What to get next or how to prioritise what you prep

It should go without saying needs come before wants.  At times I find myself confusing those two items. I suppose it’s human nature to want to get a bit lazy and a bit greedy and try and game any system. But I want you to take a hard and realistic look at yourself and what you have stored and is it enough to check the block of what some expert said or is what you really need?  The Government says have at least 3 days worth of food and water and yet after 3 months since Hurricane Sandy hit there are people living in tent cities in the middle of winter and flu season. Not a good situation and certainly not one I would choose for myself. But if you only had 3 days or even 2 weeks in that situation you would end up at the tent city!  Remember the PTBs and the people had over 7 days notice the hurricane was coming.

Keep working on your goals  of food, water, shelter, sanitation and basic first aid. I mean you should plan on not  going to the store, gas station or Wal-mart for 3 months. If you don’t have enough stored to go without grocery shopping for 3 months, you need to get busy.   When I read about places like Greece and Spain and they can’t buy an Aspirin for any price because the companies refuse to ship any more into the country until they are paid.  I’m thankful to be able to go to the local store and stock up.  If you can store it safely, A few cans of gas, propane, a gallon of kerosene for lamps for heat, cooking, light and emergency transportation. You don’t want to have to stand in lines to refill if you can avoid it. Even the little butane stoves I get can help with warmth and cooking. For the total cost of $30.00 you can have a little stove and 8 cans of fuel that should last for about a 7 days of cooking/boiling water.  Have a battery powered radio so you can keep up on the news if any is reported.

Guns and ammo is kind of hard to stock up on right now. Shotguns seem to be coming back in stock and I do see plenty of shot shells other than OO buckshot if you have not picked up a weapon for self protection yet!  Otherwise I think it’s best to wait and buy only if you can get a good price. Otherwise let this panic have a chance to calm down.  Hopefully people overbought and we will see all that stuff go on sale.  I got a BB/pellet rifle to practice shooting techniques to save training ammo and I want to pickup a sling shot or two for dealing with smaller critters. I’ll buy some of the ammo for slingshots but I have plenty of rocks I can use as a backup.

This panic buying of guns, shows how important it is to have whatever you need already on hand. But it is just as important to not let yourself get caught up in the panic and shift your focus to another part of your prepping or goals.  All of the electric space heaters were out of stock here in the valley, but the Mr. Heaters were still in stock and going for $70.00. Be flexible and adaptable to see all possible solutions to your problem!

Cash on hand: can you pay all your bills for 3 months with cash you keep at home and not in a bank? If you don’t want to keep that kind of cash at your home have you paid 3 months ahead on bills? Even in an economic collapse cash is king at least for a little while. Ironically in hyper inflation there is usually a shortage of paper currency at least in the short term.  You want to trade those bits of paper for whatever you can get and save your real tangible assets for thing of values.

I like gold and silver as a store of value but they are both far to valuable to waste on stuff you can buy with paper dollars. I know some folks think they will trade gold or silver for whatever they want. I think they maybe disappointed in the exchange rate. A 50 pound bag of rice will give you over 500 servings or 2 meals a day for over 8 months and costs about $20.00. An oz. of silver costs over $31.00 and might go up in value compared to dollars and will feed you for…. I figure a 50 pound bag of grain, rice or beans is worth more than an oz. of gold to me because I get to eat for 6-8 months. I would never trade my 50 pounds of food for less than 18 oz. of silver or an oz. of gold just based on historic values.  Remember it is about value, not cost in fiat dollars as that is arbitrary. Your choice on what you wish to buy and store today but,  a 50 pound bag each of rice, beans and a grain will cost under $100.00 that will feed a person for 8 months is more valuable than an oz. of gold that cost about $1600-$1700.00. Silver and gold are only worth what you can trade for them and since I don’t want gold for it’s own sake. I’m not saying silver or gold don’t have a place in prepping,  I’m saying evaluate the actual value to you and not based on any fiat dollars.

4 Responses to What to get next or how to prioritise what you prep

  1. riverrider says:

    j, i was putting 200 a month in silver, as a savings account. this month and for the next 10 or 12, it was 200lbs of superpailed food. oats this month, wheat next, rice next, corn next and so on. wheat will repeat every other month. noticed beans are sold out! and super expensive if available. hoping they’ll go down before their month comes up. i told the dw what i was doing and she said great. i thought she would be like “don’t we have enough already?”. she sees the writing on the wall. they will try to control us with food, like the pharoahs. twenty years from now a bucket of food will be priceless.

    • Jamie says:

      river, I think you are dong the right thing on food. If you can store food long term I think even the numbers I used are on the low side for value. I’ll keep getting a little junk silver if it’s a good price, but I feel the need to get the food drums done as quickly as possible without screwing up my other goals for 2013.

  2. “what I want is what I’ve not got, and what I need is all around me” Jimi thing by DMB Of course, this only applies to NOW.

    I have to agree, that health and food are seemingly how they will attempt control. The gun grab thing is merely a sparklie IMHO to distract us from the fact that the economy has tanked and is just now starting to show signs of contracting (followed by hyperinflation) Hungry Suburbanites will happily turn in guns if they can feed the family for a short time or keep the heat on. Of course, infrastructure will be one of the first things to be nationalized when things get really tight, but that is scary in and of itself as the Gov can’t even run a whore house in the black, let alone some critical infrastructure.

    • Jamie says:

      dio, I think they would be happy to grab the guns but, they didn’t expect this kind of pushback. So now it’s building into a perfect economic storm with higher food, health and energy costs and the PTBs think they can control the coming chaos.

      Unless the PTBs can create a rationing system, I think the big cities will explode first and the suburbanites will keep the guns to protect themselves from those that try and get out of the cities either for escape or food and water. I just don’t know how long the average suburbanite is prepared to last after the stores empty and the utilities start going off-line. A couple days without water can make all most anyone give up or incapable of fighting back!

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