Excited about getting the bean barrel started.

I checked out some of the prices for the beans at Cash & Carry and was pleasantly surprised by how much I can get for about $100.00. The shopping list is a mix of Black beans, great northern beans, split peas and lentils. Doing this mix I can get 175 pounds on the start of the “drum” and that is a lot more than I thought I could get on a my start for the bean barrel.  If you are just getting started on building your “pantry” of food you can start off with 5, 10 or 25 pounds and repackage the food in another bag with a little DE and place in a  Tupperware type bin for storage.  That is how I started out on my prepping and I still use those bins. The ten and eighteen gallon bins hold a lot of stuff,  fit great in a closet and don’t look like you are prepping if you nosy kids and people over.  Food buckets, shelves full of canned food will sort of stand out. Plus if you are located in a place where you need to bugout the 10 gallon bins are easy to move to your vehicle and can be used for rain water collection, a small sink/tub,  laundry or use for starting plants.

I’m blessed that God decided to smack up side the head to wake me up a few years ago.  I have plenty of food already in the pantry and I can dedicate almost all of my monthly food budget to this project.  It might sound a bit odd me getting so thrilled by getting these barrels done. But for me the peace of mind and the reduction in stress is worth more than all the toys, gadgets and the other stuff that people think means you are rich or succesful.

I have always found Joseph from the Old Testement in the Bible a very intriguing character. He is a bit of a jerk, a trickster and counted on other people’s sense of honor and integrity in order to get what he wanted. Even as a kid I wondered  “Why am I being told this story” and why is Joseph consider a bit of a hero of the Bible. I was lucky that I had a pastor that explained that God could use anyone for his purpose and that even heros are human and have their flaws.  I think that helped me a lot when both good and bad things happened to me as that is how life works. God didn’t love me more when good things happened in my life and he didn’t love me less when bad things happened!

Perhaps this is why I am on the seven year food storage idea! I am in very good shape compared to many people as far as preparing for the future. But I think the feeling I got was another smack upside the head from God saying stop comparing if yourself to others, get back to work so that you can be a blessing to others. As flawed and handicapped as I am physically and finacially, if I can get this done it will show others how to get prepared for the future too!  Your family and freinds don’t listen when you tell them bad times are coming. Well they didn’t listen to Noah or Isaiah or Jeremiah or most of the other prophets so we are at least in pretty good company.  No, I’m not comparing myself to those guys, other than say if they could not get people to wake up with all the miracles they preformed,  I’m doing a good job educating/helping a few folks via this blog.

Now for my screw ups I let myself get low on AAA batteries and muscle heat rub. So I need to get to work on those items though I’m doing a bit better on my C cell batteries than I thought I had on hand.  I’m adding the generic version of Mucinex to my first aid items as it seems to help with Fybromyalgia pain along with cough and colds. Mom says it helped a bit with her Fybro in the short-term but she is very sensitive to drugs and the side effects. It’s still early days on the research but I love multi-taskers of all kinds. Now that the flu season is starting to wind down it’s a good time to stock up on cold/flu items on sale.

Remember these are ideas I have tried out to see if they can work for me. If they work for me I let try to let you all know the upside and the downside of each idea.  I’m hoping to bug in because of my handicap and that will work out but there is no guarantee that is what will happen.  All you can do is keep stacking the odds in your favor, test, practice and add real life skills that can help you to survive.  Anything you do to prepare “might” help.  Just having 3 months of basics on hand will get you through any minor disaster such as a snow storm or hurricane and save you the stress of going to the store or ATM in the event of Mama nature letting us humans know “we ain’t all that”. We are all going to die, even Jesus died. Ask yourself are you doing all you can to really live?

Let’s imagine I have to bug out for a couple weeks or even a couple of months in my RV while the” Zombies” might clean out my canned goods I doubt many of them would have a clue on how to use most of the grains or the patience to cook the dry beans.  While they might use some of the water I have stored or even dump it out. Those big barrels of water would probably stay put because of weight.  The “Zombies” will take what they can carry off  fairly easily in a “smash and grab” and both food and water are very bulky and heavy. Sad to say there will be a lot of easy “targets” for them to hit.


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  1. I use generic Mucinex for my chronic bronchitis. I have never heard of it being good for fibromyalgia. Do you take it several times each day or just once each day for fibro?

    • Jamie says:

      The reasearch is a bit thin and early days as far as a big study. But my Mom has Fibro and took the min. dosage and it helped until the side effects kicked her butt. She said it seemed to help some with the Fibro pain/flare. So knowing my Mom she probably started off with about half of the normal adult dosage. Or just the first starting dosage for an adult.
      She did notice it that it helped with the Fibro but the sideeffects kept her from considering it a long term answer to the pain.

      I’ll ask her what her starting dosage was on the Musinex. It wasn’t me using it but Mom, and she pays a lot of attention to what she takes and what works and what doesn’t work for her. It’s not that the drugs don’t work for her but if any side effect exists she seems to suffer from it. Mom says she has a mild form of Fibro and is very lucky that it has not progressed much compared to others. I think my little Peke pup took a higher dosage of tramidol when he had a bad back compare to what Mom takes for her fibro pain.
      I have not tried the Musinex for dealing with my CIDP because the research is a bit thin. But I don’t mind stocking up on it for colds and having it on hand to try out if it is needed.

      • Tramadol does NOTHING for me, so I don’t take it. I take nothing because of reported side-effects. I would like to know what she says.

      • Jamie says:

        Mom, took 1/2 tablet or about 200 mg per day of the generic musinex and she believes it did help with the pain. She can’t take tramidol much as it make her brain a bit fuzzy, Add in the Fibro “fog” that can make that whole thinking thing through go right in the trash.
        I’m not saying Mucinex will help with anything but a cold. But I do think it might be something to test out slowly if you have fibro and certainly a great OTC to add to your pantry.
        Mom insists she must be capable of thinking instead of just drugging herself into a stupor. She had a Doctor tell her she basically was cooking her skin using heat packs rather than taking the lovely tramidol and other drugs the docs prescribed for her. Well the Medicare system gives the doctors a lot more money for drugs than OTCs or home treatments.
        Mom is not a drinker but I do wish at times she could have a bit of home brewed beer, wine or my mead just medicinally. But I do kind of understand her as that first glass of brew tastes/feels good and that can turn into a lot of glasses of brew that can make you sick. If you are a non-drinker around drinkers,and you have a glass suddenly you must catch up with all the “cool kids” drinking. It’s a very easy trap to fall into. That doesn’t seem to change if you are 17 or 70 years old.

  2. riverrider says:

    j, sadly the history on looters is that they set fire to whatever they can’t have/use just for meaness, but you shouldn’t have much of that out where you are.

  3. As Riverrider said, I would like to add another consideration:. looters can turn into squatters if they think the owner isn’t coming back. That could mean you would be coming back into a hot zone that you stocked.

  4. Jamie says:

    I hope not to leave! Anything that would send me out would be similar to a toxic chemical spill. So anyone hanging around would probably be sick or dead. Other than that I am helping others in the nieghborhood and I have a lot of family around. Bugging out is a last resort but I’m still making plans just in case it is needed.

  5. wonderdawg says:

    too old and tired to bug out…why I picked my AO, fairly remote and egress from one direction only with live creek across property and plenty of game and long growing season….need to gain a couple more pair of hands and I’m content to make my stand here…for the good or bad of it…

  6. Jamie says:

    dawg, that really means a lot to me. Total self-intrest on my part. I’m convincing you good people to take me in after you see my resume. I’m disabled but it does not mean I’m worthless. Some one will always be required to sit on their butt and fish, take a slingshot after the birds and squirells that decide to raid the garden and keep those little rugrats, supervised if not under control.

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