The shopping list is almost done for the weekend

Not to long ago I got a Baofeng radio via Amazon for $55.00 and free shipping. I’m still learning about it and I need to program it so I’ll be getting the USB cable and CD along with and another one of  the radio for my Mom so we will have some shortwave capability.  I still need to hook up with the local Ham radio club and get my lic. before transmitting.  But I like knowing I have another option for communication. This radio is only $50.00 at Amazon and has free shipping.  Ironically the Chinese are doing to Japan what Japan did to the USA by selling at a loss to eliminate the competition and then take over the market.

I’m getting another popup  rain barrel from Amazon so that takes care of the internet shopping.  My neighbor saw the little rain barrel and is interested in getting some for her house.  Collecting water is always a good thing from my point of view and at $36.00 and free shipping these barrels are great deal.  I know I talk about water storage/collection a lot but to me I see this one of the most critical needs for everyone.  Having clean water is more important than even food to have on hand only air and shelter rank higher for physical items you need to survive. Air I can’t store and shelter is taken care of already from clothing, tent, RV and then home.

I’m still getting the beans via C & C even though they are not on sale.  I’m budgeting about $60.00 to get another 100 pounds for my 7 year plan.  Since the split peas were sold out I’m hoping to get some this shopping trip, if no split peas are available I’ll just focus on Great northern and black beans for now and top off the drum with different beans, lentils to add variety  filling up the “Bean Drum”.  Once I get the the beans this weekend I’ll post up how well they fit in the drum and a 18 gallon storage bin to give you an idea about how much space is needed.  Depending on how you calculate your food storage even 200 pounds of beans should feed a person for 2-3 years.

Fuel and energy is a big item I have been thinking about a lot and part of my 2013 goals.  For cooking and smoking I  want to add another couple forty pound  bags of lump charcoal. For less than $14.00 a bag it’s a good deal and is great for cooking in the summer time so you keep the house from getting hot from use the the stove and oven. Plus you get to add flavor as well as a bit of variety to your diet and that is always a good thing to practice.  Gas prices have been holding steady at $3.55 a gallon for ethanol gas and my real gas was $3.65 on my last fill up. For about $40.00 I can topoff the van and fill another can of gas for storage. Mom found a person advertising a 100 gallon tank in the classifieds and while I want to just spend my money on fuel, storing it safely is a priority. Blowing yourself or your shop/garage/ home up is contra-indicated for survival.  Spending  the money to be as safe as possible is a good idea.

By the way do you have fire extinguishers for dealing with small fires and are they ABC types  that smother the flames?  If you have them you should store them sideways. Gravity will compress the chemicals in the bottom part of the tank and make it less efficient at putting out fires.  Store them sideways and give them a turn occasionally and they will be much more effective and last much longer between recharging.  Never store your extinguishers next to a fuel or heat source, store them close to your natural exit because as you escape the fire you have a chance to try and put it out early and if you fail you can leave quickly.

Another change for TP!  Big Lots has a 20% off sale this weekend via a coupon and the Big Lots card. That takes the price of the 12 packs of TP to under $4.00 each.  If you were planning on shopping at Big Lots this weekend is the time to get the most bang for your buck!


7 Responses to The shopping list is almost done for the weekend

  1. Matt says:

    I’m in the process of upgrading my license at the moment. Thanks for reminding me about the radio you mentioned. I’ll look into that. I need another one that size but don’t want to break the bank.

  2. dee says:

    Thanks for the tip on the fire extinguisher. I was never told that all the years I have had “fire safety” classes when I worked in hospital. I am buying a solar oven in the next month or so. The reviews are great for another way of cooking without heating up the kitchen this summer. We have a rocket stove,and Biolite, but this oven would be something I could use frequently, justifiying the expense.

    • Jamie says:

      dee, Get the reflector for the stove. I got my oven from the Solar Oven Society but I didn’t buy the reflector. I can get about 225 degrees F without it, but not much higher so the reflector is on my to get list. The fire extinguisher tip came from the Coast Guard and fire on a boat is almost always a disaster so they know what they are talking about.

  3. dee says:

    I planned to get the reflector, too!

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