I have a bad feeling about this….

I know we have all spent both time and money getting prepared but I have the oddest feeling that food, water and energy are the most important items to get now and for the next couple of months. Even more so than ammo, guns, PMs or anything else!

I was in good shape on stored food even before starting my ” Food Drum” idea. But I have this overriding sense of urgency that food is going to become much more valuable as well as much more costly than I had imagined this year. I feel the same about adding water storage and fuel of all types.  Overall I have a few years of food, over 500 gallons of water stored and plenty of filters for making more clean water from my rain barrels.  I could get by a month on gas or up to a year on some of my fuels for lighting, cooking and my solar generator is coming along.

I’m trying to figure out why I seem to be focusing on food, water and energy instead of guns, ammo, communications and all of the other items you need to be prepared or self-reliant.  This does not seem to have a  rational basis on what I have already stored and what I original had planned for my 2013 goals.  Perhaps, I’m feeling compelled to get more stored to assist friends and family. I noticed my last few posts have been leaning that way on food, water, energy and the “barter boxes”.  But not towards stocking up on PMs, guns or ammo for security.

I think of my self as a rational person and try to plan based on logic as well as history. But when I get this kind of “gut” feeling I pay attention and try to figure out if it is an emotional thing or if my brain is connecting the dots my logical side has not pulled together. Perhaps it’s “Divine Inspiration” and I don’t feel it’s a panic reaction as compelling as the feeling is to me.  I can’t really explain it as I don’t truly understand this feeling myself.  I should be all freaked out about how little ammo and not getting my reloading set up done because a lot of stuff is out of stock or on back order. I find that my guns and ammo plans being screwed up isn’t bothering me much nor do I feel compelled to get ammo or guns at any price. Based on what most prepping sites suggest on what to have on hand,  I should feel more panic about my ammo stores rather than what I have on hand of food or water.

I’d like to ask you readers of my blog if you have felt a “gut instinct” or “intuition” that seems not to be based on logic or emotion but somewhere in between. Perhaps an answer to a prayer or “Divine inspiration” and how getting that thing done filled you with peace or made you move on to another task.  Do you feel as if your focus/goals have been pulled in a completely different direction almost without your own conscious thought?


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  1. Matt says:

    For once, for me, it’s connecting the dots and not a gut feeling sort of thing. I’m usually a 50/50 sort of thing in both areas.

    The signs are once again pointing to big trouble. The problem is that it could come from so many sources.

    • Matt says:

      I’d have to add that for once, I don’t miss the “gut instinct” and dreams that occasionally come my way. They have a way of ruining the next day.

      Now having said that I probably jinxed myself.

      • Jamie says:

        I have had a couple of those types of “dreams” and while unpleasant the seem to point out I have enough to handle some of the security aspects of my prepping. I haven’t had any “dreams” about lack of food or water but I can’t shake this feeling to get more and it’s almost as if it is not for me but for others.

    • Jamie says:

      Matt, What concerns me is I don’t usually panic all that easy and if I did panic shouldn’t I care more about ammo rather than food and water as I’m in pretty good shape storage wise on those items. I suppose I’m kind of unsure of why I feel this way as I can’t explain it. But it feels it is vitally important to prepare on food, water and energy. Maybe it’s because the PTBs have so much control of those items.

  2. Matt says:

    Jamie, there is a fellow George Ure, http://www.urbansurvival.com/blog/

    that along with his friend, have come up with a way to use the internet to sort of predict the future, and they’ve had some notable success with this. They predicted 9/11/2001

    Now all of a sudden their algorithms have suddenly stopped as of March this year and there is a big data gap for the next several months, and they don’t know why. He was even featured on Brad Meltzers show on one of the discovery programs..


    I think I’m in overload at the moment and temporarily burned out , so I’ve been a data only kinda guy. But the dreams I’ve had in the past…. well ugh! they were very unsettling. But I’m nervous too…. the headlines this week are suddenly even worse than normal.

    But in your case, you may well be picking up on the vibe. People do have different thresholds for this and some never pick up on it period. The fact that your gut is telling you the opposite of what your logic says along with it being persistent as it has been is a good indicator.

    If your finances allow, go buy some of the things that you feel compelled to get. Don’t break your budget for the next 6 months or anything like that, but get a reasonable amount and see if that will satisfy your gut desire. It’ll be stuff you need so it’s not like it won’t go to waste….

    and it may relieve the pressure you are feeling. There’s no need to let it make you fret like it is.

    • Jamie says:

      Matt: yeah I stop by urbansurvival site occasionally as it is all grist for the mill. I think many of us preppers, survivalist and homesteader types are feeling a building pressure but before I felt a need to bunker up and focus on security perhaps get a few last minute buys and be ready to repel the “Zombie Hoards”. This feels different to me. I need to have this food, water and energy but not for me but for others. I think that is it! This feeling is not about me and what I have stored for me but what I have stored for others and the future 5-7 years from today.
      Thanks Matt I think that is it the explanation for my feeling. I can feel that release of not understanding go away a bit. It won’t be easy, but I now know the reason for my feelings. I didn’t understand my feelings but this makes good sense to get ready to be a Quartermaster and not just a supply puke and have plenty on hand and no way to use it.

      Matt I wish I could help you out the way you helped me. Take a news break the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west and life goes on. We survived well over 6000-100,000 years or more without power, AC and heat we could not grab from nature. We will survive the progressives. So the idiots will die off . While sad, we did try to warn them and we will just move

  3. There are so many things that could cause our economy to collapse it is hard to pinpoint any one cause, but the reaction would still be the same. If you have plenty of supplies stored away, you can avoid going out as much as possible and avoid the crowds. When things get just a little worse, it will just take a small spark to ignite chaos in any crowd setting, they could quickly become an unruly mob. Let’s just keep praying it never happens, or if it does we still have more time to prepare, there is never enough time.

  4. riverrider says:

    j, i hope it wasn’t my 7 year plan that spooked you,lol! what do i know? i’m not religious but look at the bible as a good history book. for some reason, the seven bad years got to me. i don’t want to be armed to the teeth but become a slave due to lack of food. you have arms enough to give anyone pause about stealing your stash. here on the ec, i need more. there will be more targets. you lay a few out in the yard and word gets around not to mess with jamie. i don’t know, maybe its because i was reaching my goals, my obsession kicked in something new to worry about in order to perpetuate itself:) the way i see it, you can never go wrong with long term food.

  5. wonderdawg says:

    Jamie, as an avid reader of the like minded sites, you are one of the more squared away individuals I read. Like rr, you have enough defensive measures to make all but the insame zombies turn back to easier pickings…think your current game plan is as it should be…unless you plan on going on the offense, which i don’t read into your plan….I being handicapped due to age and health, will be a support only type….best I can do..as to the gut feelings, same here and at almost a frenzy need to getitdone mindset….as dio said, too many dots are beginning to connect and expect a fuse lit at anytime

  6. dee says:

    I feel we are purveyors of preparedness. It is a responsibility to help not just yourself, but others prepare for hard times, regardless of the source. if we are selfish and think “what I have is mine”, you will find that it won’t work out that way. I keep preparing , sharing my knowledge and skill sets.I don’t purport to be an expert, but informed, and live my life accordingly. I felt that prick to my heart and mind back in 1981. There are times when it is stronger than others. I will continue to prepare (and share) every needful thing.

  7. Karen says:

    Trust your gut! Since I can barely find ammo anyway ( I could kick myself for not stocking up on it when it was plentiful!) I too am concentrating on the same things as you.

  8. Jamie says:

    Thank you all.
    As best as I can define it, I feel I must become like Joseph in storing 7 years of food. Now that I have defined what I have been feeling the compulsion has eased quite a lot.
    river, I think this was for both of us to get to work on the 7 years. Perhaps it so we can show people that it can be done a couple of different ways.

    dawg: I have always seen myself as more of a Quartermaster and logistics not much as a offensive threat. I leave that to those younger and fitter types.

    dee: I feel you are correct, even though at times I feel a bit put out and angry at those that don’t prepare. If something bad happens it doesn’t matter how people got there. What matters is how we get to work to fix the problem.

    Karen: Let’s hope everyone got the guns and ammo panic done and things will settle down in a couple of months. One good thing to come out of it is we will be well stocked on food so we will be ready to take advantage of any bargains we find.

    • taminator013 says:

      I’ve had a gut feeling about needing to squirell away guns, ammo and other things for probably about 30 or more years. This feeling was even there during the good years when things seemed to be always getting better. During the past decade or so it’s been learning the old ways of doing things like our parents,grand parents and great grand parents did. The older generations survived and even thrived with very little of what we think are neccessities today.The last few years for me have been spent getting my house in order and laying in food stores for me and the mrs and collecting a variety of nonpower tools like saws, axes and a brace and bits. There’s also been a need in my mind to stock many heirloom seeds and improve my gardening skills.I’ve started collecting binders of information and books on everything from edible wild plants and their medicinal uses to homesteading and primitive skills. Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about how I can help the neighbors during the tough times that may be coming. In a way I look forward to living a simpler life, but there is also much fear and dread. GOD has always gotten me through the tough times no matter how bad they were. Is HE testing us now to see what we do to help others? I don’t know. I do think that if we listen close enough to the little voice in the back of our minds that it is HIM telling us what we need to do. I pray that we all pass…………….

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