Good Karma strikes “casa de chaos”

My neighbors came over to do some clean up and in a couple of hours they did a lot of work.  GNH (Good Neighbor Husband) trimmed up the lower branch of my big tree and cut down to volunteer trees that were in a bad spot. He also loves my little electric chainsaw and how it made such short work of the job. He has a bit of trimming he wants to do at his place so I’ll lend it to him. This is a WIN/WIN for both of us! I get manual labor and he doesn’t have to buy a chainsaw. GNW (Good Neighbor Wife) trimmed up some roses and my grape vines as well as cleaned up my front beds.  My Dad is stopping by tomorrow to haul all the trimmings to the dump.  My front yard is going to be ready before Spring has sprung instead of me trying to play catch up all year long.

Mom picked up a good cleaning kit for all the guns they have on hand. The old kit was missing a few parts and made the job hard to get stuff clean.  For her birthday I got her a one hour private lesson at a local Archery shop and range for her crossbow.  She’s very excited about the lesson and this way she can learn without any of the “family dynamics” getting in the way.  Then Tuesday we will go shopping and I’ll get another “drum” and perhaps 100 pounds of wheat for the next one.  I picked up a 25 pound bag of sugar on sale to start getting a bit more on hand. I only have about 100 pounds  because I don’t use a lot of sugar but if I want to help out the family I need more on hand. I want to learn candy making for homemade gifts and candies might make a nice barter good!

Some neighbors are looking to get rid of a the family dog. Kids have allergies and I have been looking for an emergency back up dog and this might work out as they can see the little pup and my pekes can kind of train him along with myself doing a bit of work with him.  I think we should bring him over and see how well he handles my dogs and cat as well as having a doggie door and interacting for a couple of days in a new environment over this weekend and if the pup can do somewhat well I’ll take him on.  I get my young  emergency backup dog and the kids can see and perhaps romp a bit outside when the dander allergies are mitigated. It looks like a pure bred Beagle and he should be small enough to fit in the back yard and work off a bit of energy and just needs a bit of consistent training. Beagles really know how to work the sad eyes but I figure I’m immune to sad eyes and most cute now because of my training by my Pekes.  I love my pekes and they will do they best they can to protect me about they are about as intimidating as a Hostess “snow ball” though a bit louder!

Overall a darn good start to the week and it’s only Monday.


2 Responses to Good Karma strikes “casa de chaos”

  1. Spud says:

    Ya those Pekes’s are probably about as intimidating as my Maltese lol Tho sho she does have the heart of a Lion and fearless… Thinking of copying Dio and getting a Catahoula, seems a more appropriate dog for the Florida swamps, snakes ,Hogs etc. I’m sure that my Dinky dog will still be the boss.

  2. Jamie says:

    I’m trying for a sweet spot for a bigger dog but not to big and can be happy running in the yard. I’ll do a try out this weekend and see if the little guy can fit in with my critters.

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