A change in attitude and more people preparing?

This is just my observations and I have not conducted a scientific study but there seems to be a shift at least among some people in the USA.  To paraphrase Ayn Rand ” You may ignore reality but that does not mean reality ignores you.” and it’s possible that the lies from the PTBs have become so blatant that even low information types can no longer deny what is happening.

Gasoline is over $3.85 a gallon on average in February this is the earliest that kind of price spike has happened in the USA and it is mostly man-made via Obama’s green energy policy and the Fed’s QE to infinity that is creating inflation. Home energy cost have jumped and while some of it can be attributed to storms the majority of it can be laid at the feet of “green energy” surcharges and closing down coal plants.  If you make under $20 grand a year that $5.00 -$20.00 or more jump in energy cost affects you a lot. Usually it means drive less, you buy less and you start eliminating things like sat. or cable TV. You turn down your thermostat and limit your power usage.  I could apply for energy assistance and probably qualify because I’m just barely above the “Official poverty level”  and the standards are lower. But I won’t because I can pay my bills right now.

Now let’s look at food cost for an average American.  I suppose you know that hamburger is going for $3.00 even $ 4.00 per pound and you are lucky if you can find two buck chuck for $3.50 a pound.  A 12 oz. box of cereal is  “on sale” for $2.50 a box. The food manufacturers can’t really hide the rising cost of food any longer. Even Wal-mart is getting clobbered on the bottom line and all they can do is offer smaller packages on  bulk goods and hope people will still buy!

This is not a result of “evil” small business people or upper middle class “rich” this is a result from the Fed, TBTF Banks,  politicians and crony corporations. You can’t fix this system you need to get out of it as much as possible and not play the game! I hope that people are starting to realize that they can’t win playing a rigged game and that is why we are starting to see a bit of blow back and people getting prepare.

One thing I will tell you,  it is not to late to get started! It won’t be pretty and you will be just getting by, but my 55 gallon food drums, 50 gallon rain barrels  have shown me that with a little work you can still get your basics needs done in a few months even if you don’t have a lot of money. My $125.00 shopping list of food is good start even though it might cost up to $150.00 to buy that food.  Get seeds and start a garden anyway you can via planting pots or buckets or your yard. A 20 cent packet of seeds has the potential for a lot of food.  A shovel, hoe and rake are cheap and will at least give you some basic yard tools.  Rain Barrels are $35.00 for a 50 gallon “portable” one along with a good filter you will have a renewable source of water at home. Beans, grains and rice still offer a lot of meals per dollar especially if you buy in bulk.

No one knows the future! I certainly don’t, and I can’t say how much you need to store. But I’m absolutely certain that getting started will help you and your family handle most  minor disasters and grant you “peace of mind” knowing you have a bit stashed away. Having your basic on hand will give you time to plan as well as avoid all of those people who will panic.  Some of those people will also be quite angry and desperate, don’t be one of them!


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  2. Karen says:

    In my area, I do see people catching on-last year we were crazy, this year, not so much.

    • Jamie says:

      Karen, I’ve been reading on the blogs “Those preppers don’t seem so crazy now!”. I’ve been chatting to store clerks and watching how the stores are getting restocked. Plus I get asked about what sales are coming up from the bank clerks and people I see walking the Mall and the attitude has changed from “That’s nice” to “I’ll go down and get that today or this week”.

  3. riverrider says:

    j, leaked internal memos from wallmart said last quarter was “disasterous”, sales slumping. part of the problem was getting shelves restocked. upstream suppliers are having trouble keeping up. shipping costs are soaring. a sheet of osb (plywood type) went from 5.67 to 12.97 in the last couple of months..

  4. riverrider says:

    goffy thing wouldn’t let me post longer…anyway, grocer won’t be able to restock when inflation hits because the money he makes today won’t buy tomorrows stock. one guy said it best..two silver dimes will still buy a gallon of gas, same as in 1970 when we went to fiat dollars.guess what i’m buying next 😉

    • Jamie says:

      river, that email from wal-mart was a big tell on how the economy is doing. If you are looking at junk silver APMEX sells dimes Quarters and 1/2 dollars by the roll at an okay price.

      • riverrider says:

        thanks j, i usually use montana rareties.good customer service, small business. i’ll pay extra to not use a big corp….the billionares are selling off their food/consumer stocks AND jp morgan, chase etc. the rats are running….

      • Jamie says:

        river I like local and I cleaned out a local pawn shop I like of a lot of junk silver didn’t mind paying a slightly higher price as I had no shipping and it was a cash transaction.

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