Just puttering around the house.

January 13, 2013

I have put off the Kerosene heater test until the conditions are comparable to the Mr. Heater and I’m certain it won’t kill me.  I will get the carbon monoxide alarm and  a new wick next week so it should not take long for another test.

I have been enjoying being in putter mode and getting  a few things done that have needed my attention.  I baked up a few loaves of bread and got some of the no-knead bread dough in the fridge to bake this week.  Since it was so cold outside, 0 degrees F.  I  went ahead and put the oven on the self cleaning cycle. I had some spill over on my Mac & Cheese so it needed a good cleaning. I got a little smoke from the oven  and my new smoke detectors worked great, so another real world test is done!  Oh! this time I remembered to put down the foil for any new spills, instead of thinking of it after the fact.

I got my little hand grinder out and did a quick test on my malted barley for beer.  For beer grains you need more of a crush rather than grinding the grains into a flour. It looked good to me but I’ll take my sample barley to the beer lady and see if this is okay “crush” of the grain or if I need to change the settings.  I bottled about a case of the dark beer and I don’t mind using the bottle capper for just a case of beer.  For a full size batch, I  prefer using the flip-top bottles as it seems faster and easier!

I did a little internet window shopping to get an price range on the 55 gallon drum and what whole grains would cost. It’s looking like this could be a good option at least for the food items that last 20-30 years.  I will be buying in 50 pound bags and then putting the grains in food safe bags with a bit of DE so I figure about 300 pounds per drum.  My plan is for 2 drum dedicated to grain, One drum of  red hard wheat and the other drum would be a mixture of barley, dent corn and oats. That will add a bit of variety to any future meals and help prevent food fatigue. The next 55 gallon drum would be white rice, while the forth drum would be a mixture of  different kinds of dry beans.  My cost would be about $23.00 for each drum and the 50 pound bags will cost from  $14.00 for grains, about $20.00 for rice and up to $40.00 +  depending on the type of beans. I think adding a variety of beans will be critical to fighting food fatigue. So spending a little extra money now will insure I have a nice variety in a few years!   You can get tired of eating steak if you have eat it everyday.

This won’t cover all you need as a food plan.  I think having these basics in place will allow you to spend more on the foods you can’t store long term such as  fruits, veggies, fats, dairy and meats. Just thinking about  having a pallet of four 55 gallon drums filled with another 3 + years of staples that will last for 20-30 years that  you can use, or barter and share with others makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  It’s darn cheap way to have a good supply of staples on hand. You start with the cost of one 55 gallon drum of $25.00 then add food safe bags and DE are inexpensive multi-taskers for about $20.00 if you don’t have them yet.  For food you just pick what your priority items are and start filling the drum in $20.00-$50.00 amounts. I’m going for 50 pound bags for the buying in bulk savings, but you could go with 25 or even 10 pound bags if that is what you can afford on your shopping list.  I bet in a year you could have at least a couple of barrels full even if you just budget $30.00 per month!  This idea feels like the right thing for me to do emotionally, spiritually and logically.

I want to thank Karen and riverrider for inspiring me to find a solution to long term  food storage made me think about what if… and how would/could a person accomplish storage of long term staples. I forsee prepers with lots of tables, counter tops and very tall beds in the future 😉

Update on the kerosene heater.

January 12, 2013

We have a good bit of wind this evening so having the window open just a crack is creating quite a draft.

I may need to replace the wick on the heater or do a longer burn as I’m not getting a good clean flame at any setting. I got the heater used at a yard sale and it’s been sitting for over a year so it might need some cleanup and maint.  I don’t  like how much kerosene smell/fumes  I am dealing with on the first evening, and I’m not super sensitive to odors, so I think I will shut down the test for tonight. Having a cold home  is one thing, but an excess of carbon monoxide and getting dead is another.  I’m getting a carbon monoxide detector next week for additional protection so the test may have to wait another week or two.  I can still get my money’s worth using the kerosene heater in the shop that isn’t quite as air tight as my house. But I’m hoping the heater would be a safe backup I could lend out to neighbors or family members.

I have used kerosene heater in the past in the military in tents.  While I dealt with the kerosene odors on start up it usually went away within about 20 minutes of starting the stove. I ran my  stove for over an hour along with of fan and after 30 minutes of shut down I can still smell a kerosene odor something is wrong! Perhaps my home is to well insulated to use a kerosene heater, or as I stated above that the heater needs a bit of maintenance.  I could almost feel a start of a headache coming on and got stopped, but I still feel a bit of a tickle after 30 minutes.

A bit disappointing on the first test. This is why you test!  To find out what works and what doesn’t work. This is the Kerosene heater I have to work with and doesn’t matter if such and such stove is a hundred times better than what I got on hand. If this what I have to work with, my choice for heating my home in an emergency will be my Mr. Heater powered by propane until or if I get the Kerosene heater working safely for the house or I’ll put it out to the non-insulated shop and it can heat that space up. I do have a bit of good news as my unglazed Terra cotta tile/base for catching water for plant pots.  Fit great on top of the stove’s  metal grill protector on the barrel heater and got warm to the touch as well as radiated a bit of heat.

If I won’t use it my home,  I sure won’t give it to someone to use in their home.

You have to test your preps from water to cooking with your stored foods and finding a toilet paper you like to use.  If this had been an actual emergency and the kerosene heater had been my only backup heat source things could have gotten quite unpleasant at best or at worse  I could have ended up dead trying to stay warm.  Talk about your ultimate pass/fail or Go/No go type tests!

I’m big on planning out your budget ahead of time but the next 6 weeks you could do a test or two of what you have stored. Take night off from using electric lights or use the grill, camp stove/oven for cooking.  Turn off the TV, cell phones and all electronic gadgets and play some cards or a board game even read a book. No you don’t have to kill all power to your fridge or freezer but try and add some little challenges to your week.  Go 24 hours without using tap water and try and keep your life the same. I think you might find it’s more of a challenge than you think it is! At least I find most of my tests are a play ground for that demon Murphy!

Playing with fire or using Kerosene as a fuel.

January 11, 2013

I did a post awhile back about kerosene for heating and lighting. Kerosene has a lot of energy potential, heck it is used as jet fuel. It is fairly safe if stored properly and I see it primarily as my fuel for lighting.  Oh it’s not perfect for that but it can give off plenty of walking around lighting but if you want to read or do some close up work it will work, but a propane or White gas lantern will give off a lot more light on average. You can add a few mirrors behind a kerosene lamp you can get at a dollar store and make the light reflect out.  I just bought 6 feet of  lamp wick from GLO of Idaho that cost $11.41 with shipping.  If you set your wicks properly so you just burn the kerosene and not the wick,  a few feet should last a couple of years  or more depending on how many lamps you use.

On all fuels you want to use there is always a cost/benefit ratio for what you want it to accomplish. For example candles are cheap but the light is marginal at best and having an open flame can be a very bad idea around children, pets and in a disaster, cracked gas mains. Kerosene lanterns don’t put out a lot of light but the do a lot better than candles and you can read by them if the lanterns are close by.  The hurricane and storm type lanterns are a bit safer than the exposed flame of a candle. One Kerosene lantern can light for about 2-4 hours per day for a month on one gallon of fuel.  I buy my kerosene at the farm store in bulk, so 5 gallons cost about $33.00 on average and that is enough fuel to light one lamp for about 3 hours over 4 months. Using a bit more lighting in winter and less in summer. Let’s figure about $7.00 per month per lantern as the cost of lighting on average.  Not a bad price overall if you buy Kerosene in  5 gallon cans.

For the Kerosene heater, I  see it as a backup because even the barrel types eat fuel fairly quickly compared to other fuel heaters.  The kerosene heaters can be great for heating a large area, but on average propane for heat seems to give the best bang for your buck if you don’t own a wood fire place or stove.  From my own tests a Mr. Heater in the mid range or the big sucker with the built in fan is just about the best you can do for a good backup heater. Without investing in a lot of work/money to install a new heater/wood stove.  I also like the Mr. Heater have a lot of built in safety features, like the tip over shut off and low oxygen sensor. I have tested the midrange  Mr.Heater and get a good 6 hour burn time on a pound of propane and heated my main living area(approx. 800 sq. ft.)  to 65 degrees F. in about 45 minutes on the high setting, then I set the heater to low to maintain that 65 degree heat.  That was last winter after I turned off my central heat over night (18 degrees F. outside)  and the house was 50 degrees F. in the morning when I started the Mr. Heater.  I want to see how long the kerosene heater will burn on a 1/2 tank of fuel and how quickly it will heat the house. This week the temp. overnight is about the same range (20 degrees F.) so the test should have about the same conditions as when I tested the Mr. Heater.  I did light the kerosene heater before the test and ran it for about 20 minutes because it has not been used for about a year. I will be using a small fan to circulate the warm air, just like I did with the Mr. Heater test. I am trying to create about the same conditions for the kerosene heater as I had for the Mr. Heater test and report how well they compare to each other.  I have a barrel type kerosene heater not the box type so be aware there is a bit of difference in how many BTU’s are put out as the barrel type tend to be a bit higher than the box type.

Lessons learned:  If your kerosene heater has been sitting for awhile or is brand new, light it outside and let it burn for 3-5 minutes. That will keep any smoke and odors to a minimum.  Do the same when shutting it down and never forget to crack a window when you burn, as kerosene heaters put out carbon monoxide as well as use up oxygen as they burn. Never leave these heaters running while you sleep, add  more blankets for your bed for overnight and relight the heater in the morning. Yes, it will be a little cold when you wake up but you can light it first thing in the AM. I know that a cold house  gets me up and moving  to get that heater going right away. The heater should take the edge off the cold in about 15-20 minutes.  Get a thick robe and some good slippers to keep by the bed and wear your warm jammies.  Plus not using it at night will extend your fuel supply!

Battery powered fans will help move your warm air around. They have 12 volt fans like you see for truckers or battery powered fans for campers. I think you need to having a couple on hand to use both winter and summer. I have small 250 watt Black & Decker Electronmate and I know it will run my larger 12 volt fan for over 48 hours straight  before it needs to recharged. True Value has a nice 9  inch fan ($20.00) for campers that is powered by D batteries that I want to add to my DC powered fan collection. Circulating the warm air from the heater make a big difference on how well it will heat your home. These fans are great in summer to assist in cooling if the power goes out. With several coal plants shutting down because of new EPA regulations, many of us could see rolling blackout or brown outs in 2013/14.  Best to get your fans before the sheeples panic and try to get them at the last minute.

If the SHTF, I have no idea what fuel will be available if any? But having few different energy options is a good idea, especially if you can store the fuel safely before you need it! Blowing yourself up, setting yourself on fire and carbon monoxide poisoning is contraindicated for survival and will ruin your day.  Always store fuels as safely as possible away from your home and keep an ABC fire extinguisher and baking soda nearby to smother any flames if something goes wrong. Always turn off the heater, let it cool and take it outside before refilling.

I think a wood stove does have a lot of potential for my future plans. But they are kind of expensive to install correctly and they are a bit of work a to fill with whatever fuel you want to use. If you can build a good fireplace and chimney or have one already  good on you. But installing a wood burning stove from scratch is a bit pricey if you figure permits and a safe chimney along with wall/floor protection you are probably looking at a good $1000.00 spent just on exhaust/chimney, not counting the cost of  wood.  It’s a heck of a lot cheaper on start up cost for a propane heater or even kerosene. But it may not be cheaper over 3-5 years compared to a wood stove.  Getting dead from lack of oxygen, an excess of carbon monoxide or a chimney fire, because you wanted to go as cheap as possible is not a good plan.

So I’m starting the test on Friday evening about 9 pm local time and the current temp. outside is 20 degrees F. I’ll fire up the Kerosene heater  with a 1/2 full tank and warm the house tonight and then turn off all heat overnight and see what we get for a starting temp. in the AM and how quickly the house will warm up. I will be using a small fan to circulate the heat.  I don’t have to worry about freezing pipes but that could be a concern for other parts of the country.  I will give an update for how much fuel I used and how quickly the heater worked on heating the main living area to 65 degrees.

Time is getting short, you got to get busy!

January 8, 2013

It’s sure been a interesting watching what has happened the last week and 2013 is just getting started and folks are reacting in a less than positive manner! Hey lets just add an additional challenge gas prices are going up! I don’t know about all of you but I know I have a few projects I will have to adjust because things are changing so fast.

I didn’t think so many people would suddenly find such a desire to own an AR-15 type rifle or extra mags. Perhaps it’s because I was in the Army and carried the M-16 and M-4 for over a decade that the bloom is off that rose. Please don’t think I’m bad mouthing the AR platform it’s a good weapon, but I wouldn’t pay a grand or more for the privilege to carry one. The AK types are great for what they were built for and I wouldn’t pay a grand plus to carry one around either!

People have been in panic mode and buying up everything gun related. I suppose they are a few folks that are looking to make few extra bucks speculating that people will pay anything to get….. I think they overbought and this panic reaction will start to die down a bit.  I hope it taught a few folks about us preaching get ammo, guns and stuff related to them for the last few years that we have shown how right we were in that message.  It’s not about gloating and saying “I told you so”. It’s  about you getting self-reliant and if you have been following the blog and doing at least a few of the things I suggest you would have had plenty of guns, ammo, mags and a good start on all those needs before the price spike. I was at the local farm store and picked up another box of shotgun shells and a box of 9mm for about $13.00 for each box. But that’s about the price I always pay for that ammo and I did not need to buy it if it had gone up in price. The store clerks were remarking how crazy the ammo buying was the last few days.

The same kind of thing we have seen over and over again. Back in 2008 it was rice, even Costco was rationing how much rice a person could buy.  It may get bad as folks have smaller paychecks and I expect food prices to go up a lot this spring. Add in rising fuel and energy costs and and the new Obamacare taxes and mandates people will get peeved.  The PTBs will look for any target besides themselves for focus of that anger. I expect a lot of us that have been warning folks will become targets in the old “blame the messenger” tradition.  That is a lot easier than blaming yourself for being a dupe or actually taking responsibility for your life.

There are still plenty of great buys to be had if you stop focusing on what people are panic buying and shift your focus to other parts of your preps.  If you are willing to drop a few grand on weapons and ammo just think how much of your future daily needs you could get for a grid down or economic collapse for that same money?  If you have some or most the other stuff you will need in the future on hand you can buy/trade for some guns and ammo after the panic buying has subsided!

I have seen the Mr. Buddy Heaters  on sale and I think this is just about the best backup heater on the market today!  Gas and oil are starting to go up again so it’s a great time to rotate and old stored gas and refill those gas cans. Add an extra full propane tank for cooking and or heating, and or 5 gallons of kerosene and some lamps if you don’t have any on hand. Perhaps add a solar oven or some solar panels for a small solar power set up. Top off your oil stove now instead of waiting for next fall.  I think an investment of $200-500.00 could be a heck of a bargain come next fall or winter!

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! Look at getting some rain barrels, a good water filter and a few water barrels/jugs  to store your potable water for cooking and drinking. I just got a 50 gallon collapsible rain barrel from Amazon for $35.00 and free shipping. My farm store offer a real nice 50 gallon rigid rain barrel with the spigot installed for about $36.00 that was used to transport olives  so I think it is food safe but I can’t confirm that!  Spring is coming and you could collect a lot of rain water in your barrels for your lawn and garden for the summer.  How about a small laundry system made of 5 gallon buckets, or a janitorial mop bucket and wringer or antique wringer washer?  Investing $300.00 in water/rain barrels,  a good water filter will pay off right away as your water bill should go done or at least stay about even if the cost the utility charges goes up!

Rice, beans, grains and sugar prices have held steady for the last couple of months.  Meat and dairy items are still relatively low price along with jars, pressure canners and dehydrators.   Put some of that money to work today getting stuff to preserve your food without using a fridge or freezer or buy a freezer if you don’t have one yet!  How about a nice smoker and stocking up on charcoal along with some hardwood chips or logs.  I’m starting to see some good buys on canned goods and stuff for holiday meals. Get a bin or two and fill them up with all the canned/dry goods you normally buy for Holiday meals. Most items will last 1-2 years and if the go on sale again after the holidays you just rotate via first in/ first out. Figure about $300.00 for whatever is your most critical need be it food or food preservation you can still get a heck of a big bang for your buck!

I have been getting a lot of 1st aid items as well as some stuff for minor surgery.  Stethoscopes and and some stuff you see in the Doctor or nurses office/station. With the Medical device tax everything from sterile gloves on up will be going up in cost so best to get them now!  I’m fairly knowledgeable on 1st aid from my Combat Life saver course I got in the Army and I’m always learning/keeping up to date for any changes. But let’s say we add a nurse or doctor to the tribe they are going to need supplies.  It’s best that you have the supplies on hand for them to use even if you don’t know how to use those items.  Same thing about getting 1st aid supplies for all your critters. Spending a hundred dollars at a dollar store can get you a lot of vitamins,  OTC meds along with chemical cold/heat packs, bandages, masks, gloves as well as powders, ointments and muscle rubs. You can pickup some nice stuff at your local drug store like BP cuffs, all kinds of scopes the Medical profession uses to look at the “holes in your head”. So another $100.00 invested in the medical devices.

All of that shopping will cost less than $1500.00 which is the less than the going price of most “Assault rifles” if you can find one for sale.  It will also give you and your family most of what you will need for the next 3-6 months and get you quite a few tools for becoming more self reliant. I’m betting a few folks put all that gun and ammo buying on the credit card or took out a loan! Once those bills start hitting the mailbox after the panic has gone away, I think we might see some lower prices coming up in the next few months.  We got the rest of our lives ahead of us so use your brain and don’t follow the herd!

Being disabled or handicapped when the SHTF

January 5, 2013

I’m 100% disabled and on SSD as well as getting a bit of VA disability and I’m a prepper!  I’m lucky that I can get around via a walker and I was really lucky my home is basically 1 floor and not a split level.  While CIDP is not fun,  life could be worse!  I was so weak after this disease hit I could not make a pot of coffee or even pull on a sock as my muscles and nerves got FUBAR for information. Now  I can putter around the house and take care of myself, do my own shopping and drive myself around. If you have to depend on others to get around you know what a big deal it is to go and do stuff when you want to and not be dependent on someone else.

I’ve been focusing on many new skills and a few old one I learned when I was younger to add to the mix. I found a nice little lead melting oven for $65.00 and a lead mold for doing six 9mm bullets at a time. It takes no great feat of strength to make those bullets, in fact some people find it kind of boring and repetitive. But it’s a great job for someone that can’t do hard labor and you can make a heck of a lot of bullets in a few hours work.  Sewing,  knitting and weaving are some new skills I’m trying out or slowly getting better at with practice. The  thing is, if you screw up you can just start over as your basic materials are still okay to reuse!  Same thing with reloading bullets it just take time and attention to detail to make good bullets.

If you can’t do hard labor you can still learn skills to be useful for barter or for your tribe. I don’t care much for taking care of kids, but watching/teaching the little ones while the parents work can be a great occupation for all those who do like rug rats. Going out fishing and taking the kids is a great way to add protein and I know I started to learn to fish at about 5 or 6 years of age. I won’t say I was good starting out but when I got to 7 and 8 years old I could clean the fish I caught and be trusted with a pocket knife to do a good job. Plus at that time I learned how to sharpen knives because a sharp knife is less likely to cut you compared to a dull one. I  think learning to clean a fish is a great introduction to cleaning all meat animals. Cleaning a rabbit or a deer is basically the same it’s just a matter of scale and adding a bone saw to get through some of the larger bones.

So if you handicapped or you are not quite up to doing some of the more physical things to survive you are going to have to build up your skill set as well as having the tools to make things easier for you to accomplish. I’m adding  a lot of muscle power and electric/ battery powered tools to take advantage of solar energy rather than just gas powered equipment. If I have gas I can use my generator to power them, but as I get my solar generator parts and  the solar generator online it will give me another energy option. Go into a truck stop and would be amazed at all the little appliances that can be power via 12 volts, from mini fridges to frying pans . Solar panels and inverters are  fairly cheap and if you can’t afford a generator yet, you can use your car battery, a small inverter and a solar panel trickle charger to help keep the battery charged up and stretch your gas supply.

Having the right tool for a job to share, trade or barter might get you a little free labor for the use of that tool.  Someone will get sick and will need some nursing care,  monitor a radio, provide security lookout, or the cooking the meals while all those healthy athletic types are doing the physical labor. Hot water for washing up, a good meal or clean clothes is very important to anyone who has spent a long day  working. With a few tools to make those tasks easier you can contribute a lot to your tribe with just these few ideas and I’m sure you can think of more you can do with things that take time to get done.  You will have to get creative but I don’t see that being handicapped should mean a person has no value to the tribe.

My odds are probably on the low side for survival because of my handicap. I can’t run or work hard physically or go long without a rest, but that is why I get stuff that helps me work and have food and stuff stored so I don’t have to work so hard. What I do is about giving myself the best possible chance at survival and no guarantees are given in life other than “you will die”, and I refuse to just give up because things are harder.  So I keep adding stuff and skills to stack the odds in my favor.  Doing and learning stuff to be less dependent is a lot more fun for me than say, buying a bag of flour or rice (unless I get a really super price).     🙂

Abolish the US Constitution! What a great idea!

January 4, 2013

No I haven’t lost my mind but this Idea seems to wandering around some of the elites and the NY Times as an idea that time has come but they do seem to be missing a few things that will happen if the Constitution goes away! Such as the Enumerated powers.

The federal government * has three branches: Article I of the Constitution creates the legislative branch (Congress) & lists its powers; Article II creates the executive branch & lists its powers; and Article III creates the judicial branch & lists its powers. With the cancellation of the Constitution all of these powers will cease to exist!

Article I, § 8, grants to Congress the powers:

    1. To lay certain taxes;
    2. To pay the debts of the United States;
    3. To declare war and make rules of warfare, to raise and support armies and a navy and to make rules governing the military forces; to call forth the militia for certain purposes, and to make rules governing the militia;
    4. To regulate commerce with foreign Nations, and among the States, and with the Indian Tribes;
    5. To establish uniform Rules of Naturalization;
    6. To establish uniform Laws on Bankruptcies;
    7. To coin money and regulate the value thereof;
    8. To fix the standard of Weights and Measures;
    9. To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting;
    10. To establish post offices and post roads;
    11. To issue patents and copyrights;
    12. To create courts inferior to the supreme court; and
    13. To define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the Laws of Nations.
      Other provisions of the Constitution grant Congress powers to make laws regarding:
  1. An enumeration of the population for purposes of apportionment of Representatives and direct taxes (Art. I, § 2, cl. 3);
  2. Elections of Senators & Representatives (Art. I, §4, cl. 1) and their pay (Art. I, § 6);
  3. After 1808, to prohibit importation of slaves (Art. I, § 9, cl. 1); **
  4. A restricted power to suspend Writs of Habeas Corpus (Art. I, §9, cl. 2);
  5. To revise and control imposts or duties on imports or exports which may be laid by States (Art. I, § 10, cl. 2 &3)
  6. A restricted power to declare the punishment of Treason (Art. III, §3, cl. 2);
  7. Implementation of the Full Faith and Credit clause (Art. IV, §1); and,
  8. Procedures for amendments to The Constitution (Art. V).

The 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, & 26th Amendments grant additional powers to Congress respecting civil rights & voting rights, the public debt [lawfully incurred], income tax, successions to vacated offices, dates of assembly, and appointment of representatives from the D.C.

The Constitution authorizes Congress to exercise throughout the States these and only these powers! Without the Costitution all of these powers are null and void.

Pesidential powers

  1. Only on declaration of war by Congress does the President becomes the Commander in Chief of the military. – Section 2. Clause 1:
    “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States;”
    NOTE: ONLY CONGRESS HAS THE AUTHORITY TO DECLARE WAR and money for standing armies may not be appropriated for more than two years: U.S. Constitution Article. I. Section. 8.  I.e. The U.S. Constitution clearly dictates that there will be no standing army in the U.S. other than when Congress declares war which shall not be for more than two years.
  2. The power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment. – Section 2. Clause 1.
  3. To make Treaties, but only by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate and provided that two thirds of the Senators concur. – Section 2. Clause 2.
  4. To nominate and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate appoint the following: Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose positions are established by Law but not identified by the Constitution. But Congress vests such appointments by law. Note: Nominate, Appoint then Vest. I.e. Two thirds of Senators must approve any appointment and Congress, which includes the House and Senate can only put into office these approved nominations into office. – Section 2. Clause 2.
  5. To fill up Vacancies in the Senate that may happen during the Recess of the Senate. – Section 2. Clause 3.
  6. Give to Congress Information of the State of the Union. – Section 3.
  7. On extraordinary Occasions the President may convene both Houses. – Section 3.
  8. Receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers.  Section 3.
  9. Take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed. – Section 3.
  10. Commission all the Officers of the United States. – Section 3.
  11. To approve any law made by congress or within ten days to veto any law that is not approved by more than two thirds of Congress.  – Article I, Section 7., Clause 2.

Without the Costitution all of these powers are null and void.

Judical powers:

(The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority; to all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls; to all Cases of admiralty and maritime Jurisdiction; to Controversies to which the United States shall be a Party; to Controversies between two or more States; between a State and Citizens of another State; between Citizens of different States; between Citizens of the same State claiming Lands under Grants of different States, and between a State, or the Citizens thereof, and foreign States, Citizens or Subjects.) (This section in parentheses is modified by the 11th Amendment.)

In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.

The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.

This will mean all amendments are null and void and no longer have the force of law. All branches of the Federal government will be null and void and from the president, all members of the House and Senate as well as all Federal judges will have no standing other than as citizens like everyone else in America.  Each individual states laws and powers can stay in affect but all Federal power is gone as enumerated by the Constitution.

Well this a bit less than optimal. Folks are waking up and they are pissed!

January 2, 2013

While anger can be a good motivating emotion. It really sucks when people start to lash out at random because they can’t reach  the people that pissed them off. I know I wanted folks to get out of the Denial stage about the PTBs.  I was not ready for the anger that they are ready to lash out with and unleash.  I completely understand the anger and it is well justified in my opinion, but it’s not all that helpful in dealing with reality and what you need to do to make you and your family prepared.

Call the Banksters, politicians, globalists, corporations, lobbyist and monied lackeys all the names you want. But what matter is what you will do next for yourself and your family. You got lied too, cheated and you helped a bit because you wanted to believe the hype. Or at least I did!  But, anger and or fear will not help you now. You got get serious about survival for yourself and your family. The Government will not save you, Hell they created this economic mess and if you think FEMA or the DHS will help you out you can check in with the folks in New Orleans or those dealing with Hurricane Sandy and ask them exactly what they think of the PTB’s actions.

You must save yourself! Who cares more about your well being than you? My $125.00 shopping list has held steady on cost for basic staples for over 2 years and for one person that is a good 2 meals per day for over six months or cover a family of 4 for a month easily as a start on food storage. I’m not sure the price will hold this spring/summer because of the drought in the Midwest, but it should be good for a couple of months into 2013.  I don’t what your family or your own life is worth to you, but to me $125.00 seems darn cheap food insurance.

I’ve read about few folks don’t want to survive during an” Economic Collapse” or a major disaster. As if not posting on Twitter or Facebook is what gives their lives meaning. I suppose that is possible, but I can’t understand that mindset of giving up, just cause survival gets harder and person might have to take full responsibility for providing the food they eat, water they drink and all the stuff any human in the 19th century did every damn day. Is  the ability of playing or using an Ipad/electronic gadget more important than your life? I faced dying as well as being disabled and I think my life is still worth living. I really hate when the PTBs talk about “Quality of Life” as if my life has no meaning because I’m disabled and can’t work. I should step aside and just die as if I’m no longer worthy of the life God gave me because I’m no longer a cog in their machine.

I think not!  While my life did not take the path I thought it would,  I think I have become a much better person because of my disability. Oh sure I have daily pain and I certainly don’t have near the stamina or physical energy I did when I was in the Army. I hope I have become more understanding of any person having limitations they can’t control and not accepting any limitations on what they can control. I’m  not special, life just is and you deal with whatever cards you are dealt. I’m certainly not going to give into some pinhead in DC or any PTBs that think my life is not worth living because he/she couldn’t deal with being disabled.

We don’t have time to waste and you are running out of options! You got to get busy learning and doing in 2013. Learn what is edible around you and grows naturally. Get your hunting and fishing license and have a little fishing pole and go to the local creek or pond and go fishing. A few trout, bass, catfish or perch could be the only protein  you can afford or will supplement what you got stored. Plus they are good eats! Pigeons are good eating or if it makes you feel better call them squab, it’s same dang thing!  Cornish game hens in the store is nothing more than a small, young rooster. If you can’t kill and clean what you eat, I hope you enjoy cutting up several day old rotting carcasses. Because that will be your choice and you won’t choose to starve! Better to learn how to fish and garden now especially if you don’t have few years of food stored and haven’t tried gardening .

But, Jamie  I don’t know how?..  Guess what you got the internet, books and time to learn.  This test is a simple pass/ fail. You live you pass! that’s it.