Got clothes?

Your clothing is your first shelter against the elements and since shelter is one of the main items you need to survive it makes sense to have a good supply of clothing that is good for months or even years!  I don’t know about your skill level when it comes to cloth goods but I’m not sure I could make a pair of socks or even panties even if I was handed a few yards of cotton. But I can buy up extras as clothing goes on sale.

I have been getting extra socks and T-shirts, shorts and sweats when they go on sale. I prefer cotton when I buy most of these items as it breathes and is good for the summer time heat that can get over 100 degrees regularly. I like wool for cold weather but some folks skin is irritated by wool but if you wear the cotton against your skin and the wool on top you can get the benefits of both fabrics as well as layering to conserve heat.  Sweat is a killer in the cold and having extra clean t-shirts and socks to replace a sweat soaked item will keep you much warmer as well as cleaner.

Now is a great time to look for sale on winter gear on sale. Coats, hats, boots and gloves are things you will need next winter or perhaps to replace items that will wear out in a couple of years.  Get the basics that are good quality and a good price that will last for years working around the house. Yeah they are kind of the work wear basics that you see people that work outside year round wear and then you can add a few items for your inner Fashionista. Kind of like when I was a kid and you had your “school clothes” and your play clothes!

If you find a boot, shoe or sneaker you like and fits you get 2-3 pairs and rotate the days you wear them. They will last much longer than if you simply bought another pair after wearing the first pair out. Buy good quality boots that can be re-soled and repaired. You might be surprised how many folks do that kind of work especially around a military base. Good combat boots can cost a bit of money but they can be re-soled and repaired a lot cheaper than a new pair and you don’t have to break in a new pair of boots.  If you live next to a military base many of the “dry cleaners”  do alterations or repairs on clothing so they are a great place for extending the lifetime of clothing if you are still learning to sew.

Repair work on clothing is not hard to learn or practice. Get a book or Google it on the internet and you can find some very simple instructions. If you have a needle, thread and a willingness to learn you might surprise yourself on what you can do as simple repairs and patching.  One thing I have learned is sew up any holes before washing. Nothing like a good spin cycle and dryer to test your stitches.  Many sewing repairs occur at the seam, so you already have a guide to assist you in your repairs. Last but not least remember you will be learning as well as practicing so if you screw up it’s no big deal.  Little projects that don’t work can always go in the “rag bag” .

Supplies to store are things like buttons, zippers, Velcro, buckles and all kinds of fasteners. Get a good supply of thread at least in basic colors of white, black, red, blue and whatever colors you prefer to wear. Get good quality scissors, like a good knife this is not a tool to get cheap. I have bought good quality scissors for $10.00 but that was more luck than knowledge. Ask around and take your time on this purchase, heck if you go to craft or fabric store you could probably ask 3-5 different customers what scissor they would recommend and get a set of good ones.  Don’t be afraid to ask customers (browsing mode) in those craft and fabric stores if you are in the sewing section.  Most people love to be seen as an expert or at least knowledgeable and love to help a person out.  Also many of these stores of free or cheap classes for projects or know of classes so don’t be afraid to ask for info!

For myself  I have been adding a bit clothing on sale for myself and now I’m adding stuff in other sizes that can either be used by friends & family or as barter. These items can also make great presents and be part of getting all you holiday items done early instead of panic buying at the last moment. I walk in a little Mall five days a week and they have a Macy outlet and a Burlington coat factory and you would be amazed at what I have bought for $5.00-$10.00 or less.  I’m not saying you can’t shop for bargains but good quality clothing and shoes are not just something you wear but should be seen as an investment in the future!


6 Responses to Got clothes?

  1. Workerbeesc says:

    I have been sewing for 20+ years. My favorite scissors are by Kai. They are around $20. They stay sharp. No affiliation, just a happy customer. 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Good post. I’ve been slowly stocking up on the things I wear as well, especially underwear and socks. I can envision where in a collapse being able to change both of the above items regularly even if you can’t bathe everyday might be very beneficial.

  3. dee says:

    Workerbeesc: Funny that, I bought my Kai scissors in 1984 at a sewing seminar I attended, and have never bought another pair. As the instructor told us, NEVER use these scissors for any other function other than fabric use, they stay in pristine condition. I taught my hubby and kids that, to never borrow them unless they had permission, I testify to your happiness!

  4. Jamie says:

    Workerbee and dee I have never heard of Kai scissors but I will be on the look out for some now. I got a couple of scissors just for all around chores and an Olfa Rotary cutting tool for fabrics but I haven’t used the Olfa yet.

    Matt I like the Jerzee Tshirts I get at Joann’s Fabrics. They cost $2.00-$3.00 each but they are a heavy duty cotton to take decorations. Many t-shirts have gotten so thin they don’t last long.

    I like the Stanley brand cotton sock as they are thick cotton unlike many of the Hanes socks. I get the socks at Big Lots.

  5. Talking about boots, I just picked up a pair for many of the reasons you listed: Resolable, leather for longgevity, heavy duty for wear reasons. I would like to pick up a couple more pair for those inevitable ‘soakings’ that take place during the colder months. Dry feet are happy feet. Happy feet carry you much further in your day, whether its humping a ruck or cutting firewood, etc.
    And that cheap crap that is sold in the big box stores now is not worth looking at, no matter how tempting that price. Pay the extra, your feet will thank you for many years, and the price in the long run is much less than several purchases of those cheapies.

    • Jamie says:

      dio, If you can get those boots and rotate daily. In the Army we got issued 2 pairs of boots and if you rotate them the will last many years. I don’t think I destoyed a pair of my combat boots. Gouged the heck out of the leather and had them resaoled a couple of times but never worn out.

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