Got my strawberry plants and coffee cans are shrinking!

Got into Freddy’s fairly early and got my strawberry plants. They look good but I have to wait to put them in the ground until warms up a little more.  So they are sitting in the window until it gets warm enough to plant outside.  While I was at Freddy’s I decided to swing by the coffee aisle and see if coffee was $5.99 a can and pick one up. Well the FM store brand Supreme was still $5.99 but the higher end blends all suffered from massive shrinkage, from 34.5 oz. to 24 oz. per can.  Not much you can do about it unless you stop drinking coffee.  Since those other cans had shrunk I went ahead and picked up a couple of the big cans while I was there at the store.  Next check I’ll get another three big cans if they are still in stock.  If you are a coffee drinker I would stock up on you favorite coffee before they shrink the cans. You can get at least a year of storage from ground coffee if stored in a cool place. If you are thinking of using coffee for barter it a good idea to stock up and rotate.

A young couple was at the store getting strawberry plants and I think they got at least 10 as we shared out the flat of strawberry plants.  They were nice and were a like in me in amazement at the price of 49 cents a plant.  This  shows how being on a store’s email list and using the internet can save you a lot of money. It makes me feel good seeing others growing food for themselves especially the younger folks.  Our city has embraced urban chickens and now allows up to 10 hens, no roosters for us here, which is very exciting.  I’ve been thinking about having a few chickens though I get all the eggs I want and enough to store from Mom’s chickens. It’s something to think on, but I have enough projects I’m working on this year.

The rain barrels arrived early today which was very fast from Amazon considering I picked the free 5-8 day shipping.   I need to get the rigid barrel moved up front and setup the collapsible barrels on the north side of the house.  One more rain barrel to order for the RV and  think I can say I’m prepared for most water emergencies.  I have picked out a couple of spots for the “village latrine” and need to call the utility companies about digging and now I have a plausible explanation for digging deep. I’m playing around with an idea for a better poo bucket that is a bit taller than a single bucket and will start the break down of waste faster and produce less odor.  If the concept works that will add  another trade/barter item.

Keep moving forward and be ready for all of your plans to change at the drop of a hat.  You might as well practice your adaptability now and get used to having your perfectly rational goals blow up in your face.  Because it will happen a lot and will only get worse as the world gets more volatile.   Accept it and move along!

2 Responses to Got my strawberry plants and coffee cans are shrinking!

  1. Karen says:

    I’d love to have chickens, but my town is pretty backward on that front, and realistically, I own a notorious bird dog, so I can imagine I’d regularly incur some “loss”. On the plus side, she’s a well trained hunting dog-both birds and rabbits, and very protective of her pack. I hop your share your ideas on the poo bucket.

    • Jamie says:

      Karen I’ll be picking up a few buckets at the farm store and trying out the poo bucket idea and Tactical Intelligence blog had a really cool laundry set up using a plunger, two 5 gallon buckets and all the stuff you need stored in the buckets.

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