Still thinking about the best way to adapt to our “recovering” economy.

My faith in the PTBs fixing the economy is sadly lacking. Even if they decided to fix the economy there would still be a lot of pain, sacrifice and misery for a couple of years at least.  If you have tried to get out of debt you know what I’m talking about it being a lot of work.  Oh it’s great once you start seeing fewer bills and nasty grams from creditors, and then it  still sucks because you are just getting started! If  you have gone debt free you know you have to cut your costs to the minimum to get by not based on what you want to have as your wants got you into debt in the first place.  Well the PTBs don’t want to cut down to basics to get out of debt and since no one has refused them credit yet,  they must be doing fine!   Like most humans they won’t change until they are forced  by getting knocked down to rock bottom and not getting bailed out.

So I figure our elites will continue to play “kick the can” until the run into a wall or over a cliff. This is no longer an issue of if or when it is happening now simply because of math. I know most of the folks that follow this site and others have done at least some prepping and I hope you have worked up to six months or more of the basics on hand and you know how to uses what you have stored and have used it a few times if not daily.  If not it is time to get some practice done using your preps.  Do it now while you still have time to screw up and replace items. Do you have Heirloom seeds to grow your garden or set up a small container garden if you have limited space? If you can’t do that are you ready to preserve food via drying, salting smoking, pickling and canning what you can by at the local market. Vinegar and salt are cheap right now along with most spices. While sugar has gone up in price it is a great multi-tasker and if bought in bulk is only 50 cents a pound.

Got clean water?  Quite a few of us American could afford to miss a few meals but one day of going without clean drinking water would incapacitate us and 3 days without water would kill most people.  You will have to force yourself to take the time as well energy to make safe drinking water if you run out of stored “safe” drinking water.  Typhus, Cholera and a host of all kinds of waterborne diseases is terrible to think about but they are very real and happen fast in a compromised water situation.  I think in an economic collapse water would still flow from the tap but it might be a bit iffy quality wise or need to be sanitized/purified. Think filters, bleach and heat for boiling water at a minimum.  Think about adding some drink mixes, coffee, tea and a non electric coffee maker. I like the “French Press” type rather than a Percolator coffee maker as there is no boil over potential with the french press  and they are a bit easier to find in most mega marts for under $20.00 and work great for loose leaf teas or herbal tonics.

Energy is a bit tougher to store but I have got a few small power paks as well as a few solar lights and panels that can work along with the car battery and a gas generator for short term. I think we might face a few brown outs or even electricity rationing at odd hours but if the PTBs provide a few hours a day that should keep the fridge and freezers going most of the time and the generators will be a backup for energy intensive appliances.  Camp stoves, solar ovens,  rocket stoves, and grills should have as much fuel as you can safely store.  Clothes pins some strong line/rope for a clothesline should be something you are already doing but if you are behind the power curve the dollar stores offer plenty of thin line/rope and clothes pins so you can catch up for a few dollars spent.

The tough issue, how do you pay your bills if your bank account is shutdown for 10-30 days?  Ironically there is usually a physical paper fiat shortage when economies get shaky as all electronic transactions are easy to shut down.  It has been reported that the Cypriot banks will not open again until the 26th of March can you imagine your account is locked  11 days without any notice?  The PTBs will limit how much people can have of their own money. I think a lot of those Cypriots are still in a state of shock and are trying to convince themselves that soon everything will get back to normal. But deliveries are not getting made to stores because the suppliers are insisting on cash payments and the stores themselves are not accepting credit card payments.  This is going to be a very long weekend for Cyprus but until I see what happens on the 26th and the following days I can’t recommend more than trying to keep cash on hand.


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  1. riverrider says:

    j, the american people live in la la land, have no idea that cyprus could/will affect us. i think there won’t be any reaction until tdl says he’s taking our money here….back in cyprus, the russian mob has offered to front money for gas futures, and the orthodox church offered billions (billions?, why wouldn’t they have used that to help people?). they say they need 13 billion. i’m sure reid or pelosi could cover that….

    • Jamie says:

      river, I think you are right. Even if Cyprus gets “fixed” and is not a black swan event we still have all of the same issues here in the USA. I’m trying to follow what the Cypriots are doing to deal with this disaster so I can plan for a similar disaster!

      My latest focus has been very long term and I think I may have dropped the ball on having some short term solutions ready to go like physical cash on hand.

      • riverrider says:

        j, i read last night that the cypriots turned down the russian deal. seems it was the mob wanting control of the gas…now its all up in the air whats going to happen,again. no bailout, bankruptsy, and seperating from the euro. some say that could cause a panic in the euro folks, who knows. if everybody stays calm, it’ll be okay, but…..

      • Jamie says:

        river, I know this just keeps getting better and better /sarc
        Now there is talk of a 70% haircut for all deposits over 100,000 euros, England is having an arctic blast and some Nat. Gas pipelines are down for repairs and spring maintenence and that storm is going to hit Europe in a couple of days. But I’m sure Mother Russia is ready to turn all those Nat. gas pipeline on high to help out their good freinds in Germany!

  2. riverrider says:

    j, i was reading a thing on cyprus. its like two countries in one. a muslim state to the north, christian to the south, with an actual dmz type line in between. the gas fields are in the north but control is contentious. the north has 4500 euro individual income average while the south has 18k. cyprus could be the new austria-hungary….

    • Jamie says:

      river, The turk cypriots are not all happy about the greek cypriots making promises on unproven gas reserves. Nor are the Turks happy about the Greeks getting so tight with the Russians. Freaking moron banksters and technocrats are without a clue and the USA will send the military to any country that can get 3 people together in a room who say they want us to play cop.

  3. Jamie says:

    Looks like I was correct in treating this like a disaster. Cyprus is running out of gasoline as the suppliers only take cash! I hate being right about this happening. If I can guess correctly from a continent away why aren’t the people getting preped?


  4. wonderdawg says:

    Hi Jamie..just a short comment on the non-electric coffee maker….problem with percolaters if you can find them, they have a tendency to boil coffee…yek! I’ve reverted back to 60-70 years ago at my grannys house and her technique…she had made a simple frame out of heavy wire that fit over the top of a coffee pot and sewed a cloth sack for the grounds and just heated the water in a kettle and poured into the sack with the grounds….thus no scalded coffee, also can re-use grounds by pouring back thru serveral times to get the strength you want….been using this system now for a couple months while basically camped out thru the winter in Ms. and has cut my coffee grounds useage by about 50%….I still drink the same amount of coffee, just get more mileage out of the grounds…just picture a small dipnet frame with a sack instead of a net and just wash out the sack when done…

    • Jamie says:

      dawg, I need to get another french press for the house. Just scoop some coffee grounds into the pot and add near boiling or boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes. Push the “press” down and you have great coffee with no grounds. I didn’t think to reuse the grounds might be worth doing a test as I have used tea bags 2 times and had good tea.

      I’ve been buying those food safe cotton bags for stuffing a turkey every Thanksgiving and not using them for stuffing. I bet those bags would work great in your Granny’s frame

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