Made it 3 days since Cyprus!! Direct Deposit was in the Credit Union Updated

Withdrawing my cash for shopping  took the “panic level” down several notches. I was able to rebuild my little cash stash and get some super buys at Cash & Carry. The Boneless pork butt for 99 cents a pound and C & C had  Genoa salami 5 pounds for only $8.00 that was close to the sell by date.  I will keep an eye on the PTBs till Friday and if this thing starts to blow over I will get some more pork and salami for the freezer.  I have plenty of cheese on hand and once the garden starts producing the salami will be great for sandwiches and pasta salads as we move into summer.

Gas even came down a few pennies per gallon and that helped the budget. I ordered 2 more of the rain barrels so water preps are pretty much done.  All that is left is playing around with the water projects I want to get done this year now that I have the major components on hand.  Over 600 gallons of  potable and a renewable water source, not to shabby for a city girl!

I have a few more items to buy next Tuesday at the farm store but I sure feel  a lot better that I dodge the bankster’s bullet this time.  I am of two minds about what I want people to do as far as the banks are concerned. Part of me hopes this wakes people up and the get prepared and part of me wants them to stay asleep so they don’t panic and crash the system.  I feel kind of bad about that feeling!

Now if we get into the middle of April with no panics, crashes or bank runs.  I think we should have a few months of getting gardens growing and ready for harvest.  Fall tends to be the most popular time for economic crashes in the USA.  I will be focusing on renewable heat and power sources this summer along with doing more canning and put the 7 year bulk food drums on stand by for a few months.

Stay frosty my friends, because  it’s starting to get interesting.

Update: It also wants gold bars stored in the US to be returned. As Swiss Info reports, the People’s Party leader Luzi Stamm comments, “Gold reserves guarantee the stability of the Swiss franc. They ensure that that private savings, salaries, pension keep their value,” warning that gold must not be the object of speculation for the SNB or for politicians and demanding the SNB keep a minimum of 20 per cent of its assets in gold, twice the current level. In addition, they want to force the government to disclose where the gold reserves are stored, since “it is only in safe hands if it is kept in Switzerland.”

9 Responses to Made it 3 days since Cyprus!! Direct Deposit was in the Credit Union Updated

  1. riverrider says:

    j, i think we’ll be okay for a while. the cypriots killed the deal, but the church of all groups offered to give them a few billion to make the bailout happen. the bad news is…the people didn’t go apecrap at the mear thought of the theft, so our regime thinks they can get away with it here next time there’s a crisis. i put a few more bucks into shiny metal. might put some more in heavy metal. keeping the accounts down to minimum. i think we’re fine until the next “crisis” here. take care.

  2. Karen says:

    In general, it seems the population here makes little connection between Cypress’s (and Europe) financial problems and the USA. More people than before are clued in, and maybe I’m just cynical, but I think the majority of people are more in to Dancin’ on the Stars!

  3. Jamie says:

    river , I think we we are just seeing the start of the avalanche. Cyprus isn’t all that big money wise but once the margin calls and derivitives go it will blow up very fast.

    Karen, almost no one is reporting this in the MSM. You have to work at being informed and most people just don’t have the time or energy to get informed. Lets face it it’s a lot easier to hear everything is great and getting better rather than read Doom & Gloom and get to work to protect yourself

    “De-nial ain’t just a river in Egypt”

    • riverrider says:

      lol, roger that. the “new home” figures are being bleated about, “the best in 5 years!!” um, maybe(the number was “adjusted seasonally”, something that they failed to do with respect to employment numbers in dec)BUT, they forget to mention 5 years ago was the BOTTOM of in all of recorded history. their “hypocrisy knows NO bounds”. doc holliday.

  4. dee says:

    “CBS this morning” did a good job talking about the ramifications yesterday morning. a financial advisor told me that since Cyprus is a money launderer for it’s biggest clients, the Russian mafia, perhaps they are getting backing from the Russian corner.

    • Jamie says:

      dee, I find it’s an odd excuse of money laundering and the ECB concept that it is okay to steal from thieves. HBSC bank was caught laundering money for the drug cartels and the bank was fined, no depositors had savings stolen to recapitalize the bank.

      If the bank is breaking the law then it should be punished along with the bondholders who took the risks. This was nothing more than an illegal attempt to protect the bondholders and keep the “credit default swaps” and derivatives from being called into effect!

  5. dee says:

    Nott arguing about what is going on, just passing on what a financial friend of mine, said, when I asked him about Cyprus and the effect on the financial markets. I said nothing about other actions.

  6. dee says:

    I get cha’. I felt CBS told the basic facts, they asked some pointed questions about what and how it would or could effect us, since it is such a small country. They never addressed speculation as it may pertain to them. I get the impression we were talking about two different actions and episodes. My friend was talking about the majority clientele in that country’s bank holdings, the mafia. CBS never addressed his topic, not trying to argue, I agree with you.

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