Good stuff happening at casa de chaos

I did have a some great things come together here at little house in the city.  I found two 1964  Kennedy half dollars while going through my junk silver. A very happy surprise finding (2) 90% silver coins when I thought all the coins were 40% silver.  While I put the seven year food drums on hold,  I found I have four years plus of my bulk foods after focusing on beans this month.  I surprised myself on the  amount when I thought how hard getting 6 months worth when I first started prepping.  Stored meat is looking to be good for the year with a nice variety,  canned veggies are okay but I’m looking forward to getting the garden growing.  Fred Meyer’s has strawberries in 3 inch pots on sale for 49 cents each the 22 & 23 of March. I’ll get a few for my new idea of a berry patch in one of my front yard beds.

Mom is making progress with her knee, though our crazy weather is causing a bit of additional pain. I installed Dad’s new wireless modem. It’s nice to be able to help him out after all the help he has given me. The early bill paying has been working out I just need to  make it a new habit on my budget.  Watching the Cyprus debacle and thinking how I would have handled what they are going through showed a big weakness in my short term planning for a lack of cash on hand.   I could have adapted okay and made my all my payments but it would have been a scramble to get it done.  One of my biggest goals of prepping is not having to scramble and partake of the herd mentality. I’m adding a few FRNs stored at home and going to work on paying one month ahead on all bills. If a my credit union shuts down for few days I won’t have to worry about late fees for 15-30 days depending on what date it happens.

Everything that happens in the world as far as disasters go,  gives me a chance to put my self in that situation and figure out how I would deal with the event.  I would have been less prepared than I like,  if it had been my Credit Union had locked it’s doors for 11 days (so far).  So the food drum project goes into standby mode and I focus on cash on hand and how I would pay bills.  If savings accounts paid any interest paying bills ahead would be a dumb idea.  Today’s  ZIRP via the Fed it now makes sound financial sense to pay ahead on bills. I’m going to hold on to cash a bit longer too see if  Cyprus is just a warning or grows into a “Black Swan”.


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