April shopping list

Cash & Carry has a few items that I want to add to my pantry. A case of distilled vinegar for $9.32 is a must as it is such a great multi-tasker. From cleaning windows,  preserving foods to vitamin C and unclogging pipes,  you have to work to find anything that can do so many different things so well.  Popcorn is on sale $8.00 for a 12.5 pound bag will be great for snacking and you can grind it into corn meal.  I don’t think a lot of people think about snacks when they prepare, but I think it should be considered an important  part of your storage plan! When I did my 2 months eating from just the pantry I really missed not having any snacks to eat and at this price popcorn is a great way to go. Lentils are $11.77 for a 25 pound bag and while I have put the seven year food project on stand- by until things settle down in Europe.  I’d like to get a bag since lentils are so rich in protein as well as doing some work on my food drums if at a slower pace.

The next big item I see is fuel and energy that you can store safely. Cash and Cary has a gallon of paraffin oil for $16.95,  other stores sell it for around $10.00 a quart. I want to get some of this for the 100 hour candle project I saw at Tactical intelligence blog. I think these would be great for friends/ family or barter if  the electric grid gets iffy. Add a homemade  small clay pot heater and small grill frame  and it could make a compact heater/cook stove setup.  I’m still playing with the idea to make a low cost frame for the stove/heater part. I think I will test a modified version of the wick and lid instead of straight cut in the lid something rounded that way almost any type cloth wick would work as a replacement.

My idea for using 2 buckets for the porta-potty is it would give it more height.  There were very few things I really hated more about my disease as being so weak that I could not get of the standard toilet by myself because of the lack of strength in my limbs. By having a taller toilet someone who is weak will have an easier time using it and for healthy folks it  won’t matter. For the kids you can just use a shorter bucket like the used Bakery buckets (3.5 gallon) I get at the stores.  I saw a very cool composting toilet on youtube and I have been thinking a few items could be added to the bucket to make it better without costing a lot of money. Computer cooling fans use about 1.5 -3 volts DC and now you can buy little solar yard lights at the dollar stores so a couple of those solar lights could be rewired to provide power to the fan and attached to a bit of flexible hose would exhaust smells and gases out a window or outhouse. Now you could keep the led lights or simply cut them out of the circuit depending on your needs. Having a few dim lights around the outhouse might not be a bad idea if the power is free and especially if you have kids. I also want to add a composting feature to start breaking down the poo as quickly as possible and takes very little energy. That is taking a bit more thought turning theory into something practical, somewhat simple/cheap to build and uses free energy via muscles, solar or what is renewable at hand.

I still have a couple of tools to get for my ideas but at least you get a glimpse of the idea and heck you might figure it out faster than I do and that is great. Theory is fine but to make it work on a practical level is a “whole ‘nother animal”.


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