I need a little motivation… Pipers give us a tune




Nothing special just peoeple with an idea and willing to sing out.  I understand if you want to keep a low profile and I’m counting on you to step up and help folks if I can’t because I’m so out there on the internet. I’ve made my choice on what I will do and it scares the crap out of me. I fought very hard for my life and will not give it up easy and I find I can’t go covert and I might be the first targeted by the PTBs.  Someone always has to take the heat round and hopefully they will see me as a very little threat because of my handicap.  If not we all got to die somewhere as much as I wish I was an immortal. Freedom and liberty is worthy of a death if not for me for the kids.

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  1. riverrider says:

    j, second try,unknown failure…..well my place is called copperhead hill, for multiple reasons:) ….don’t worry. they may shut this site down, but they gotta kill a lot of folks before they get to you. yeah, 1.6 billion rounds, but they can’t shoot straight a bit. the rounds being 40cal, supposedly, means they ain’t trusting the.mil. without them , they don’t have the manpower. theres a lot of us between you n them. “there are worse fates than death”. i follow the stonewall jackson creedo. “the day and hour of my death was written in stone even before i drew first breath. why then, should i fear it.” my only fear is that i’ll not die on the field of honor, as is my destiny. sounds nuts, but i have had past life flashbacks, and sought help. a lady, without asking even my name, proceeded to tell me i have fought and died a hundred times, and will many more in the future. part of me had hoped she was wrong, yet the nagging feeling of missing my destiny continued. til now. sic semper tyrannis. III

    • Jamie says:

      river, They will have a heck of a time fighting through to Idaho. I figure I’m as safe here as anywhere.

    • Jamie says:

      river, I always wanted to do something of value for others. To leave a legacy in some small way. I suppose that’s why I joined the military to fight those evil commies wanting to take our freedom.
      Ironic now that I think about it that I may fight my own government for exactly the same reason. I understand better some of the founders like Washington, Jefferson and Adams, They were patriots to England and saw themselves as trying to preserve the rights of all Englishmen. That why they fought for over a year to let the George III that they wanted the same rights accorded all freemen before they declared independence.
      I have no idea how it will end but I do know it has started and I hope we will have a rebirth of freedom and liberty but history is against us. A comfortable lie is an easier sell than a hard truth.

      It will be epic my friends and we will all play a part from hero to villian and everything in between.

  2. wonderdawg says:

    good music Jamie….one of my all time favorites was the soundtrack from “The Last Mohiccan I literally wore that cassette tape out playing over and over…need to see if can find it on disk now…

    • Jamie says:

      dawg Check out your local library I got a lot of great music from them. I want to give these artist a a bit of love so I try to post music via youtube I have bought.. Heather Alexander of the first song is open source and I found her via a cd in a David Weber novel along with about 20 books. I wish she still did songs I’d like her to do more music. Not exactly easy to marry and alien invasion and scottish bag pipes/celtic battle music, but she nailed it.

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