Odds and Ends for March and shopping with Mom

I took Mom shopping at the farm store and I picked up the 55 gallon drum for the beans this week.  Cost went up  but I think it is worth it for the seven year plan.  15-40 oil was on sale,  so another gallon was added to the shop. One more gallon of oil should give me enough for a couple of oil changes and topping off  the generators. The  next fluid to store for the vehicles is transmission fluid and then I can start on maintenance parts like plugs, wires and belts.  That should cover any minor stuff for the vehicles and generators.  My Lawn mower died last year and I have been searching on Amazon for an electric mower to replace it. Prices are not to bad on the Earthwork’s electric mowers and they have been getting very good reviews. I have the earthworks rototiller and I have been very happy with it’s performance so far.  Idaho’s electricity is almost all Hydro-powered, so along with a small solar generator setup I think electricity makes  sense when I can use it and save the gasoline for the heavy jobs that an electric tool can’t do very well.

Excited to see a blossom on one of my strawberry plants already.  I have the front beds ready but I think I’ll put the strawberries in a 18 gallon  “party tub/bucket”.  The Hops should arrive in April and will make a great summer plant to shade my big front window.  I will be putting in a “beer garden”  full of all kinds of plants for making and flavoring beer.  It will be very small scale but I like the idea of having all of the  different plants that go into beer production.  From grains like barley and wheat, hops and other herbs and spices you can use making beers and mead to add flavor. Plus I think it will be fun and a very unique project for me to try out.  I know I won’t be able to grow enough wheat or barley for beer production but the grasses will add an interesting visual element to the garden beds.  One of the ladies on the block did a garden based on colors,  I’d like to build some plant beds based on how the plants are used.

I will be moving ahead on the bean barrel if at a bit slower pace.  Because of Cyprus specifically and the EU overall.  I will be keeping a bit of cash on hand and working on projects that make me more secure from the PTBs.  Priorities will be cash on hand, energy/fuel I can  store in different forms as well as practice using them everyday.  If the world economies can last till May in the northern hemisphere and have a good harvest along with no “contagion” from Cyprus we should be okay until fall.  I know that is a lot of “ifs” to hope for from the PTBs and sheeples and I’m  aware when folks wake up they tend to freak out. All you can do is your best and adapt as things change.  You are different than me and if what you do makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside do it!  I don’t know why spending cash makes such a huge difference in my shopping compared to using a debit card. I have no idea why I can keep coins on hand and paper money is spent easily by me. I have stopped trying to analyze it and simply do what works best for me.

2 Responses to Odds and Ends for March and shopping with Mom

  1. riverrider says:

    j, good plan. i don’t think you have contagion to worry about though. the sheeple don’t have sense enough to see whats coming, still trust the gov’t to take care of them. personally, i keep a quart or two of fluids, but i don’t count on having gas to require any oil changes. oil lasts longer than they say anyway as long as its not contaminated by water.take care

    • Jamie says:

      river thanks, A person probably be correct figuring on people being both lazy and ignorant, the USA is not all that special in that mindset.
      I figure I’ll get about 3-5 years storage for the oil and if any disaster hits those few gallons of oil will get used fast or I can use it for basic oil changes or lubrication.
      At best for gasoline storage I can make 100 gallons and that may last up to 6 months worth of driving perhaps it could last a bit longer but not much and that doesn’t consider using a gas generator.
      That is a big reason I’m trying to go electric or solar power on everything I can afford to buy. Outside of an EMP Idaho’s hydro-power electricity should provide at least some power daily, and a small solar setup should fill the gaps.
      Water did concern me and while my rain barrel system isn’t a perfect solution. It’s about the best I can come up with in a city in a high desert climate. 300 gallons of safe potable water stored and 300 gallons of renewable water stored via rain barrels with the potential roof runoff of over 3000 gallons based on average rainfall and surface area of the roof.

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