I got a bad case of the lazys

Not sick or anything, just flat out lazy and I had a few jobs planned for this week that I really should be getting done, but my getup and go,  got up and left!  Hopefully tomorrow I can start doing my 15 minute thing to get myself moving. I figure if I just get started the rest will take care of itself.  I wanted to let Queen Bee know Cash & Carry has butter for sale at $1.89 per pound until the 24th of March. I don’t know if you have “canned butter” but I use about 5 pounds of butter to fill up 6 pint jars. This butter is great for camping and BOVs. I was thrilled to do my first canned butter because I always missed having butter in the field doing Army training along with real bread.

I’m doing more of the five minute no-knead bread and it takes a little practice to get it right, but I love how I can mix up a batch on the weekend and make 3 fresh baked loaves of bread through out the week with very little time or effort and the recipe is dead simple if you can remember the number 3.  I’m thinking of changing the name to Trinity bread because all ingredient’s are divisible or multiples of 3.  I think it will make a good prepper’s bread as you only need salt, yeast, flour and water to make it. I use a recycled  terracotta plant saucer (sit under a pot and catches excess water) about 14 inches across as a cooking stone and corn meal to prevent sticking so no oils, fats or even a pan is needed to bake this bread.  I like using a dough spatula to mix better than the spoon method otherwise I end up with flour at the bottom of the bowl that does not get fully absorbed while it hydrates overnight.

It hasn’t been all bad because I ran across a great article at the Homesteading Neophyte blog for planting potatoes that I think will work better than my original plan.  I can clean up my leaves till them under with some other composting materials and set up some straw rows along with my burlap bag planter idea.  I think I found a better location for storing the mill ends I want to get delivered for my future wood stove.  I can get 10 cords of mill ends delivered for $350.00 most likely means dumped but the spot I have in mind is adjacent to the alley, fenced  with overhead cover, a gate and a concrete pad. Since the mill end will probably be soft woods I’m  heading out to the local fruit orchards for some Apple and cherry wood trimmings to add a bit of hardwood for a long and slower burn time compared to pine. I doubt I can afford a lot of the hardwoods but every little bit helps with my learning curve and  helps get me more self -reliant.

I tend to be mostly positive and optimistic with a healthy respect for reality!  But from what I have observed of most people that is not the norm. It does take some work to stay positive daily but for me the results are worth it. Of course I get peeved with the PTBs have my rants and will get all gloomy and doomy. But to steal a quote “With all the manure that is spread around, there must be a pony around here some where”.  We are living in what I believe will become a “historic” time period. Will we revert to the dark ages after the fall of Rome or burst forth with the Renaissance after the feudal period. Will we have an American revolution or a French one?  Perhaps the tribulation that John spoke of in Revelations and us humans have mucked about enough and God must again step in a square things away. I have no idea how it will turn out. In any event I want to survive and see what happens because it will be epic! It will also suck and it may also kill me but life doesn’t care about “Fair”. Life just is!

So stock up on your popcorn and your favorite beverage cause I think this is going to be a hell of a show.


5 Responses to I got a bad case of the lazys

  1. Spud says:

    Too bad that I don’t still have my place over in Emmett. Could go up on the hill and cut ya some Fir or Ponderosa…Those mill ends will do the job tho. I’m surprised that there’s any fruit trees left in that area ! Most were cut back in the 90’s.

  2. Jamie says:

    Spud, Sunny Slope along the Snake river still has some good size orchards. The wood is still on the small size 3-4 inch in diameter perhaps 4 foot in length but good for burning. If I can work the mill ends for fast heat and then bank the stove with a few hardwood peices over night and make a good bed of coals to bank over night that would about perfect.
    I got a bit spoiled with the mild winters the last few years but this year we had a good reminder of the cold snap that usually happens in January. I wasn’t worried about staying warm but my electric cost sure jumped up. My Mr. Heater did a good job overall. I may not have been warm depending on it alone, but I would not have froze.

  3. riverrider says:

    j, the prophet mallachy said the 12th pope would be the last one, his name will be peter the roman. the leading candidate is from milan. spooky…..

    • riverrider says:

      well there’s hope yet. they elected the argentine as pope. he’s still the 12th one, but maybe his election saved the world. who knows? maybe it shouldn’t be saved.

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