Got my beans for starting the “Drum” and helping out others

I ended up buying 100 pounds of beans though it didn’t go quite as I had planned.  C&C was out of split peas in the 25 pound bag which is kind of odd as it was not on sale just a good buy at $11.00 for a 25 pound bag. It was the cheapest item on the “bean” aisle but let’s face it split peas are seen as “poor folk” food and I doubt that split pea soup has suddenly become the trendy food item for most people. C &C does not accept EBT so folks are paying cash money for very cheap food.  I’m not knocking split peas, I like a good split pea soup but it’s not something I think is on the average Americans shopping list.  I did get some 25 pound bags of black beans, great northerns and lentils. Not on sale but they only cost about $50.00 total for 75 pounds so it worked with the budget. I did splurge a bit as Paul’s had the 16 bean soup mix on sale and I got 25 pounds for about $35.00. I love this mix, as it can be cooked all by itself with just a bit of salt and pepper and taste good.  It’s made here in Idaho so I’m supporting a local company and farmers.  The brand is Soranco bean products out of Twin Falls and this by far the best multi-bean mix I have found as far as taste. Store foods you like and want to eat is a primary rule on my food storage.  It’s not a good idea to store food you don’t like or don’t know how to cook because some expert said you need….

I got a really good buy on a Beef sirloin tip roast as well as a couple of small pork sirloin roast. If you see a boneless roast for a good price get it. You can easily cut up a few steaks from the hunk of roast and the leftover bits make great stew meat and is a lot cheaper than paying your local butcher to cube the meat.  Being your own butcher is not difficult once you learn how to work with how the muscles are laid out you can cut your meat as long as you work with a particular cut.  Cutting around some of the bigger bones can be a bit difficult so start with boneless chunks of meat and practice. If you screw up don’t sweat it as the protein in the meat is still good you just might have to stew or braise it cooking so it gets a bit more tender.

I got a bit more Toilet paper on sale and I’m working on my 100 rolls on hand goal.  I need to get busy and get more on hand for myself and barter.  I have backups but even with the increased cost of TP it is still a bargain in the scheme of things and I know I will always want/need it on hand. Once I get my yard cleanup done I need to have the utilities mark out buried lines at my house.  I found a great plan for an out house that can service 25-30 people but it is about 8 feet wide and  deep and digging into a water or gas line can ruin your day.  This idea is a basic plan for a 3rd world nation and can support a small village year after year with very little work and safely contains human waste.   If  Teowaki  happens  safely disposing of human waste will become very important and a block of neighbors could make an out house collection point that can safely dispose of human waste with some work. But hitting a gas line tends to be contra-indicated for survival so if you have a home in the city get the underground lines marked out.

I know it sucks that you may have to do so much work to help out non-preppers that probably ridicule you and call you names,  I know it does me.  But flies, mosquitoes, fleas and vermin don’t care that you prepared and your neighbor didn’t prep. The vermin move on to the next meal which is probably you, so while you are helping the ‘hood you are actually protecting yourself and family.  It might your own self interest to buy a few extra 5 gallon paint buckets and some toilet seats that fit them to hand out to local folks and hope they will practice a little safe hygiene. You know your neighbors better than I do, but I think sanitation or the lack there of will be a big killer if the SHTF.  We have seen folks do very foul things when stressed so best to plan for the worst and perhaps you might make your block a bit safer for yourself and family by planning ahead.


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    hows about alink to the othose plan. please.

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