Well this a bit less than optimal. Folks are waking up and they are pissed!

While anger can be a good motivating emotion. It really sucks when people start to lash out at random because they can’t reach  the people that pissed them off. I know I wanted folks to get out of the Denial stage about the PTBs.  I was not ready for the anger that they are ready to lash out with and unleash.  I completely understand the anger and it is well justified in my opinion, but it’s not all that helpful in dealing with reality and what you need to do to make you and your family prepared.

Call the Banksters, politicians, globalists, corporations, lobbyist and monied lackeys all the names you want. But what matter is what you will do next for yourself and your family. You got lied too, cheated and you helped a bit because you wanted to believe the hype. Or at least I did!  But, anger and or fear will not help you now. You got get serious about survival for yourself and your family. The Government will not save you, Hell they created this economic mess and if you think FEMA or the DHS will help you out you can check in with the folks in New Orleans or those dealing with Hurricane Sandy and ask them exactly what they think of the PTB’s actions.

You must save yourself! Who cares more about your well being than you? My $125.00 shopping list has held steady on cost for basic staples for over 2 years and for one person that is a good 2 meals per day for over six months or cover a family of 4 for a month easily as a start on food storage. I’m not sure the price will hold this spring/summer because of the drought in the Midwest, but it should be good for a couple of months into 2013.  I don’t what your family or your own life is worth to you, but to me $125.00 seems darn cheap food insurance.

I’ve read about few folks don’t want to survive during an” Economic Collapse” or a major disaster. As if not posting on Twitter or Facebook is what gives their lives meaning. I suppose that is possible, but I can’t understand that mindset of giving up, just cause survival gets harder and person might have to take full responsibility for providing the food they eat, water they drink and all the stuff any human in the 19th century did every damn day. Is  the ability of playing or using an Ipad/electronic gadget more important than your life? I faced dying as well as being disabled and I think my life is still worth living. I really hate when the PTBs talk about “Quality of Life” as if my life has no meaning because I’m disabled and can’t work. I should step aside and just die as if I’m no longer worthy of the life God gave me because I’m no longer a cog in their machine.

I think not!  While my life did not take the path I thought it would,  I think I have become a much better person because of my disability. Oh sure I have daily pain and I certainly don’t have near the stamina or physical energy I did when I was in the Army. I hope I have become more understanding of any person having limitations they can’t control and not accepting any limitations on what they can control. I’m  not special, life just is and you deal with whatever cards you are dealt. I’m certainly not going to give into some pinhead in DC or any PTBs that think my life is not worth living because he/she couldn’t deal with being disabled.

We don’t have time to waste and you are running out of options! You got to get busy learning and doing in 2013. Learn what is edible around you and grows naturally. Get your hunting and fishing license and have a little fishing pole and go to the local creek or pond and go fishing. A few trout, bass, catfish or perch could be the only protein  you can afford or will supplement what you got stored. Plus they are good eats! Pigeons are good eating or if it makes you feel better call them squab, it’s same dang thing!  Cornish game hens in the store is nothing more than a small, young rooster. If you can’t kill and clean what you eat, I hope you enjoy cutting up several day old rotting carcasses. Because that will be your choice and you won’t choose to starve! Better to learn how to fish and garden now especially if you don’t have few years of food stored and haven’t tried gardening .

But, Jamie  I don’t know how?..  Guess what you got the internet, books and time to learn.  This test is a simple pass/ fail. You live you pass! that’s it.


7 Responses to Well this a bit less than optimal. Folks are waking up and they are pissed!

  1. dee says:

    Well-said! Been doing this for quite a few years, have a much higher income than we had 30 years ago, so we can afford more “bells and whistle” items in the prepper area, but we all should learn things new each day, so we all contribute to society, what ever our entry level. Quit complaining about others and your circumstances and get to steppin’ like Jamie!

    • Jamie says:

      dee, I think the excuse I hear the most and the one that really gets me fired up is “It costs to much to prepare”. Myself and this blog proves that you can save a lot of money by preparing if you are willing to work at it!

      • riverrider says:

        i tell them it costs too much not to prepare… then i call them duchebags for not prepping for their kids at least 🙂

  2. huzzah! no excuse will feed you when the system goes into paralysis. No need to elaborate as I think you hit all the buttons on this one. Fail to plan is plan to fail, simply put.

    Great post.

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks dio, I really hope the idiots and PTBs get us through this year as I have several projects to get done. I get my first collapsible rain barrel next week for the start on my ice house/box. I need a couple more months to add two more of those barrels and some parts building and insulating the box.

      About June or July I want to get the 7’x7′ Cabana for the RV and maybe add a collapsible rain barrel to the RV for extra water storage in case I have to bug out. That would give the RV a potential of over 90 gallons of water stored.

      • I have the feeling, no matter what our future brings, you will be fine. You may not have all you want, but you will have all you need (and maybe some to spare and barter with).
        I have a list of things that still need acquired before I will say I am comfortable, but then again, I think if things blew up right now, this instance, I would still be fine. (then again, I am damn near living in third world status now, so there really isn’t that far to fall from where I am.)

  3. Jamie says:

    dio , you are right most of the things I’m working on are nice to haves not need to haves. After doing the Army thing and living in small over crowded tents in the field and walking 30-100 yards to use the bathroom or get a meal. The RV is down right plush.

    I don’t know if you have seen this site but I think it is right up your alley for your fabrication and your shop. It’s got some amazing things for third world projects 😉

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