Sales, sanitation and shopping the rant free version.

Fred Meyers has the store brand coffee for sale at $5.99 for the big can.  Progresso vegetable soups on sale $1.00, no coupon and no limits.   I like Progresso soup and even a kid is capable of heating up the soup and making a sandwich for lunch. I’m hoping to score on some of tomato and minestrone flavors.

I am looking to spend about $30.00 at Big Lots for the paper products and batteries. Awhile back I  got a got a good buy on the regular rolls of TP now that they are shrinking in size I prefer the “double” rolls and moving the single rolls to the barter box and charity buckets. I’m thinking about starting a sanitation bucket to hand out or barter. These poo buckets could be stored in the shop without worrying about extreme temp. changes.  A few items would go a long way in helping to keep people healthy and hopefully not doing anything stupid.  I know they will will still do dumb stuff but a girl can dream!

The basic setup for the poo bucket would consist of:

  1. A 5 gallon paint bucket from one of the big box stores. Cost $3.50
  2. A bucket toilet seat from a camp store or Emergency Essentials. Cost $8.00-$10.00 Most of these seats close so I don’t think you would need to buy a lid for the bucket. I need to double check and see how well the seat actually seals.
  3. Four construction grade garbage bags (6 mil thick) for lining the bucket and short term storage of poo.  I know that places sell bio-degradable poo bags but they degrade in storage after a year or less.  Use one of the garbage bags to store the everything in the bucket so you only have to unpack the bag instead each item. Cost $14.00 for a box but you get about 8-10 bags per box. These bags are great multi-tasker so having extra on hand is good thing!
  4. Ten-fifteen regular garbage bags for trash of feminine hygiene products,  disposable diaper and things that should not be flushed. Cost $2.00
  5. Eight single rolls of TP should be enough for about two weeks for a family of 4. Females will use more and the guys will use less but hopefully that would be enough to last about 14 days. If a disaster lasts longer than that everyone will need to work on a long term poo solution. Cost about $2.00
  6. A large package of baby wipes. Cost $1.00 at the dollar store.
  7. Wood chips or shredded newspaper, dry leaves and straw for covering “your stuff” after you use the bucket. I hope any disaster would be on a short time frame or that sewage treatment keeps functioning but I don’t plan on it. These items will help keep down odors and if you need to switch to a long term solution they should help break down human waste. Cost Free-$10.00
  8. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)  food grade 4 oz. container,  for controlling flies and it also helps with odors. Cost $15.00 for five pounds and this is something you need to have on hand for everything from food storage to pet and kid safe bug  control. Five pounds will last a long time.
  9. Misc. Items. What I’m doing is setting these buckets up for friends and neighbors first so I have a good idea if they need baby diapers, female products or even adult diapers and barter in general.

That first fully stocked poo bucket will cost about $35.00-$50.00 but some of the items can be used for your other  preps. If you have priced a porta-potty you know these buckets are still cheaper and you can always use these items yourself. If you have to build an outhouse these buckets could be used as the seat after the bottom of the bucket is cut out and save you both time and money on construction. If you decide to go with a humanure compost type of set up these buckets are great for transporting waste.

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  1. Queen Bee says:

    Jamie last year I bought two of the Emergency Essentials buckets with the toliet seats when they were on sale. The buckets they have are nice because they are a bit taller than a regular bucket and because of that are easier to sit down/get up. I know that isn’t essential, but if you had to use it in the long run, it would be a bit more comfortable. Especially if a person is handicapped and it’s hard to sit down low, etc. The toliet seat lids close quite tightly too.
    Miss Violet

  2. Jamie says:

    Miss Violet, thanks for the info on the lids. I was thinking about about the heigth issue, but you know start with cheap and basic, then improve on it. I think one of those potty chairs you see at the drug stores would be the best option but they do cost some extra money.

  3. Queen Bee says:

    You are right about the toliet chairs. I had to have one for my recovery from surgery. I decided to keep it because it will be perfect for a situation that we are talking about and they have adjustable leg heights to boot. If a person isn’t squimish about used things (or has access to lots of bleach, hahah!) You can pick up medical equipment like that at the second hand shops pretty cheap I hear. I ordered my equipment from Amazon, because I didn’t have the luxury of being able to get around to shop for a deal at a second hand shop. I decided I would keep all my medical equipment that I acquired throughout the course of my accident/surgery, wheelchair, crutches, canes, shower chair, etc because I figured it would be needed sooner or later and it wouldn’t be getting any cheaper. I could outfit a hospital floor, lol. 😉
    Miss Violet

    • Jamie says:

      Miss V, It’s amazing the bits of health care items I have collect via smashing myself up. I would not keep my crutches as I hated the darn things but I still have my wheel chair though I get around pretty good via my walker.
      I’m not good on using 2nd hand stores mostly because I don’t think of them when shopping, but Mom goes to them all the time and I talked about looking for those medical items. It’s great having Mom prep with me as we tend to cover each others “blind spots”.

  4. HMM.
    If you are shopping at Freddies that tells me you are in the Pacific Northwest.
    I know they have one as far South as Coos Bay Oregon where I grew up but most of them are in the greater Portland area, which is close enough to where I am.

    We are probably not that far apart.

    I’m always happy to get tips on good buys where I can actually find them. Quite a few sites I visit seem to be with folks back East and they have stores I have never heard of, such as Aldo’s.
    I can’t remember seeing one of those anywhere around here so what ever sales they are having won’t help me.
    Freddies I can get to and there is a Big Lots not too far from me that I didn’t even know about until recently when I caught an ad in the paper.

    If you have a Grocery Outlet nearby they can be a good place to find buys at sometimes, they do a lot of clearance items from warehouses.

    Just so I didn’t catch you flat footed, I have been lurking here off and on for a while now but the Fred Meyer plug caused me to finally say something.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll just go right back to lurking.


  5. HA! Maybe I was wrong.
    I see the time stamp on my comment is an hour later than where I am!

    • Jamie says:

      busted, I’m in SW Idaho so I’m on Mountain time. You got Cash and Carry over in Oregon and they have great bulk food buys and no card or membership needed!
      You ca pull up the local ads on most of the stores from my blogroll area and see them online.
      Glad I could help,

  6. peter blandings says:

    at camping stores like REI they have camp toilets which are just a five gallon bucket like a paint bucket, but they have a seat that fits over it. they’re only about ten bucks. my sewer main collapsed once and i had to use one of these for two weeks. it’s not fun, but it can be done. i put it in the garage. the key was to line the bucket with 2 garbage bags, and then, and this is really critical and made a huge difference, put 2 or three scoops of cat litter in the bucket on top of the bags. the cat litter makes all the difference in the world for sanitation and odor.

    • Jamie says:

      peter, I love hearing from people that have real world experience with “survival”. I did not consider kitty litter for keeping down odors, but that would be an easy option and it’s available at the local mega-mart cheap.

      • peter blandings says:

        hi Jamie,
        just so you know, i’m druidhouse on GTA. I wanted you to see that every once in a while i have something practical to post. the cat litter really was a life saver. i really like your blog. you’re the champ for real life prepping and always have the most useful information and money saving tips. keep up the good work.

        • Jamie says:

          druid, I’m glad you stopped by! We got some great commentors that have great info on prepping. I think you’ll enjoy it here.

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