Paul’s case lot sale and reworking the numbers

Thank goodness I invested in a good calculator otherwise I would have worn out the keypad by now!  Paul’s is starting the spring time case lot sale and has some nice bargains on things I want to buy this month.  The single roll Western Family TP is $5.96 for 36 rolls compared to the Big Lots 12 double rolls for $4.88 each.  I can buy two of the 36 packs at Paul’s that are equal to three of the Big Lots double rolls and save about $3.00 overall.

Paul’s has canned tomatoes and veggies 2 cans for $1.00 and each case is about 22 pounds towards your overall vegetables if you are using the LDS food calculator.  I hope that my garden and the farmer’s markets have a good harvest and I will be able to preserve my own veggies. It is nice to know that you have some already on hand  in case Mama Nature has a snit about the weather. If your garden has a good year these cans can still have a place as backup for a few  years or go to the food bank/barter box. If your family is as nutty as mine some would prefer a canned product rather than something from my garden and a jar.

On Fats/oils I’m going to get another four pound brick of Lard rather than a vegetable oil as I have a few  gallons on hand.  I’m going to try out doing some potted meat with the lard and see how that works out for preserving meat.  I’m looking for a sale on Olive and peanut oil for this year.  I need to “can” more butter and Paul’s has a pound for $1.77 and this butter is a great cooking multi-tasker for cooking and baking.  Disclaimer the USDA says this method of canning butter or potted meat can never be safe so proceed at your own risk.

I believe getting food, fuel and items that you use everyday will be a better investment than anything else.  I have no trust in any paper investments and with the recent volatility in PM’s I think you are better off filling your pantry and a couple of gas cans of fuel rather than getting shiny bits of metal. If you still want to get some metal go to the bank and buy a few rolls of nickels as they won’t be worth less than 5 cents and may become worth a lot more depending on the economy.

While ammo is still in short supply or expensive, from what I have been reading most of the panic buying of guns is starting to taper off.  I think about the middle of March and through April we will start seeing more stuff on the market. If the pinheads in DC and the crazy states start backing off the bans and registration schemes.  Once things calm down a bit you can go back to filling up your security panty items.  Just like anything if you miss a sale you need to move on to other things you need or find alternatives.

Things you need will continue to get more expensive/FRNs losing buying power is something I have been seeing for about two years.  If you have just started or have slacked off a bit on prepping understand these things happen in a bad economy and you just move on to something else to get the most bang for your buck.  Retailers are hurting right now and want to move stuff off the shelf from winter to summer and some great deals/sales can added to another part of your preps.  People get over extended and sell via classifieds/yard sales or pawn shops.  Make sure you after you have covered your basics keep a little “Mad money” for those bargains and keep yourself out of debt or panic buying.   Don’t be apart of the herd as far as money is concerned as most of them will head right over the cliff and take you with them!


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