Big Lot’s was busy but everything went very smooth other than traffic

I got into Freddy’s to pay for the can of coffee and it seemed folks are shocked by honesty!  Kind of sad  in a way but the look on their faces was worth $6.35 and it went really fast getting it rung up via the receipt. Stopped by the Beer Lady and got some grains crushed via her mill and a few extras of hops and yeast. Told her about the sale at Big lot’s and she was heading there to shop after she closed her store.

Got to Big Lot’s and the parking lot was full but I was able to park some what close and I got everything on my list and did very little waiting in line to check out. Just perfect timing that seldom happens at the register so overall it wasn’t all that bad.

I made up a batch of no-knead bread last night and I’ll be baking it this morning and then get back to work organizing stuff and get some more baking ready to go for the week. I want to try out some mini-loaves of bread and then freeze them.  I want to see how easy they will bake. Cinnamon rolls sound good so I’ll get som of those done up for the week.

One of the great things about yeast breads is how you can get other things done while the bread is rising!


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