I promised myself I would nothing today and failed!

I was very tired on Wed. after getting the beer done and in the bucket to ferment.  My sleep schedule has taking a big hit from the shift of weather from 0 degrees F as a high to 50 degrees in a matter of a week.  I’m not complaining just stating fact.  I’m really happy to see some sunshine and the warmer temps.

So anyway I figured I got quite a bit done this week and I could afford to be lazy on a week day. But I didn’t get all of my beer brewing equipment cleaned up and I hate leaving my brew bags dirty even if all I do is give them a good rinse.  So I took them to the tub and using the shower sprayer, I noticed the bathroom could stand a cleaning so I sprayed the sink and toilet down with a little cleaner and went to work on the bags in the tub that would need a cleaning after the bags anyway. Heck since I was cleaning bags anyway I might as well let the bathroom cleaner sit a bit and then wipe everything down after I was done with the bags.

Of course the clean smell started getting to me in a good way after a bit so I decided to give floors a quick hit with the vacuum cleaner and then the kitchen floor started bothering me.  I don’t get too crazy over the kitchen floor in springtime  as the cat and dogs will  replace all  paw prints within minutes of me mopping but it worked out nicely as the critters stayed outside till the floor dried and I discovered the floor can stay white for at least a few minutes 🙂

Of course now that I got the floor clean I started noticing the cabinets and walls need a good cleaning as well and got a small start on that with a little bit of pine oil cleaner. Remember more cleaner is not a better cleaner and if you go to strong you can drive yourself out of the house with the fumes. So while a few pots were soaking I started on one wall and the appliances with the pine cleaner. I like the smell of pine oil cleaner and it’s got some germ fighting capabilities so it was a good start.

For most of your cleaning needs if you go for commercial products. You can clean just about everything in your home with just bleach, pine oil, Ajax/Comet, Dawn dish soap and Sudsy Ammonia.  If you add in Baking soda, Borax, vinegar and fels naphtha, you can make a cleaning product for just about every surface in your home.  Never mix any type of ammonia product with bleach as you are making a toxic gas that is capable of killing you at worse or leave you an invalid at best!  That combination was used in the gas attacks of WWI and it will ruin your whole day.  If you don’t make your own soap buy Ivory soap bars. You can often find these bars 3 for a dollar and the are great multi-taskers.  Besides cleaning your body you can shave the bars let the shavings dry out a bit and use it as a laundry or dish soap. Figure about 1 bar of soap per person per month for storage.

I do use a few commercial cleaner that make cleanup a little easier for me. I really like the Lysol brand of bathroom cleaner. I get it for a great price and it’s cheaper than the Scrubbing bubbles brand and does a great job. Dawn dish soap is one of my favorite cleaners and I have used it to get rid of grease stain on t-shirts even after the shirt had run through the dryer. If you have a Family Dollar store check them out. I think the “Family Dollar” dishwasher detergent they sell is the equal of Cascade and cost about half as much.  I get a great deal on brand name cleaning supplies at Family Dollar.  Big Lots is another great store for bargains on Brand name cleaning supplies and the Sun Brand laundry soap seems a good value for me and I use cold water almost always when I wash my clothes.  You get the liquid soap for about $6.00 for 120 loads and that covers my laundry needs for a year at 2 loads per week.

The reason I bring this up is most cleaning supplies have a great shelf life except for bleach after it is opened. Tide detergent is being used as a barter item among folks on EBT as it is not food so they must pay for it. If people are willing to steal and barter an item in good times it’s probably a good bet that they will do the same in “hard times”.  Another reason is a good cleaning product will save on water usage as you are not having to clean something 2 or 3 times.  Last but not least a clean home is a healthy home.  Living in filth is hard on you mentally as well as physically. The people that keep themselves clean in refugee or even the “death camps” of Nazi Germany almost always were the healthiest  people in the camps.  In WWI men would go through battles, get gassed and shelled and hold up okay, but would break into tears of living in the filth of the trenches and not having a prospect of getting clean after a couple of weeks or months.  One sick person can be a huge threat to a community via the spread of disease.  Practicing good hygiene is absolutely critical to good health.   Got Soap?


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