucks and I’m peeved. Or everything is great and coming up beer and skittles.   Then you get back to work!

Totally scored on fuel today! Finishing up the shopping list.

December 4, 2012

As you know I’m trying to improve on my stored fuel of all types.  Last check it was adding Kerosene for lighting and before that it was getting a tank of propane for the Buddy heater and propane stove. Well today it was gas and I wanted to store real non-ethanol gas so I headed out to a little country store/gas station that had real gas and it was 14 cents a gallon cheaper than in town!

So I filled up the Kia, I’m not sure how she will react getting to drink the “good stuff”,  plus  another  couple of the gas cans for storage. The store also offers propane tanks cheaper than in town so I know where I will be doing most of my fuel shopping from here on out.  I’m so excited that I can start filling up the RV’s gas tanks with real gas at this price.  I really want to do a little traveling and camping this year and if the world doesn’t blowup and gas price keep coming down I should be able to manage at least a couple of trips in 2013.

Fuel is going to be one of my goals next year,  especially after watching the fuel lines after Sandy.  I think it shows how critical having extra fuel safely stored will be for at least any short term disaster. My Kia mini-van will make a great taxi/shopping vehicle if we have to downsize to one car and ration fuel. It will be the most economical as a people mover of all the family vehicles per gallon of gas.

Picked up some pedilyte, Zinc oxide for any sick kids or skin irritations and some nice Pork rib end roasts for the freezer. Wed. I’ll  get some t-shirts that are on sale and a 5 rolls of nickles before the PTBs start debasing the metals and nickels become collectables like the pre 64 coins.

All in all it looks like 2012 is going to be a super year for me getting all my prepping goals done and then some.

Trying out the Wort Chiller and E-cigarettes

December 3, 2012

I love it!  In just 14 minutes it dropped the temp from180 degrees F. to 80 degrees.  I only moved the pot about 4 feet and I didn’t have to carry it to the bath tub to cool!  I didn’t know how much time I wasted waiting for the Wort to cool until I didn’t have to wait on it and keep checking it. That doesn’t count carrying it into the bathroom. It almost feels like I cheated because it was so easy.

The wort chiller cost $52.00 from my local beer lady. While you don’t have to have one when you begin brewing,  I really think it is a huge time and physical energy saver.  You can start with a small and low cost with your first brewing set up and add to it as you can afford it. I think this could also chill a large pot of food before freezing and keep your fridge or freezer work so hard to cool it down, but I haven’t tried that out yet!

I got an Express starter kit of the Encore electronic cigarette. It comes with a battery, 2 nicotine cartridges and a USB charger for the battery.  Yes I know all about the dangers of smoking and how it’s a terrible thing for a prepper to be addicted and all that,  but I don’t like the PTBs telling me what I can do and trying to force me to abide by what they deem is acceptable. So I have been rolling my own smokes since the big tax hike using a mild pipe tobacco, papers and filters. One pound of the mild pipe tobacco is $19.39 as the equivalent of about 2 cartons of cigarettes. Add in 4 bags 200 count filter plugs $ 6.75 and 8 packages of 100 count papers for $6.80 , I have enough smokes for over 3 weeks for about $33.00.  Quite a few non-smokers find my cigarettes much less irritating compared to regular cigarettes. Though I always try to be polite when smoking I will smoke in my own house!

Anyway back to the electronic cigarette the Encore express kit cost $20.00 and each “cartridge” is supposed to be equal to 2 packs of regular cigarettes and you can buy a 5 cartridge pack for about $20.00 and they come in varying levels of nicotine from 24 mg down to 0 mg for folks that are trying to quit,  also in different flavors if that is your thing.  The reason I’m testing these e-cigarettes out is they have come down a lot in price and can fit in my budget now.  If you want to continue smoking these will be great to add to a BOB as they take up very little space compared to cigarettes.  If they are correct on how long the cartridges last a 5 pack of cartridges, the charger  and the battery would take about the same space as 1 pack of cigarettes. Cigarette smoke is very pungent and will give you away. Even though I’m a smoker I can smell cigarette smoke from quite a distance. That could be a very bad thing if you need to stay hidden or keep a low profile!  If you are low on cigarettes or think you might run out you might take a chance on going to the store during the last minute panic at put yourself at incredible risk to support your habit. Last but not least I want to try these out at some of the non-smoking places I go to and see how they react to me using it as there is no smoke at all involved though the vapor can curl out and look a little like smoke!

First impressions. I don’t think it tastes like cigarettes but as I say I’ve been rolling my own “pipe tobacco” for a long time so I may not be the best judge of flavor. It’s not unpleasant just not the same.  I got the 16 mg to try out as kind of a middle ground test and it can feel a little harsh inhaling if I try to pull a lot of “vapor” into my lungs. the 11 mg. version might be better for me for the next purchase.  It’s very strange to not use an ashtray or light it up.  It’s  a lot heavier of course compared to a cigarette and smoking tends to be a physical and psychological addiction that might make a difference to people.  Quite few people are using these to quit smoking by working down to the 0 mg. level, so if you are trying to quit this might be an option for you and probably cheaper than the patches, gums and some of the drugs the doctors offer you.

I’m certainly not going to tell you what you should do with your life but these e-cigs could save you money compared to buying smokes by the carton. They will take up a lot less space for storage in any BOB compared to regular smokes and if you are trying to quit and are not having any luck with that these might let you ween yourself away from smoking and cost a lot less while you are doing it!

Hyper-inflation is not your friend Warning! Long post

December 2, 2012

I know some very smart folks that think they will pay off all debts with Hyper-inflationary dollars.  Heck many people in Zimbabwe became millionaires and billionaires in a day due to Hyper inflation and they went down to the local creek/river to pan for a few flakes of gold to buy grains or rice to eat for the day.  Billions of  Zimbabwe dollars had no value to buy what a person needed to live daily. While being debt free was easy for those with a fixed rate contract. I’m guessing have food, safe water, sanitation, acceptable medical care and security could not be bought by even “billionaires”  unless they had already bought and stored those things or they had something “real” to trade.

WE are already in a depression of course it may make the USA go all Weimar Republic Hyperinflation but both parties will get what they want! The Obama phone and EBT recipients won’t see a cut in cash on the cards but those moneys  $137.00 per person won’t go very far when bread jumps from a dollar a loaf to $10.00 per loaf. COLA adjustments happen once a year by law. When the calculated inflation rate runs over 3% per month instead of 3% a year we could have riot in the Urban areas. Inflation just like interest compounds so a 3% monthly inflation is over 100% inflation for the year. As it builds and doubles at least every 7 months.

We pay 40 cents on interest for every dollar taken in on taxes today and the Government can borrow at 1%. Let’s say interest rates go to 4% to entice others to buy T-bills. The interest alone will eat all taxes in less than3 years and that’s not counting paying any bills of SS, medicare, medicaid, the Military, wars, bank bailouts or Government investments in science, tech or even food subsidies. This will happen at 4% on T-bills. It’s not politics it’s just math. This is a optimistic scenario with interest it could happen in less than a year.

Oh sure your benefits might stay the same at $1200-$2000.00 per month but if it costs over $500.00 to just buy 10 pounds of beans and rice another $500.00 for the rising cost of gasoline for the month. That doesn’t leave a lot leftover for power, rent, a mortgage, water sewer or trash payments. If you are on a fixed income you better be ready and have as much as you can afford to store already on hand or you will be completely screwed. If you have just 50 pounds  each of flour, Beans and rice, basic staples that you can buy and store today for under $200.00 You could easily payoff debt contracts with Hyper-inflated dollars as long as you don’t need to pay the rising inflation cost for items you need to live.Your benefits and or paycheck will not keep pace with inflation.  The Banksters and Crony Capitalist will get first use of the money and while I think they are evil they ain’t stupid. They will buy up/speculate on the commodities the rest of need to survive and raise the wholesale costs or corner the market with those cheap dollars. By the time you get a chance to buy just your groceries or gas the price has gone up so quickly your check will never keep pace with inflation and the speculation in hard assets.  Those oligarchs have acess to the Fed “discount window” you don’t and never will have access.

How to play to stay even against the Fed, the banksters and the PTBs.  I don’t know if you will be allowed to win but you may frustrate them and not lose as much!

  1. Get out of all paper assets. Cash out or take out a loan on your 401 k. Put all your money into a value added hard asset. It might be a sewing machine and good fabric you can make something that adds value to that 2-3 yards of cloth you got on sale.  Silver, gold or an out door BBQ that lets you can smoke and preserve meat.  No, your LCD TV is not a value added asset unless you have it for business presentations.  I don’t know your skill set or what you like to do that adds value to things that are tangible and of use to you or someone else.  But get real stuff you can use daily or commodities you can use in the future.
  2. Get as debt free as possible and get rid of any credit cards and any payments as quickly as possible.  If your house payment is lower than the local rent, underwater or not you need a place to live so your home would be the last thing to pay off.  But cars, boats,  toys payoff or sell as quickly as you are able if you owe a payment each month. Build a cash emergency fund and not a credit card cash limit as your emergency fund.  I believed the crap about how you had to have a Credit card in case you needed to buy a major appliance if your current appliance died over the weekend. You can buy any major appliance for about $500.00 new or for less than $200.00 used.  You can save up a few hundred dollars over the next 12 months, pay cash if you washer or fridge dies and not pay 18%-22% interest rates for using a credit card.  I have not had a credit card for almost 4 years now and while there have been a few times I really wanted to get something right away. I can tell you I love never getting a bill in the mail box for something I “bought” 6 months ago.
  3. Bread is often used as an example of rising costs in western economies.  It is  considered a basic item for most of us in the USA somewhat cheap and probably on most peoples shopping list every week.  So this month you can get bread at the store for $1.00 per 1.5 pound loaf and the PTBs do nothing about the fiscal cliff. The USA books are worse than Greece as far as debt goes and suppose we piss off OPEC and they will renounce the Petro-dollar. China wants to be paid for all exports in gold and sells off all reserve dollars and T-bills.  By the way the “bread basket” of the USA is suffering a multi- year drought. Plus the EPA and congress are beholden too big agriculture and they will not kill the Ethanol mandate.  So every 50 pounds of flour will give you about thirty three home made 1.5 pound loaves of bread and that 50 pounds of flour can be bought for under $15.00 per 50 pounds  add a little sugar, salt and yeast and you could make your own loaves for about 30-40 cent’s a loaf. It won’t matter if a loaf of bread goes up to $10.00 each in the store because you already have all the ingredients on hand and stored to make your own bread for several months to several years. In a sense you have already paid for your bread. Instead of using credit and debt to make you a  slave to the future. You have already paid to have those things you know you will need out of the cash from your past and you are free!
  4. Preppers often talk about what they store as insurance against disasters.  There is an economic disaster coming and it will be world wide. The closest historical analogy I can come up with is the fall of the Roman empire and even that is not fully accurate as we have never had all of the worlds economic powers all on FIAT currency. But just like the Roman Empire the USA is now debasing it’s coinage so it’s time to get to your local bank and or credit Union and buy up some rolls of nickles before they sell out.

Storm Warning!

December 1, 2012

Idaho is going to catch some wind from the “Pineapple Express” hitting the west coast.  Starting at 2 AM expect winds of 35-40 mph and gust up to 60 mph.  So I’m going through my pre-storm checklist so I’m as ready as I can be in case the power goes out or we suffer any damage.

One new thing I’ve started doing is getting my house clean for storm prep. Having all the dishes and laundry done and cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming the floor are a lot easier when you have power.  It’s nice to know you have a few days worth of stuff all ready to go and you don’t have to worry about trying to do those things without power.

Charging up the cell phone and my power packs so I have some backup electricity for some of the smaller power  items.  Double checking the battery power on flashlights, radios, making sure the Kerosene lamps are filled and the wicks are trimmed and positioned in rooms that need a lot of light for working. A lamp might be leaking or I just overfilled it so I want to make sure it’s not leaking before lighting it.  A lot easier and safer to test now than when fumbling around in the dark.

I did a walk around of the house and I think I have got everything secured that can blow around.  This will be a good test to see how the plastic on the outside of the windows will hold up under a wind storm.  Once you run your pre-storm checklist a few times it becomes almost automatic when you see a weather alert.

Update: Alert has been changed to late morning to 5PM Storm is moving slower than anticipated.